Wow, folks, life is a'changin.
So updates.
In the past week I went out w/ grocery store boy again and another boy that my cousin Keith set me up with. He was a winner! I liked spending time with him. Things are also rekindling with that other old boyfriend one. I like him too. I decided to transfer to BYU-I for nursing. I did my first 18-miler. My best friends got engaged. I looked for housing with friends. I celebrated the holi-fest. I met Sydney's mom! I did NOT study for Infectious Diseases. I decided to get my CNA license. I am trying to decide when to move to Rexburg: August or January? Any idears?
The semester is wrapping up. YIIIIKES. What to do, what to do. There are so many life decisions to be made. It's overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time.
This week I need to study for Infectious disease & take the exam, then write 2 papers and do 2 projects. All before Friday of course, bc I've got the other 18-miler, then Wes comes to town.
Not a big deal, right? I have PLENTY of time to do it all... yeah right.
SO exciting that the semester's almost over though!
Brendan, Chad, Tyler & Me
This is the beginning of a bunch of non smiling. Someone threw a handful of purple in my mouth. My teeth were nasty & my tongue was dyed SOOO bad. It was gross.
This is the picture text I got Saturday afternoon.
He lost a bet.
I told him it's a good thing he has such a cute face & I hope he got it out of his system.
(he wanted to shave it in the fall)
Yesterday, I can't remember what I said, but he laughed and said I can say the meanest things in the sweetest way. I was probably just reiterating that I liked his head better with hair.
Jordan took this before church...I told Weston he can't wear a beanie to church. He complained of a cold head. I told him he should've thought about that before he shaved it in Rexburg hahaha YIIIIIKES.


  1. I think it's awesome that you're heading up to BYU-I. That's where my husband and I did our undergrad. We're pretty partial to it. Anyway, my sister Allison is heading up to BYU-I to start school in a couple weeks too, and she's hoping to get into their nursing program in a year. So...I was just excited to hear what your plans are and thought I'd leave you a note! Good luck with all the changes!

  2. If you are moving to Rexburg, which is cold and windy as I understand, you should do it August instead of January. If you move there in January, it will be a major shock to your system!

  3. By the way, congratulations on your decision to move!

  4. Rachel, I think your friend, Kate, is right. You should move in August rather than January. BRRRRR... so glad that things seem to be working out that you can go to nursing school after all. Also, funny pictures of Weston! He still has that great smile though and you can't take that away from him. Glad he doesn't have to suffer through the winter with no hair on his head!

  5. So funny! The colorful/dirty chalk pics of you and the boys compared to Weston's squeaky clean baldness makes him look like the "Mr. Clean" character on the floor detergent bottle! hahaha...and yes, you have had major decisions to make...It's a great thing that you are prayerful!!

  6. Everyone else is very reasonable in their suggestions for you to move in August...however, I am of the opinion that you should wait until January, because otherwise we won't be in Provo together at all!!!

  7. WOAH!!! You're leaving me?! I'm only letting you go because you are going to my home so I can come visit you and my family in one shebang. WOW though! Way to come to a conclusion on what you are doing in life! I have lots of friends in the nursing program there and they LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Girl, we need to chat.....apparently I am a little behind :) oh, and move in january. you won't be too shocked (practically same weather as here...take it from a true idahoan) and you won't want to miss football season haha


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