Little Spencie's 17 today!
Wait, what? I can't believe he's actually 17...that is INSANE! Aren't I still 17? No? Darn. Well let me share with you a few things about Spence that makes him so AWESOME. He is probably the funniest person I know. He is the smartest person I know. He is so extremely witty and very sarcastic. He loves pretty much any program played on the Discovery Channel, the Military Channel or the History Channel. He likes to bake pies. He is passionate about politics and stuff like that. He likes music and tries to convince me to like his boy music. I haven't bought into it yet, even though some of it was my high school faves too. He has weird cheese allergies. He is so extremely helpful. He's also so incredibly smart with computers and technology. He started taking apart old alarm clocks when he was probably 5. He stops at people's trash piles at the end of their driveways to collect old busted computers. I think he was 10 when he rebuilt his first computer. At one point we had I think 3 desktop computers in our house. He built two of the 3. People in the ward call Spence with computer problems regularly. He gladly goes over and will fix the problems or revamp their programming system (yeah, I don't know the lingo). He's so great! He got his eagle scout a while ago. Perhaps the driver's license was good incentive behind that ambition. He's a hard worker. He's so handsome. He's had a refereeing job since he was 11. We did it together. I only lasted 2 seasons. He's still going & makes bank. He's super generous & last year bought me a guitar. Wow, talk about giving! He saved up and bought his first laptop 3 years ago or so. He gets so excited to learn new things. He was the funniest kid. I wish I had the clip, but when he was a toddler, probably 3, we have a homevideo of his birthday party. I'm bouncing around like a spaz & saying "I want to light the candles!" I got the matches & was about to begin to light the cake, when Spencer in his, used to be, little mousey voice said, "Um, I don't think it's a very safe idea to have Rachel light the candles." bahahahha I'm pretty sure he was right. So sensible. & his birthday is 3-21. That's cool. Last summer! I quit my job about half way through the summer & Spence & I got to play a lot. I enjoyed it! 2007. So buff... Spence & I when he came out for a football game this fall! Also, 2007, this is merely to show that we used to be near the same height.
He's rabid. He loves Glenn Beck's stuff. Okay, this pic is so sick of me, but please look at Spencer's hand gestures. hahah this kills me! He loves to carry me. Apparently he didn't like me taking advantage of him. He dropped me. So photogenic.. Again, rabid. End of summmer... I'm his favorite. Dani will argue that one, but it's true. Spencie helpin out in the yaaaaard. xoxohappybirthdaybabybrother! Want to check out the sister's Ode to Spence?


  1. Fabulous tribute to a great guy, Rachel! I learned things I didn't know and remembered fun things, too! Spencer truly is exceptional and you nailed that very well here!

  2. So fun and cute, Rachel! I know Spencer has to LOVE this! He is a GREAT kid...we all love him so much...what'd we do without our Spencey? I am proud of him!!


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