Nash Brinkerhoff

Nash Dean Brinkerhoff
6 lbs 3 oz

For those of you interested in the story of his birthday, here it is!

The first week of May I started swelling badly. I swell during pregnancy anyway, but this was more significant swelling than what I'd had the whole pregnancy or my first pregnancy, too.
I had just had a doctor appointment and my blood pressure was totally normal.

May 11 I woke up & Weston was just walking in the door from a night shift. I asked him to take my blood pressure before I got out of bed just to have a baseline. It was insanely high, I'm talkin 160/105.  I thought..uhmmm.. that's crazy high. So, we called the doctor and they said to go to the hospital get monitored. I was dragging my feet, though, because I got monitored with my first pregnancy, but this time totally can't afford the time away from home with a busy toddler needing me.  It was a really crazy busy time for my mom, who was our babysitter when we went to have baby #2. My mom had been planning and preparing for a recital she was hosting in her home that night for my baby brother who is an awesome pianist.  So, I dragged my feet going to the hospital, I decided I would take my time and see if my blood pressure would go down. Around 11AM my bp was about 175/115 and I decided I should go, so I shaved my legs and packed my hospital bag (Yeah, I hadn't done that yet and I was 37.5 wks, I will be packing one earlier next time). My mom, who is a totally amazing, sacrificed her ENORMOUS to-do list to offer to watch Ivy so Weston could go with me.
When we got to Vanderbilt my bp was 189/115. My doctor happened to be the one on call that day & I was so happy about that flukey coincidence. He walked into the room and said that we were going to have our baby right then. I got an IV & the whole crazy process began.
 Because Ivy was breech and I had a c-section, this one had to be a c-section as well, because they could not induce me. VBAC was out the window & I was too shocked to even care.
They took me back for the spinal, which went smoothly again. Phew. That part stresses me out. Weston came back and it felt like just seconds before my baby was in my arms.

Within 2 hours of walking in the hospital doors I held my precious boy.
The second I laid eyes on him my heart about exploded.
It all happened so fast & I felt like the whole thing was an out of body experience,

I will spare the details of how emotionally taxing next 24 hours were. I had to be on Magnesium Sulfate to prevent seizures and other problems pre-eclampsia can cause.
They said that medication was awful and they weren't kidding.

After 2 days I was so anxious to get home to Ivy and get back home and out of the all the busy-ness of the hospital!  We got to be discharged after 2 days. Hooray for no jaundice. Ivy had lots of jaundice issues.

This is what my tummy looked like on Mother's day, the day before Nash was born.
I am so glad I have this picture, because I did not realize he'd be there the next day. I snapped the picture and saw that it came out with really weird lighting and figured I'd just retake it later...but then he was here.
My insanely swollen feet.
Ankles? Tendons? Yeah, those were nowhere in sight.
He got here so fast. I could barely wrap my head around it all.
Nash is so snuggly. My heart could explode I am so in love with him.
We got lots of snuggle time at the hospital!
Diaper changes with boys and girls both have different challenges.
Weston was so excited after conquering his first poopy diaper on Nash!
My family came by and brought Ivy.
Ivy had just made a REALLY stinky diaper & would not leave Spencer's side. I was dying.
Such good karma right there.
Spence & Nash
Ivy loved hugging on Nash!
Chase & Nash
The first picture of our family of four!

I was totally freaked out because he was around 5 lbs when we left the hospital and the seatbelt did not even tighten over him. We drove very carefully all the way home! 
 Ivy loved bringing all her toys to share with Nash.
My heart about exploded.
 Twinner sized babies.
Ivy loves doing exactly what I do to Nash to her baby doll.

One of us was more excited for me to be home than the other. Ha!

Weston picked this one out. Oh, too cute.
He is very serious about his eye contact.
He is also really strong. Lifted his head like this since day one and holds it for quite a while.
Wow, he's mine.
Tuckered out.
Such a tiny bundle.

I started this post forever ago. & now Nash is over 2 months old. Whoops.
Life is really full, fun, and busy!


Life before baby #2

Ivy loves to "help" me organize & reorganize our storage bins & baby supplies.
She's such a good assistant in this nesting stuff.

Ivy is OBSESSED with shoes.
She has to try on every pair she finds.
If she finds a pair of shoes in a room of people she will carry them around staring at everyone's feet searching for the feet that are missing their shoes.
It is hilarious.
This Elmo lover LOVES reading to her Elmos.
We gave her that blow up Elmo balloon in her Easter basket. 
I had NO idea how loved that balloon would be.
It stayed inflated for a long amount of time & she loved it every second!
That smile melts my heart.
more book time.
She loves knocking on my grandmother's door and visiting her!
This baby doll is very well loved also.
It might be the most played with doll of all baby dolls ever.
She is a total daddy's girl!

Um. Twins.
That's all.
She went to get a kitchen towel to clean up some water she spilled on her baby doll.. well she trippedd and landed on her face. Then she decided she liked laying there.
I could not catch my breath I was laughing so hard. 
This image is my favorite. She cracks me up & NEVER lays still, so this one is hilarious & I'm so glad I caught it.
Her top half.

Weston always wants her hair done like this, but I rarely do it, because I'm OCD and it bothers me if they're not centered correctly and this child is far too wiggly for me to put piggies in symmetrically.


It's always fun when Auntie Deej is here!

My sister & brother-in-law and adorable nephew came to town in March & we were all in heaven.
Ivy was very in love with her "Kickin."
She couldn't stop smothering him with love & bringing gifts to him, like bowls from the kitchen cabinet to lay on his face.
or shoving placing his binkie in his mouth.
or giving him 400,000,000 kisses a day.
or talking to him.
During that same time we got a little sneak peak of baby brother's cute profile. He happens to be his daddy's twin!
She makes her "funny face" 400,000,000 times a day, also!
She loved C's swaddle & always needed to wear it. Which also kept us laughing for a good 10 minutes.
She felt so pretty in it and wore it until we made her take it off.
We had some serious snow in February! V was a little unsure. But she did love checking the mail with Nana!
"Bye, Mom!"
Ivy is in LOVE with my sister & no matter how little she has seen her always takes right to her. I assume it is my sister's sweet tender way & just the fact that she radiates good vibes. Ivy adores her. & I love that so much.
Her auntie also adores her. We are lucky ladies to have eachother!

Family trip to the park!
The weather was screaming for a park visit. It was amazing.
I love my mom!
It also screamed for a zoo visit!
V had me laughing the whole time. She is obsessed with animals. & ate this apple like an animal.
She'd pick it up & then lay it in the tray & just go to town. Such a nut.
She marches to the beat of her own drum... seriously.
This little guy was totally tuckered out!

The struggle of the mullet is real.

We love the petting zoo!
Signing "thank you" to aunt Deej for petting the goat!
You, too, Uncle Sean!
Everyone must pet all the goats!
Making sure Uncle Sean got a turn, too!
& back to Daddy.

In love with the goat & the little girl!

Successful day at the zoo!
Stunna shades in Firehouse Subs.

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