I was flipping through pictures on my camera & came across this beauty.  Sleeping beauty? Yeah, not quite.

But, regardless of the unattractiveness, this is what the husband wakes up to. 
Okay, soRemember that picture I put up of the husband in the morning? If not, go HERE for a little reminder.
Now, I may not look like a celebrity while I sleep [you know, the ones that have a faint smile while they sleep & I guess they don't wash off their makeup before they go to bed, because it's still on & perfectly assembled in the morning scenes], BUT I do not take up the entire bed. I do not RIP the covers from him & then throw them on the floor.  I do not do the "starfish move."  Basically, my husband has the perfect match for his awful sleeping-ways. 
But don't catch me sleeping sitting up, because then we get the awful "fish" look goin on.  If you know me. You've seen me sleep, because I am a master. & I can do it anywhere. & you do know the fish look I'm speaking of.
What's with the ocean animal theme?


1 comment:

  1. Youth has a beauty all it's own, without makeup, without hair being done, etc, etc. It is nice to be young AND beautiful, too, like you are!


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