Weston the Birthday Boiii.

The last March Birthday!
Happy Birthday to this crazy boy.
He's not a boy anymore though, he's an old man.
Weston's 23 today!
A few things that everyone should know about Weston:
1. He is the most gentlemanly boy alive.
2. He is genuinely kind to everyone.
3. He doesn't have a competetive bone in his body...every bone in his body is competetive.
4. He's obsessed with working out. Manorexic.
5. He is as manly as they come.
6. He's sensitive on the inside.
7. He likes gory war movies & romance movies, does not like comedic chick flicks.
8. He's from a town smaller than my high school.
9. He is obsessed with keeping his Jeep clean.
10. He has an amazing testimony & its evident just by looking at him. He honors his priesthood & does a really great job at keeping himself in line.
Weston is spontaneous & always up for trying out new things. He introduced me to a whole lot of my 'firsts'. Some of which include, shooting, hunting, snowboarding, snow icecream, & walking on a frozen lake. He's awesome & I just wanted to share some of that with everyone!


  1. NICE! I agree...he's a nice one! Fun post, Rach!

  2. Cute pictures of your friend, Rachel! I have to say the blonde wig is not my favorite though. You have said some really nice things here about Weston and it makes me happy that you have good taste! But then, he does,too!

  3. you mean..."1.He is the most gentlemanly old man alive" haha

    P.s. I think the blonde wig rocks>Go Weston and Rachel




  4. oh dear, you're 13, how do you know those words?


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