Some Vids

DISCLAIMER: Ignore my sick narrator voice in all of these please. He's a lot more brave, or stupid, than I am. It was about a 50 drop off the edge of every side of that rock. He's such a boy.
Thought it was a photo; trying to document my first cactus encounter. He felt awkward. He got a good score on Mexican trains and was doing a victory dance, I missed the dance, but still think this video is funny.

Two Is Better Than One.

I love that song. I loved this weekend.
I got down to Orangeville on Tuesday and Weston took me to see New Moon! It was so fun, even though Jacob didn't even compare to the boy sitting next to me!
Weston got paid vacation for Wednesday too so we got to spend it together! Wednesday we had a morning workout and then got all dolled up and headed down to Loa in Wayne County where his grandparents live!
Kellie did my hair in curls. It was so nice of her, I should have taken some better pictures of it!
That night we were getting all prepared for Thanksgiving meal.
Making noodles at Grandma & Grandpa Stevens' house!
About 3 of the nights we played games, it was so fun. This is a picture showing Weston's pouting. Probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.
If he ever tells you he's not competetive, he's lying. Every year the Brinkerhoff boys go bunny hunting Thanksgiving morning. Weston was so excited because it was his first thanksgiving back home in 2 years. He said I could be an exception and go with the boys. Turned out everyone was grown and married, so Melissa, Weston, Grandpa Stevens, Papa Dave and I all went bunny hunting, it was not successful. We only saw 2 bunnies the whole time, but Weston did get a bird, so he was kinda happy. I'm happy I didn't have to hear any crying bunnies... ew.
Handsome, huh? Bunny hunting Thanksgiving morning. Weston & I before Thanksgiving dinner. Kellie, Melissa, Me & Tasha before dinner.
We all wore beanies at the dinner table for Tash.
She had skin cancer and a side of her head was shaved for her surgery.
She had melanoma skin cancer that was successfully removed 2 weeks ago!
Thanksgiving spread!
All of us were full & ready for a nap!
L to R: Mama Joan, Grandpa Brink, Me, Weston, Kellie, Papa Dave
Friday Weston took me all around Wayne County. Which is geographically huge, but is the 2nd smallest populated county in the state... We hiked in the Capitol Reef National Park & he took me over to see his family's ranch! Hiking in Capitol Reef He is one handsome man.
So happy. Also, very happy. Amazing trip We like eachother.
In front of Chill's in Bicknell. Top secret This is a look he gets often.
Friday night Weston passed out while we were watching a movie. & passed out is an understatement.
Saturday morning before the Utah game we went out to the gravel pits and shot clay pigeons. It was so fun! I was terrible, but am really good at not falling over when shooting the shotgun! Shooting clay pigeons. Yes, I got one! He likes being tough. I'm not so good. It was freakin cold. He gave me his coat, but then got another out of the truck..it was about 34 w/ a 1,000 mph wind!
Saturday night, Weston, Melissa, Kevin & I watched a scary movie out in his grandparent's giant camper! Then Weston, Melissa & I slept out in the camper. The space heater we used was about the size of my hand...so small, but somehow we all survived the night! Yikes, don't know what's going on with the hair. Slave boy.
We were going to chop down a Christmas tree on our way back to Orangeville on Sunday, but weren't able too because the only tarp available was covered in animal blood. His uncle is a butcher... Anyway, we packed everything in the jeep to leave the cargo carrier empty for the tree. The only items packed not approved for the inside of the Jeep were Weston's NASTY firefighter boots he's worn every day since May.... We wanted to preserve our nostrils and appetites. You might be a redneck if...
Poppa Dave found this when we were shooting and thought I should mail it home so everyone back home knows just how redneck the people are that I'm spending my time with. Bullseye.
Don't tell, but I've got a crush. So happy.
I was the only one with phone service all week, so when we got to the summit Weston's phone exploded with texts. He's popular.
We got back to Orangeville Sunday afternoon and I got to spend the rest of the day there before driving back to Provo with Ben's sister. For purpose of saving me from embarrassment, his mom got a couple sleeping pictures, but this one was the least scariest. This was my entire lazy Sunday afternoon. xoxoIstillhaveacrushonaboy



I cannot believe I tooootally forgot to post this one. I was crying when I watched this a few weeks ago. I showed it to all my coworkers (we're twilight fans). xoxolaughingismyfavoritething

Fast Forward

Wow, where has time gooone? This semester is almost over. That's weird. Well, good news, everyone can now say thank You prayers because after a visit to just about every lost & found on campus, I found the little thumb drive! Not without putting a lot of effort into that hunt though from work and after work! It was wedged between chairs in yesterday's lecture hall. Wow, I am blessed. Now all those hours writing that paper are NOT wasted (not to mention, I don't have to rewrite the whole thing)! This afternoon I am catching a ride down with Weston's friend, Ben, 's older sister. She is a teacher in Provo, so it should be a interesting and fun car ride, she sounded nice on the phone when I talked to her yesterday afternoon! I am so excited for this weekend. I miss my family back home so much, but I know I'll have a great holiday break all the same! The Brinkerhoffs are all so warm &treat me like family while I'm there, teasing & all! I love it. Tomorrow Weston will be workin his regular 10 hr shift...sooo I'll be hangin w/ Mama Joan all day, hopefully she'll put me to work and I can help out some how rather than just being a complete waste of space! To be honest, I'm a little nervous, but I've packed a couple of books I've been reading. xoxotakinganap

On the verge of tears.

You'd be so proud of me, yesterday in the library I plowed through my paper, I have 8 pages complete of my 10 & I just need to fill in my sources. I met with my professor and he said that my outline for the paper was great & if I followed that my paper should be great too! Awesome news! I keep my paper saved on my thumb drive. I carry it with me always, it is always in my key pouch in my backpack. This morning I was done getting ready about 15 minutes early. My gut told me to check for my thumb drive, because I was planning on finishing my paper at work today before the break. However, that lovely thumbdrive with the little japanese person attached was not in its usual spot. I told myself not to freak out & I traced me steps with it. I went from the library to class to another class yesterday so I figured its either in my backpack, the library or one of those classrooms...or someone else's backpack, but we won't focus on that option. So, I emptied out my backpack one pouch at a time, checked my coat pockets, looked in my Peru bag...nope...nowhere...but work was beckoning, so I hopped on the bus anxious to get to work to call around to the different buildings. I called the RB & they said that they didn't have one, but to call the RB custodial, so I did, & the custodial man said that the Lost & Found was just picked up this morning, but he didn't know whether or not there was a thumb drive, but to call Lost & Found. So I did, their office doesn't open until nine. Folks, please pray for me that I will know where to look for this little piece of technology, basically my sanity is dangling on its key chain right now.
& I was so proud of myself yesterday, I got my huge Health Promo Acronyms project finished a week early and turned it in yesterday instead of next monday. That seems minute at the current moment.
note to self: Always back up everything.


Should've Shared This Sooner

On the days I'm in the phoneroom I don't get any homework done, because the phone rings off the hook, so sometimes I watch hulu.com. A couple weeks ago I watched an SNL episode that Taylor Swift was on. Just stick through the 30s ad, it's pretty funny. xoxothismakesmelaugh

I just remembered

I snorted really bad on Thursday night.
As in, it was such a big snort it hurt. I wanted to DIE. I can count on one hand how many times I have snorted like that in my life. xoxosonotsmooth


Thought this was pretty cool


Cousin Catch-Up

I spent the majority of this weekend with Kristin, it was so fun! Friday night we went bowling with boys in Salt Lake at the Taylorsville Bowling Lanes. I had SUCH a great time! And no worries, not to my surprise, I kept up my fabulous losing streak. I am a terribly inconsistent bowler. No technique and no form, but I have fun doing it! We got home really late that night. Saturday Sydney let me borrow her car while she was in Idaho with Mitch, so I ran errands around town. Then last night Kris & I & a couple of the boys from bowling went and saw the new Twilight movie, New Moon. I loved it! There were only a few cheesey lines and heavy breathing that I cringed through, but other than that it was amazing & Taylor Lautner would make any BOY drool. Holy cow, hot body. In the previews for the movie there were a few new really good looking movies coming out! One w/ Channing Tatum & the blonde girl that plays the ditzy one of the Plastics in Mean Girls, and they're doing a movie based off of a Nicholas Sparks book called "Dear John". He's in the military and I got emotional from the trailer. Tear-jerker, I'm sure, but it looks like a really good one and comes out in February! Then another one w/ Robert Pattinson (I think that's his name), Edward from Twilight, and some other blonde girl, it looks great too! Such great ones! I love good movies! xoxoFabulousWeekend



Work: Check. Grocery Shopping: Check. Vaccum: Check. Laundry: Check. Dishes: Check. Dinner: Half Check. Toilet: Check. Floors: Check. Bedding: Check. Fort: Check. Running: Check. Shower: Finger Nails: Hair: Makeup: Clothes: Shave Legs: Trash: Boys: Tonight will be great! Most everything is done, but I'm sitting here sweaty and blogging, I need to shower! I'll keep ya posted! xoxoyippee

12 Hrs

In 12 hrs I will be the happiest girl alive, well more like in 10 hrs when Weston gets here, but also in 12 hours and 13 hrs and 20 hours. Ah, so happy this day is here! xoxosoexcited!!


I want...

to go see the pretty temple lights with that one boy I like.
Andy Sandberg's look-a-like always comes into the health center for allergy shots. His name is Caleb and he is all smiles all the time. I love helping people like him. So friendly. Doesn't hurt that he has got the biggest smile always shining. Good note to self :)


Let It Snow. Let It Snow. Let It Snow.

So, today we woke up to snow...what to dooooo?? PHOTOSHOOT! Despite our extremely rough appearance, we were still photo happy. My little starfish roomate. Not such a fan of all this stuff. It's beautiful to look at..not so great to hike in. Okay, forget that, it's fun sometimes too! So, around 11 we went to Kristie & Wes' house in Spanish Fork, where Syd got her hair did. We watched Family Man. Such a great film! But, then it started snowing...reeeeally hard. It snowed around 3 inches in about 30 minutes. Visibility was about 10 ft. We decided that it was a good time to get headed so we could get home to do homework & run. When we made it back to Provo we went four our long run. We did about 7 miles today. Amazing. It was so cold outside; about 30 degrees. I was running, so I was sweating, but even while I was sweating the sweat would freeze on my back. It was terrible. We were icicles when we got home! Tonight we had stake conference. It was awesome! Found some awesome hats when we were runnin around tonight! xoxoIt'sfreezinghere


Such a curse

I have the thirst of a camel
the bladder of a small dog.

I wanted to die.

So, needless to say I am not the most coordinated individual. Last night when Weston & I were talking we were discussing my lack of smoothness. We reminisced on the first time he came to my apt this semester. I went down to meet him at his car so he wouldn't get lost in the maze of an apartment complex I live in. We had a kinda long stretch walking toward eachother, it was going slow motion in my head I think. He kinda jogged forward and we were meeting at the edge of the sidewalk, I was walking really slow and just smiling, I was so happy. We reached out for a hug, and to this day I still don't know how I managed it, because I was basically standing. However, I was going in for the hug and tripped on a sprinkler head when we were about a foot apart and I totally just rammed into him. I just kinda cringed and thought to myself "smooth Rach, reeeeeeal smooth". He laughed and made some cheesy comment of falling into his arms.
I wanted to die.
But, folks, that is the way I run my life.
Or trip my life.


My Favorite Thing About Fall

I love the smells, the colors, the breeze.
But most of all, I love PUMPKIN!

Stumbled Across This

I hope Keith doesn't mind that I'm putting this on here. I was looking for a video of my mom dancing that someone from the youth group back home put on Youtube. I was unsuccessful in finding her dancing clip, but came across this about my cousin Keith while on my search. He's an awesome guy. Just thought I'd put this up here for everyone to see! xoxoIhavethegreatestfamily


Tasha's Surgery

Weston's little sister Tasha is 17 and has melanoma skin cancer on her head. Today they're doing the surgery. I believe she's in right now, they were supposed to do it this morning. Remember to keep Tasha and the Brinkerhoff family in your prayers, please. When they remove the portion of her scalp they are going to clear the area around the cancer as well to make sure it is all gone. If this surgery, however, doesn't get rid of all the cancer they're going to do chemo therapy. Please pray for her health and that finances will meet. I'll let yall know how it goes when I hear. Also, I have 6 of 10 pages done for my research paper...oh my goodness...I am so extatic, I have had the hardest time with this paper this semester and today I've sat down and cranked out 5 pages alone, it's amazing. I'm a little nervous to bring it into my professor, because I'm afraid he'll rip it to shreds and I'll end up having to rewrite the whole thing and form a new thesis. xoxopeacefulwednesday


I hate commercials

Unless they are legitimately hilarious (duh). The money Stride has spent on their marketing crew is well spent. xoxoLaughingismyfavoritething

Truth or Dare-izzle

Anyone have any good truth or dare questions?
Please leave comments with some of your favorites!


Sydney and I decided a while ago that we should have been boys in the dating world, because basically we have the best date ideas ever.
Our chance to prove ourselves has come. Next Thursday IT is happening.
We have a pretty solid plan and are very excited about our simple, yet fantastic, date idea. If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment.


p.s. I am so excited to eat when I get done w/ this class in a couple hours. Yum. p.s.s. I'm ultra excited because I might be seeing a certain someone Wednesday instead of having to wait till next week. AH, life is good. p.s.s.s. Marathon training is going well :) We woke up and ran 3.5 miles @ 5:30 this morning. I had a scowl on my eyebrows as I left the door and a smile and handful of sweat on my way back in. xoxoI'mgnawingonmyhand

Yes, that just happened.

I'm sitting in Health Promotion and got a text from my loving mother. If any of you know me you know what my text ring sounds like. It is an extremely loud, heart stopping, startling cat call. Each class we bring health news articles and give a brief rundown of our article and then a class discussion. She wanted to have a serious discussion about the Ft. Hood massacre. The kid was giving the explanation of his BOL who is a neurologist and ya dee ya... and all of a sudden from the back of the room comes a "WOOOOO, woooooooo". Every single head turns and starts to snicker as my professor shoots me with fireballs from her eyes. I could have died. But hey, they're all jealous they don't text with their moms. Now, a debate group is giving their opening statement and using serious Pathos by all their extremely disturbing photos in their slide presentation. ew. xoxoCanIcrawlinahole?


Am I really doing this?


Ladies & Gentleman.

I recieved an e-mail yesterday from my cousin Stephanie. She was wanting to rally troops for the April 24, 2010 Nashville Country Music Marathon.

Let me give everyone a little background. I have always had a burning desire to run a marathon. I like to run because I like the way it makes me feel, but I am in no way fast nor a long runner. I never said it outloud because I didn't want to let myself down.

I am, however, determined. Training begins today. Syd & I are going to work together, thanks to her, she's a girl who runs 10 miles after not having even run in 6 months...yeah ridiculous. SO basically it'll be pushing my endurance & her patience.

I ordered A Non-runners Marathon Trainer off of Amazon yesterday & am anticipating reading it. I've been googling & reading tons of information & trying to get my excitement to outweight my extreme nervousness.

Disclaimer: I am doing this marathon for myself. I am not trying to beat a certain time, though the max I have is 7 hrs. I'd definitely like to get under 6 hrs though.

Goal: Finish.

People currently on the Marathon train:




Mitch (maybe?)


Kristin (if that knee heals!)

Any other takers? Join the train! Party at the Stolworthy home! Free room and board :)



Gr8. full. NESS.

I am grateful for today's lovely weather.
I am grateful for my wonderful body.
I am grateful for my amazing family.
I am grateful for technology.
I am grateful for love. I am grateful for people that keep me smiling sweetly.
I am grateful for the people that keep me laughing.
I am grateful for awesome memories.
I am grateful for the holiday season.
I am grateful for the atonement.
I am grateful for the founding fathers.
I love thanksgiving <3


Who'da Thought?

Wow, I'm so happy.
I'm sorry I keep blogging about it, but I can't seem to keep it to myself!
My heart feels like it wants to BUST.


10 hrs?

OF SLEEP! That's right ladies & gentlemen, after a sleepless week last week & an even more sleepless weekend. I passed out at 9 o'clock last night....it was the greatest feeling in the world. I was so worried that if I woke up in the middle of the night that I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. That did not even get close to happening. I was out like I'd been hit by a train.
It was amazing.



Friday Weston came & picked me up after his SEAL training in Salt Lake that morning. I feel so bad for him because his body was demolished all weekend, because they had to do the "300" workout, the one inspired by the movie to make people look like those actors....uhh yeah. We hung out at my apartment for a little bit & he dressed up in his costume, which he LOVED! (thanks mom!) After a little dress-up, we went to his Navy recruiter's office and talked for a minute there, hit up Maverik and then were on our way down south. It was a beautiful drive and was a lot quicker this time having such awesome company :) William Wallace showed up Friday night.
Brett, Melissa, Weston & I @ The Stomp! The greatest Stomp I've ever been to! Braveheart & the wifey who's murdered. Such a shame, I was nameless all night. Then later that night we went and napped at Melissa's house to rest up. It took a lot to wake Weston up from his 'nap'. It says a lot that I woke up to his alarm in the other room before he did. I gave him a little break though because he was so sore & still had a pretty bum ankle. We got back to Orangeville around 2 & to bed at around 4 that night & I slept SO hard. I woke up the next mornin & Weston was making breakfast. Yum. What a gentleman. Hashbrown & french toast, the whole fambam ate together, it was a blast. Everyone but Kellie and Melissa was there. After breakfast mama joan & Dave said they'd clean up for us. So nice :) We got everything all ready to go out on the mountain. & by we, I mean Weston, & I helped & kinda ran around him filling up water bottles & collecting blankets, etc. He got the jeep all hooked up with the trailer & 4wheeler. Gettin dressed to head up to the mountains...I may be biased, but I think he's a pretty handsome feller. It was so beautiful up in Reeder Canyon! We rode up in the canyon and it was so awesome. I took this on our way back to the jeep, this is down in the valley. I'm such a dork and didn't take any pictures of where we went, but it was SO beautiful. My mental pictures are better anyway :) He had a little too much fun driving. I feared for my life riding on the back of that thing. Not really, I think he just wanted me to hold on tighter. :) Which I did, gladly. Power Rangers? After we got home from the awesome day, I hit the shower & Weston went and washed off the 4-wheeler. We had a family dinner and everyone was there. I cannot even tell everyone how amazing the Brinkerhoffs are. I love them. That night Melissa, her b/f, Weston, Me, 3 of weston's guy friends & another couple went to a haunted forest trail. I was so freaked out the whole time. After that we went to their friend Keith's house and watched The Grudge and When A Stranger Calls. I do not like scary movies...except it was a pretty good night.
Sunday morning we went to Weston's family ward, because the ward was having a ward fast for Tasha. We were going to go to the singles ward @ 1, but decided just to go to the one. So, after church we headed back to Provo, he took the scenic route, and it was AMAZING. Weston & I up on the Skyline lookout So handsome. Only 9055 ft higher than our house in Franklin, right dad? hahah
Those flags are so when it snows people can still see the edge of the road, they put them up between last weekend when I was there, and this weekend. Weston said those flags are way higher than him and that sometimes the snow gets above the flags.... I have a crush on a boy. xoxoI'moncloud9 p.s. Weston invited me to the mountains with his family for Thanksgiving! I can't wait p.s.s. He also invited me on a snowboarding trip w/ him & his friends right before Christmas....to say I'm excited is an understatement.
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