$15 dues to the dump

The Holi-Fest seemed to be the final push over the edge for those old pair of jeans I wore. They gave up the ghost and ripped all along the butt. They made me proud though and lasted me a long time. In addition to that the weekend before I had pulled out $20 from my bank account, $5 of which I used for Laundry that Saturday and the rest for careful spending. I brought it to the fest with me and put it in my pocket just in case we decided to stay there to eat dinner, etc. I inteded to spend no money on the chalk, assured that I would get covered regardles (which I did). However, I did not spend any of the $15 and it remained safe in the back pocket of my jeans. Until, I got home and threw my jeans in my trash can, which Tara emptied in the dump Sunday night. So here I was sitting innocently in my Genealogy class when I wanted to write Syd's phone # on the 5 dollar bill. I could not find my money in my wallet, I was getting frustrated, trying to imagine what I'd done with it..suddenly realizing, I got a quick flashback to that $15 life cycle...it was now in the libsquare dumpster.....so Syd and I raced home after class, she put her foot up on the side of the dumpster ready to dive in, until, to my dismay, I look over the side realize that there was nothing but a cardboard box at the bottom of the dumpster...of course this week the trashman would come on Monday. Does he EVER come on Mondays? Well, I hope that a homeless person is able to find it and wear the jeans and spend the $15 on a movie ticket or something.


The Holi Fest

This is a face I'd kiss.
Welcome to the Hare Krishna Temple! Then the color festivities began. Me, Dani, Sara, Nat and Syd Syd and I takin a baby break. Seeeeexy. Kristie and Jake while jumping Syd's car. Every year the Indian Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Utah throws the Holi Festival of Colors. We went this year.... it'll be a hard one to top... It was pretty sweet. Despite the black lung, the llamas even enjoyed the party.


Soph Slums

Here I am on my 3rd hour of 5 on my Wednesday night class-span. Yeah, so can I say worst idea ever for me, a girl with the attention span of a goldfish, to sign up for 5 hrs straight of just 2 separate classes. Bad call, but I've learned my lesson, so I'll scrape by and not do it again! While I've been sitting here half listening to my professor talking about his buffet he went to this afternoon that isn't settling, I've pondered the conversation Syd and I had the other day on the way to campus. We often talk about life goals and what we want to do with our post-Provo days. I came to the realization that I want to be a conversationalist for a living. The only problem with that is it cannot support me in the U.S. and strangely, there is no conversationalist major at BYU. How come the world doesn't have monetary value for things like that? How come I can't survive off being a good listener? My entire life I have enjoyed listening to people's stories and life experiences. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it. That's a talent, right? Some other people have talents like...brains. Yeah, I don't have that one. I realized in middle school that my elementary years of scholarly excellence had passed. As my peers began to exponentially pass me, I realized I needed to find my nitch in life. I am currently enrolled at BYU and can now recognize my place on the brains totem pole. At BYU I lay in the bottom left corner of the density curve. I recognize that it takes a few "me's" to make the people in the tiny right corner actually be in the right corner. I am okay with that! I'm glad I can help! It is just a bummer that things like being a really happy person, or extremely HILARIOUS, a good listener or intuitioin don't get recognized enough for financial support. In order to go work in health care or even just to care for people, I have to have extreme brains to get extreme grades (at BYU) to do what I want with my life. Most people are invigorated through getting good grades, doing well on a test. Well folks, this is coming from a student who has not exited the BYU testing center with a single A (regardless of the endless hours of studying and homework to prepare), not everyone thrives off of good grades. Granted, I'm sure that if i could get them, I too, would thrive off of grades. I just do not have the extreme scholarly potential that the majority of BYU students do. I have accepted that. I find joy in working, responsibilities, fun little service projects and giving hugs. I enjoy giving and receiving hugs from anyone and everyone! I'm a very huggy girl. I like things like that. It was always so funny to me, more towards the end of high school (when my perspective had pretty much doubled from that which it had ever been), when I would hear people only talking about school or crying about B score they recieved on a test (sawweeeey syd :D). I just wanted to shake their shoulders and say, "Come on now, that is no rason to cry, there are other good things in life aside from good grades!" I know that advice like that isn't readily accepted though. I value things of less 'prestige' than most. In life I have always had the internal battle of feeling 'mundane' or 'boring'. I struggled to find my self-confidence, because i had what appeared to be nothing cool about me. I understand now, and still sometimes I struggle with, the fact that I do have cool things about me, they are just not external. My talents can't be seen. Yet, I love them just the same and develop them. Thank goodness I was blessed with some bit of persistance. It's getting me through college. :)
It's what has kept my nose above the water at BYU. Welp, just some food for thought. Sidenote: Despite what I've written in this post. I am very appreciative for my opportunity to be at BYU and I have loved it so far! I am appreciative that my parents are able and do pay my tuiton each semester. I know I was accepted to BYU for a reason (not being grades haha). I know this is where I am supposed to be. I have learned a lot of life lessons in and out of class and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. (I do have a problem with religion classes...they're really hard...I hope they're not grading spirituality, because if my religion classes reflected my spirituality I'd be a son of perdition! hah) xoxo


Babies of the 80s

Well, my friends and I are among the last bit of babies born in the fantastic 80s era. At a club in SLC called Area 51 we celebrate our history on Thursday nights. Area51 is known for it's so fab 80s nights. We like to support this little shin-dig by getting our groove on. xoxo P.S. THIS IS MY 100th BLOG POST!!!

Updates Yo.

Well, I haven't been as avid as a blogger as I should be. There are a few events I have yet to have blogged about. Since I last blogged I have had a nice little bonfire on the beach of Utah Lake. We had a Stolworthy din-din @ Dani's. We returned Bruce to Club 77. Kristie Highlighted my hair!! Robbie made a tape sculpture of himself for a fundraiser. Voted for Landon in BYUSA...AND WON!!


The Flamingo House

It all started when Sydney and I moved to Provo. There is this lovely little Pepto-Bismol pink house on 7th East. Well, we have always loved this little pink house since the first days we layed our eyes on it. It has these little tacky pink flamingos in the front yard giving it the deserving nickname of "the flamingo house". We have always laughed about that house and talked about 'what if we lived there'.
Well, ladies and gentleman, I am proud to say that after hours on end of perusing Provo for available houses we scored one serious steal of a deal. We had become discouraged because every appealing house contracts for had signed their contracts already, every time we passed that pink house we would knock, but to no avail. Finally, late last Thursday night someone answered the door...we were thrilled it was better than we could've imagined. We snatched the last 2 available contracts and seriously jumped up and down while screaming all the way home... To say we are happy is an understatement.
Let me tell you a little bit about this house, just so you can realize our excitement and disbelief.
Pros: Mustard living room and we can paint anything in the house. We will be paying $215/month and, yes, that is including utilities and internet. A joke, right? NO! 7 girls are living in the house, but we share the upstairs of this little pink paradise with just one other girl. Us three living upstairs also have our own kitchen and 1 full bath. It's only 2 blocks from campus with no Rape Hill or 241 stairs to climb.
Cons: None. No, I'll be realistic, there is no clothes washer/dryer, dishwasher, and only a 20 min. supply of hot water before it has to recharge... But, clean clothes are overrated and Syd and I already hand wash all of the dishes we use, as for the cold showers..that'll just suck hah.
This is seriously a financial and residential answer to my prayers folks. Also, after reading this aren't ya'll all so glad that my blog words aren't always in pink? xoxo


Mi Hermana es Veintiuno!

Well, I wanted to give a shoutout to one of my favorite people ever.
Today is Dani's 21 Birthday! Let me just tell you a little about my sister.
She's the bomb, seriously. In high school she would always let me borrow her 'cool' clothes, even though I had nothing good to offer in exchange exept for my TLC. She has always been a hard worker and been very generous. She is very thoughtful when it comes to doing things for people. She is either all or nothing. When she sets her mind to something, it happens. She has always been fun for my mom because they enjoy things together like clothes and home-decorating (sorry I was such a letdown mom!). Dani is hilarious and loves to laugh. Her laugh is VERY distinct. I was at a party this year and Syd and I both turned to eachother and said "Dani's here!" hahah we could hear her laughing from across the room, it was so great. She is a good person to whine to bc she has a no crap policy. From me atleast. Probably to save our family from embarrassment, she'll tell me when I'm out of line. Sometimes I don't take the criticism too well, but she does a good job at helping me look at the 'bigger picture'. She's awesome for advice, as well. We pretty much were raised as twins. She beat me out of the womb by 16 months, but when I arrived we were unseperable in our younger years. Sometimes, though, it was hard for me because my friends would think she was cooler...which she was. Some of my fondest memories are from my childhood. We had so much fun on our bikes. We would cruise all over the neighborhood on those things. We would rollerblade like crazy. We would swim in the neighborhood pool and fly off the bunkbed and sled down the stairs. We used to play Barbies like crazy. We played polar bears, wolves and house. In middle school our differences definitely divided us, but we were back in the groove of things in high school. She's my best friend and I love her. Happy 21st Dani!


Banjo Boy?

No, Guitar Girl! Spence bought me a guitar in January... You're probably thinking I have the greatest 16 yr old brother. I agree. I've been practicin and sure enough, it's comin along (slowly...but surely)! xoxo

Spring around the bend?

So, it's been brought to my attention that Mama Heyman is reading this, I'm glad to hear it. And thought I'd just give her a shout out, HEY!
As y'all know I'm in Utard, I mean Utah. Well, it's been a fantastic place for college, granted when I'm done, I'll be DONE. BUT, Provo is the perfect place voy al universidad.
There is just one TIIIIIINY hangup...
There's too much, I'm not a fan of this stuff. Large masses of it freaks me out to no end. I went skiing once last year and that's probably the first and last. I had a fantastic camping experience in that cold white stuff, I'll never do that again. I've gone sledding twice and loved that experience. I've snowmobiled twice @ Whit's cabin and once with search and rescue. So, I've had my fair share of experiences with this stuff and let me tell you, I'll praise the day I know it's gone for good!
A few weeks ago I was leaving work and it was a cold morning, but on the little gate I take out to the sidewalk from the Health Center there was a little bird perched on the gate. I thought, 'Oh, a bird.' Then I stopped dead in my tracks and thought, 'OH, A BIRD!!' I was so excited when I realized that this bird was the first (that I can recall) this spring season. Well, with the exception of the fat ducks @ the biology pond that stay year round for the free bread. Not even kidding, those ducks sleep in the frozen pond, I can't help but have sympathy for them. But they're the stupid ones that don't want to migrate south. I always wonder when they have chicks, where their nests are, and who removes the dead duck bodies (surely, they don't all survive the bitter cold Utah tundra). Just some thoughts.
But yeah, I was reminded of that perfect little bird that nippey morning when I was walking to work this morning. The sky was clear, it was 55 degrees and I could hear lots of birds. I didn't put my Ipod in my ears until I got to the sidewalk along the main busy road where the chirping birds were drowned out by the whizzing cars.

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