Thanksgiving Week!

My parents set up an amazing idea to meet in Colorado for Thanksgiving. Oh my good heavens it was SO fun.  Best vacation EVER possibly. I loved it.
I was a little sad of having Thanksgiving in a hotel, but I'd rather be in a hotel with my family than not with them at all! Home is where the heart is, is the truest statement!
Spence, Dani & Jacob
The incredible marathon driver! He drove the entire 10.5 hrs there & the 7.5 hrs back on Sunday!
Mom & Dad brought Weston & I Christmas presents since we won't be home or see them again till late next year!  She made the cutest gift tags!
Not to mention the one from JB. W/ JB wrapping paper. Check Dani's blog for that picture.

We crafted a lot!!!! Here's mom painting her board after she painted Grandmother's board!
Wouldn't be a true family gathering if Dad wasn't watching a western.  Reminds him of his Idaho days. Living in the wild & sharing a small home with his 15 siblings & an Indian family.  That's my only explanation of why he could love these.
Momma cookin Thanksgiving dinner! 
Blarney Stone yuuuuummm!

She's so cute!
I would say I hope I'lllook as good as my mom when I'm older, but boy I'd love to look like her right now!
Don't worry the picture is focused on the mirror. & the football game....
here's the beginning of our states!
Super Dad! hahaha
Waldo joined us for Thanksgiving
mmm handsome hubby!
Cooking slave.
I love her!
Setting up the tables!
Taping down the table cloths!
Dani setting up the table!
Girls vs boys yams. Oh yummy yams!
Resting boy!
sister lady.
Pass the Pigs. One of my favorite childhood games.

The boys + mom played risk.

She won, of course!
hahahah Dad is all serious.  All the time.

Spencie & Dani
This one is for you, Tyler!
We also made pendant gift tags. SO cute. seriously.
Some I made, except I haven't sewn yet.
Drive home.
I have been trying to get this picture the past few drives past this.  I want to live in No Name.
Weston had to use the potty. So he pulled over. He didn't want to be seen. So instead of going right next to the car he walked way out to the middle of the desert where all the interstate could see. Fabulous. So very proud.  hhahah good heavens.



I'm going to be MIA for a few days! After work we are all heading out to Colorado Springs to be together as a family for one last time for 2.5 years. Spencie will be leaving on a mission come some time next spring, so it'll be our last holiday for a few years together as a family(minus Grandmother!)!  Spencie, Deej, Jake-ub & Wes & I are all taking off through the Rocky's!  We will be spending Thanksgiving in a hotel! It'll be way cooler than it sounds.  Simply, because we're cool.  Anyways. I'm really excited & have been looking forward to it for a long time! Eek.

Adios desert, I'm heading out for the mountainous terrain!

Time to express some thankfullnesses of mine.
an awesome family
hot water
cute shoes
entertainment (including books, movies, Netflix)
university education & degree
job with incredible coworkers & clientele.
extended family
rockin awesome sibs
mostly functioning eyes
The Office

I love all these things for different reasons.
Bottom line, I'm blessed!


Thanks everyone for your sweet comments, I really appreciated them! This past weekend was a really great one. Relaxing after the total insurance annoyances!

Friday night started out fun! Weston's parents & two youngest sisters came to our place & we had dinner & played some games. It was also our first snowfall! & then Wes & I ran to Walmart to grab a Tripod!

Saturday morning we headed up to Salt lake for family pictures. Someone attending Bryant & Malene's wedding luncheon did not show, so we were invited in....In our jeans. It was in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Temple Square...it was faaaaaaancy!  The bride was beautiful & everyone gave little speeches & it was really fun!  Then we took family pictures on Temple Square! Here's a few shots!
I took this picture & was pretty proud :)

During the photos Joan sat down on this long bench thing. Weston thought it'd be a good idea to jump over her.
Look at the series of pictures & please pay attention to the expression on the faces:

 Yes. Wes ripped his pants. From the back by the belt to the front crotch seam....hahahahahahah
 He was so embarrassed & would not stand up
 Poppa Dave lent him his coat.

Wes & I stopped at H&M on our way home to get him some new pants. Not a recommended trip for people who get claustrophobic easily. Or who can't handle crowds. But we got him some nice new Khakis!

We made it home in time for the BYU game!
Thanks for the tickets, Diedre!
 Cute Spencie!

Today we recouped & relaxed. & I took some really cute pictures of Kristin's little fam this morning, I'll post some pictures of that later! 
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