Why have I been skipping?

Okay, the most hilarious things have been said in History of Creativity today. 1. First of all, we're discussing the parties (political parties) of early America & England. This kid, 100% serious, raised his hand and proceeds to say, "Personally, I think parties are really great. Necessary really, they're a really good social outlet, a good way to meet peo.... Oh..." hahahahhaha I just about DIIIIED, he was completely serious. I think I laughed for about 20 minutes. 2. Professor was giving an intro for a movie he was about to show,"The Isle of Flowers," and he asks if anyone has seen it before. This kid behind me mutters, kind of loud, "yeah, right. I usually try to avoid movies with 'flower' in it's name." hahaha okay, that sounds like something a twelve yr old boy would say. I died, it was so funny. These two stories may not humor you, but I enjoyed them & thought I'd share!


  1. That's cute, Rachel. Very funny, too! Glad you shared it. Hope you are doing really well. Your Mom is good to keep me abreast of you and Danielle's doings and these blogs are just fabulous to connect with you in this way, too.

  2. yeah i'm the girl that laughs way too histarically hard at any minorly funny thing that happens in class too.
    it's ok.


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