Weston the Birthday Boiii.

The last March Birthday!
Happy Birthday to this crazy boy.
He's not a boy anymore though, he's an old man.
Weston's 23 today!
A few things that everyone should know about Weston:
1. He is the most gentlemanly boy alive.
2. He is genuinely kind to everyone.
3. He doesn't have a competetive bone in his body...every bone in his body is competetive.
4. He's obsessed with working out. Manorexic.
5. He is as manly as they come.
6. He's sensitive on the inside.
7. He likes gory war movies & romance movies, does not like comedic chick flicks.
8. He's from a town smaller than my high school.
9. He is obsessed with keeping his Jeep clean.
10. He has an amazing testimony & its evident just by looking at him. He honors his priesthood & does a really great job at keeping himself in line.
Weston is spontaneous & always up for trying out new things. He introduced me to a whole lot of my 'firsts'. Some of which include, shooting, hunting, snowboarding, snow icecream, & walking on a frozen lake. He's awesome & I just wanted to share some of that with everyone!

Dearest Utah,

I really wouldn't mind it if you stopped giving us this.
& started giving us some of this minus the whole gross inversion stuff.



So, 2 weeks until my final finals taken at BYU. Weird. That just hit me now. Life is so weird. Who woulda thought I'd end up doin what I'm doin. My school to do list includes, but is not limited to: HLTh383 Paper-Check HLTH311 Midterm-___________ MFG Project-___________ MFG Paper-__________ HLTH311 Paper-___________ HLTH370 Project-___________ Looking forward to Friday. Last 18 mile run and then it starts tapering down til the marathon! <1 month folks! That night is Weston's mission reunion. Saturday we're goin to both sessions of General Conference in Salt Lake. Possibly stay for priesthood? Then we're heading down to Capitol Reef National Park where his family is camping. Happy Easter this Sunday everyone! xoxogoodgoodergoodest

True sign of Spring!

We slept with the window open last night for the first time in 2010.
It was amazing.
I love this weather!


Procrastination Station.

I sadly wish that said Celebration Station instead. but procrastination is way more fitting. I was scared of when my mind/body health paper was due. So, I never checked the syllabus. HA. I don't know why I thought that was a good idea. Or maybe I just didn't think. Anyway. Checked it tonight. Don't worry, it's due tomorrow. Cool. & I'm goin out w/ Keith's friend on Wednesday night.... which leaves studying and taking my infectious disease exam thursday night. Which leaves my long run for Friday and then Friday night Weston comes to town. Then next week my 2 projects are due. Along w/ a paper. I don't really want to think about it. Yikes! Why did I do this to myself? xoxoschooliscool


Wow, folks, life is a'changin.
So updates.
In the past week I went out w/ grocery store boy again and another boy that my cousin Keith set me up with. He was a winner! I liked spending time with him. Things are also rekindling with that other old boyfriend one. I like him too. I decided to transfer to BYU-I for nursing. I did my first 18-miler. My best friends got engaged. I looked for housing with friends. I celebrated the holi-fest. I met Sydney's mom! I did NOT study for Infectious Diseases. I decided to get my CNA license. I am trying to decide when to move to Rexburg: August or January? Any idears?
The semester is wrapping up. YIIIIKES. What to do, what to do. There are so many life decisions to be made. It's overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time.
This week I need to study for Infectious disease & take the exam, then write 2 papers and do 2 projects. All before Friday of course, bc I've got the other 18-miler, then Wes comes to town.
Not a big deal, right? I have PLENTY of time to do it all... yeah right.
SO exciting that the semester's almost over though!
Brendan, Chad, Tyler & Me
This is the beginning of a bunch of non smiling. Someone threw a handful of purple in my mouth. My teeth were nasty & my tongue was dyed SOOO bad. It was gross.
This is the picture text I got Saturday afternoon.
He lost a bet.
I told him it's a good thing he has such a cute face & I hope he got it out of his system.
(he wanted to shave it in the fall)
Yesterday, I can't remember what I said, but he laughed and said I can say the meanest things in the sweetest way. I was probably just reiterating that I liked his head better with hair.
Jordan took this before church...I told Weston he can't wear a beanie to church. He complained of a cold head. I told him he should've thought about that before he shaved it in Rexburg hahaha YIIIIIKES.



First, Sidenote: I'm watching Jay Leno & there was just a commercial for the LDS General Young Women's Broadcast. Whoa. Now, the reason behind the blogging. Someone, eh hem, Sydney, stole all my pictures I took today after the proposal, so I don't have any pictures of the actually engaged couple. BUT, equally important are pictures of Syd & I, duh. & I do have some of those! Today my two best friends, Mitch Sherwood & Sydney Schindler got engaged! Mark your calendars! Wedding is July 20 at the SLC temple! She's going to be the most beautiful bride and cutest wifey. Once a bride....always a wife! Whooooa...weird! Hip Hip Hooray for you two!! xoxogointothechapel

The far side of the moon.

Yesterday's BYU Devo was done by Captain James Lovell. He was the main guy on Apollo 13, & played by Tom Hanks. He is from Utah, got a ton of education and served in the military, pretty studly guy. I believe the Apollo 13 mission was his 4 mission to the moon or space or something.
Kris & I watched the devo in the Wilk. We were whispering about it & she asked who he was in the movie. I told her he was the main Astronaut, the one played by Tom Hanks. She said she couldn't remember what happened in that story. I told her I had a hard time remembering, but that I'm pretty sure they all died. BAHAH. Holy blondeness. We sat there for a minute & then I go...wait, no they didn't, because he's talking to us right now! hahahahha We laughed for about 10 minutes and got plenty of glares, don't worry. She said she was thinkin the same thing, but hadn't said it. Great minds think alike!



The following are quotes of my 17 yr old brother, supplied by the Spencer Stolworthy facebook fanpage made by his friends. (please ignore the awful formatting, it turned out weird from copying it from facebook. I tried playing with it, but this is the best I got.)

"Alia, you can't have your cake and eat it too! AND I AM THE CAKE!"

Spencer: "Mrs. Smith, why are you so unhappy lately?" Mrs. Smith: "Because my husband's gone for 6 weeks..." Spencer: "I'LL BE YOUR HUSBAND!!!" Mrs. Smith: "That would not make me happy!"

"Here's what we need to do, we need to take obama and put him next to the pope, and if the pope evaporates then we know Obama is the Anti-Christ."

Spencer: "Ah, you have unceasing witt." Ben:"Do I have unceasing witt, Spencer?" Spencer:"No, you have unceasing un-witt!"

*Kenz tripped down the stairs into Spencer* "Ah, kenz..the grace of 1,000 unicorns."

"Rob, don't you know theres an inverse relation to our efficiency here and the # of communists at the table?"

"Kenz! This is not hello time.. This is Kenz. stop. time."

"Becca! It's so good to see you. See, I'm practicing to be a politician! You couldn't even tell I was lying.

"Mom, next year could you wrap each persons presents in a separate paper? That would streamline the present opening process."

Spencer-"Alia, text me when you and Ryker break up" Alia-"Why?" Spencer-"So, that I can swoop you off your feet. Of course.....I'm going to have to spend 6 months on P90X." Friend-"P90X only takes 3 months, Spencer." Spencer-"Yeah, well....*points at Alia* I need 6 months."

"I feel naked without Alan and Steve here...they are like my loincloth."

"It is the seventeenth day of the ninth month of the 2009th year of our Lord and I am wasting away in the library, writing a paper about a book that I did not read."

"Rob. Love fades. AP Euro, however, does not." (who's this Rob guy? Apparently he's a good friend of my brother's...that I've never met?!)

"I am as bored as a toothless beaver."

Okay this next one absolutely killed me. Spencer & I were talking over Thanksgiving break & I told him how I was going to go bunny-hunting with Weston. He told me to be careful & asked if I had ever even used a gun, etc. I told him to relax, that I'd be fine & he said:

"Well, nothing kills a relationship like a bullet."

I died. & also took notes on how not to ruin my relationship. Baahahah. Spencer seriously makes me cry just about every time he opens his mouth. Either because he calls me grande or he says something funny, both of which occur regularly.
Try to listen to this song & not sing along. xoxogoodtunes



Little Spencie's 17 today!
Wait, what? I can't believe he's actually 17...that is INSANE! Aren't I still 17? No? Darn. Well let me share with you a few things about Spence that makes him so AWESOME. He is probably the funniest person I know. He is the smartest person I know. He is so extremely witty and very sarcastic. He loves pretty much any program played on the Discovery Channel, the Military Channel or the History Channel. He likes to bake pies. He is passionate about politics and stuff like that. He likes music and tries to convince me to like his boy music. I haven't bought into it yet, even though some of it was my high school faves too. He has weird cheese allergies. He is so extremely helpful. He's also so incredibly smart with computers and technology. He started taking apart old alarm clocks when he was probably 5. He stops at people's trash piles at the end of their driveways to collect old busted computers. I think he was 10 when he rebuilt his first computer. At one point we had I think 3 desktop computers in our house. He built two of the 3. People in the ward call Spence with computer problems regularly. He gladly goes over and will fix the problems or revamp their programming system (yeah, I don't know the lingo). He's so great! He got his eagle scout a while ago. Perhaps the driver's license was good incentive behind that ambition. He's a hard worker. He's so handsome. He's had a refereeing job since he was 11. We did it together. I only lasted 2 seasons. He's still going & makes bank. He's super generous & last year bought me a guitar. Wow, talk about giving! He saved up and bought his first laptop 3 years ago or so. He gets so excited to learn new things. He was the funniest kid. I wish I had the clip, but when he was a toddler, probably 3, we have a homevideo of his birthday party. I'm bouncing around like a spaz & saying "I want to light the candles!" I got the matches & was about to begin to light the cake, when Spencer in his, used to be, little mousey voice said, "Um, I don't think it's a very safe idea to have Rachel light the candles." bahahahha I'm pretty sure he was right. So sensible. & his birthday is 3-21. That's cool. Last summer! I quit my job about half way through the summer & Spence & I got to play a lot. I enjoyed it! 2007. So buff... Spence & I when he came out for a football game this fall! Also, 2007, this is merely to show that we used to be near the same height.
He's rabid. He loves Glenn Beck's stuff. Okay, this pic is so sick of me, but please look at Spencer's hand gestures. hahah this kills me! He loves to carry me. Apparently he didn't like me taking advantage of him. He dropped me. So photogenic.. Again, rabid. End of summmer... I'm his favorite. Dani will argue that one, but it's true. Spencie helpin out in the yaaaaard. xoxohappybirthdaybabybrother! Want to check out the sister's Ode to Spence?


Holy Birthdays!!

Okay, so yesterday was my fabulous future roomate's birthday! Happy big 2-1 baby! I can only wish it through technology however, because she is in Mexico...& I should totally be there w/ her...but as uncultured as I am, don't have a passport. Cool. Anyway,
This is the fabulous Emily Robinson.
This girl is the most amazing dancer ever.
She is hilarious
Down to earth
From Danville, CA & has extreme Danville pride.
She loves to have fun.
She's one smart cookie
She is an amazing friend.
She likes to have fun.
She's super social.
She's one kewl kat.
& I get to live w/ her next year!
Happy Birthday Em!
Birthday #2
Tasha Brinkerhoff
This beauty is 18 today.
She's a little firecracker.
She is sarcastic and one of the funniest people I know.
She is so sweet.
She's a cancer survivor!
She's 100% honest. No sugar coating (the world could use a few more people like that).
I love her!


Why have I been skipping?

Okay, the most hilarious things have been said in History of Creativity today. 1. First of all, we're discussing the parties (political parties) of early America & England. This kid, 100% serious, raised his hand and proceeds to say, "Personally, I think parties are really great. Necessary really, they're a really good social outlet, a good way to meet peo.... Oh..." hahahahhaha I just about DIIIIED, he was completely serious. I think I laughed for about 20 minutes. 2. Professor was giving an intro for a movie he was about to show,"The Isle of Flowers," and he asks if anyone has seen it before. This kid behind me mutters, kind of loud, "yeah, right. I usually try to avoid movies with 'flower' in it's name." hahaha okay, that sounds like something a twelve yr old boy would say. I died, it was so funny. These two stories may not humor you, but I enjoyed them & thought I'd share!

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

There have been 3 major birthdays in the past 3 weeks. Feb 24. Skydney March 10. Dani-Deej March 15. Ty Up & coming... March 21. Spencer! He'll be 17...what? Isn't he still in diapers? Happy almost birthday baby brother! Wish I was there to celebrate with you! xoxohappybirthdayhappy!


Sole Searching

Okay, so my trusty Nikes died on me.
After Saturday's run I realized my Achille's tendon was in shambles because the back of my shoes were waaaay too worn.
I ran in them yesterday again & it wasn't pleasant to say the least. I realized, Monday's being my truly free afternoon, I needed to get shoes. So, I hopped on the bus and headed to the mall! I tried on every running shoe Sport's Authority had to offer. The consensus was made and these babies were the number one! I was so excited, because I liked how they looked the very best, & it just so happened they turned out to be the best ones! Hoorah!
The old babies and I had a good run around since August,
but here's a picture of my new boyfriend, Nike Lunarglide:
I also got new shorts. Pictures will come shortly.
I'm so excited for tonight's 8 miler! Woohoo!!



Saturday night we hit up the tumbling gym. That's always a great place to go. You can say we had a little fun Safety First. Suiting up. Sumo time! Keenan, Calvin, Me & Kris Happy Sumo. Cuuuuziiiinnn tttyyymmmee snuggle on a sweaty mat.

Marathon Update.

Marathon training is going well. & exhausting. If anyone has any experience and some advice, I'll gladly take any you have to offer! I did a 16 miler for the long run last week, and Syd did the 16 with me this week too. I'm having issues though, it takes about 3 hours and my body tooootally dies and I get soo hungry the last 30+ minutes, it feels like I'm running on a fast Sunday afternoon. Yesterdays run was so fun to have w/ Syd. Sugar & Spice were in motion. It started rain/snowing half way through. It added an extra element. You might not be able to tell in this picture, but we were SOAKED to the bone, this was after our run Saturday. xoxorunrunrun

Annie git yor guhn.

So, last saturday I walked to Smith's to do some grocery shopping. I was walking home with my 10 million bags and someone pulled over and asked if I would like a ride. Looked like a nice boy, my hands were tired, "Sure!" So, he drives me to my complex and carries my groceries up for me. "Thanks so much, bye!" Tuesday: Work, class, run, shower, 8:00pm. No makeup, no bra, sweats, wet hair, studying. "Rachel, someone's here for you." "Uh, oh, hi...Matt" "Hi, wanted to know if you wanted to go out for dinner or ice cream." "Give me 5 minutes." Thank you roomates for so graciously talking to the stranger. YoZone was fun, & so yummy, obviously. Cross my fingers I didn't scare him off w/ my appearance. Wednesday: Phone rings: "Hi Matt, yeah Friday night sounds great!" Friday: Fun date at shooting range in Orem Rec center & yummy Mexican rice water & The Proposal, my favorite movie in the world. I got to pick the movie since we did manly shooting. I'm glad I packed my camera bc he asked if I brought one, perfect photo op. It was fun. He's a nice boy. Apparently everyone's jaws dropped at how good I was for only my 2nd time. Shocking, my eyes are terrible. xoxoAnnieOakley
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