So, 2 weeks until my final finals taken at BYU. Weird. That just hit me now. Life is so weird. Who woulda thought I'd end up doin what I'm doin. My school to do list includes, but is not limited to: HLTh383 Paper-Check HLTH311 Midterm-___________ MFG Project-___________ MFG Paper-__________ HLTH311 Paper-___________ HLTH370 Project-___________ Looking forward to Friday. Last 18 mile run and then it starts tapering down til the marathon! <1 month folks! That night is Weston's mission reunion. Saturday we're goin to both sessions of General Conference in Salt Lake. Possibly stay for priesthood? Then we're heading down to Capitol Reef National Park where his family is camping. Happy Easter this Sunday everyone! xoxogoodgoodergoodest


  1. Good luck on all that, Rachel! I know what you mean about life throwing you for a loop. Change is inevitable it seems, just a big part of life. It is easier swallowed if you initiate it yourself though instead of having it forced on you. Good luck getting those conference tickets for Sat AM. I will be on the lookout for you guys in the congregation. Just don't wear your face painted half blue, okay?

  2. Oh, just look for a shiny bald head sitting next to a beautiful blonde! That should be easy, since light will be bouncing off of it! It's a good thing you like the whole Hare Krishna thing...haha...Rachel, you're gonna have fun! Enjoy yourself!


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