Iphone Photo Explosion...Again.

Ivy LOVES getting kisses & pauses, stays still & makes this sweet expression when she's getting kisses.

She is also obsessed with touching, patting, pinching, & ripping off faces with her baby claws. 

 Yesterday I was taking this picture as we were walking down the stairs.
 All of a sudden Weston burped & Ivy turned & stared at him.
I thought I was going to fall down the stairs. It was so funny.
  Overall, we have ourselves a VERY happy baby. I am so spoiled rotten with her.
Except, she's started not sleeping at night (she goes to bed fine, just doesn't stay asleep)
 But when she wakes up in the morning or naps I get greeted with this.
It is so very rewarding.
I love my sweet Ivy.
More face obsessing.
Seriously, you cannot hold this girl & not have her grabbing at your face.
I love it. 
 It's okay, you can die over this adorable, pudgy hand, too.

Sweet Ivy



Spring is here!
Weston was shocked by all the pollen on the car!
Our black car will now be a hue of green for the next few months despite many car washes :)
I love this time of year!

 Ivy loves it, too!
She fell asleep with her hands in her eyes on our walk!
So adorable.
I love the wonderful weather!

Happy Easter!

We woke up on Easter & Ivy was happy as always.
Weston wasn't off work yet, so we played on the bed until he got home & then I gave them their Easter Baskets!

Ivy got some new summer clothes (on discount, we live on a strict budget.) Weston got a $5 movie & Weston got me a giftcard to my new favorite affordable accessories store Charming Charlie. My Grandmother introduced me to it & it's really great.
My parents gave Ivy this adorable stuffed Tigger.
(Remember, we're Disney obsessed.)
& a sweet white sweater to wear through the summer & fall!
My grandmother gave Ivy sweet baby socks (I dont think I could ever have enough socks!) & 2 pairs of sweet little tights!  They're so great!!
We had an amazing picnic with deviled eggs & my grandmother's Rubin Sandwiches!
Ivy loves being outside, so she was especially happy about the picnic!
I love Weston & love being married to him! I also love Ivy & am so blessed to get to be a mother & her mother.
Last year on Easter, which was also Weston's 26th birthday, we told Weston's family that we were pregnant with Ivy. It was a happy day & Easter will probably always bring back those memories & feelings of joy to know she was coming to our family!
Saturday we dyed Easter eggs.
The poor boys didn't get to finish any of their eggs, because I kept thinking the eggs in the dye were mine & kept redying them to make different colors...SO, most of them turned out pink or purple or coral HA

Easter was so much fun.
I have been away from my family on Easter for 7 years.
It was SO fun being back!

We started the morning out by going to church like we do every week.
This week we got a little extra dolled up in Easter dresses!
Ivy got another FANTASTIC 100% Made by Mimi dress.
My mom is the most incredible seamstress. No, really, she is.
She made my wedding dress, my sister's wedding dress, most of our prom dresses, presentation dresses, baptism dresses & Easter dresses every year.
This year Ivy got to feel the love & wear a handmade dress by my mom, too!
This dress is completely to die for.

She smocked it & then hand stitched these adorable little cottontail bunnies on it.
I love the detail of the cute bunny's pom pom tail!
She also hand made the most delicate piping around the little Peter Pan collar.
Really, this dress is phenomenal & I think Ivy was a big fan, too.

Weston & I found these cute little ballet flats for $7 at Old Navy. I went back to buy them later & could not find 3-6 month size...I know Ivy has small feet so I blindly bought the 0-3 mo shoes....the fit her perfectly hahahaha
Her proportions are adorable & hilarious.
Pointing the toe is an obvious necessity for showing off new shoes.
My beautiful mom & baby.

I hope y'all all had a fantastic Easter & that you were able to focus on Him.
I know Christ lived & died for me & you.
Because of His sacrifice, he made it possible for me, you, my family, & yours to be eternal.
I am so happy to know that even when we die on this earth that we will still live forever. I also know that if we live in accordance to His will, we will be able to live with God & Jesus Christ again as well.
Please watch this beautiful video #becauseofHim
Weston & I shared it with our Sunday School class on Easter Sunday & I think those kids felt the spirit of it as much as we did.
I love Jesus Christ & am doing my best to be close to Him & to make him proud.

Happy Easter!

Mimi Made

My mom is so great & has made Ivy so many little dresses & even jammies.
My family is a bit Disney obsessed, so these pjs are only fitting.
But aren't they the cutest?
Sentimental moment, she used the same ribbing for the edges of Ivy's jammies that she used on my jammies as a baby. That piece of fabric has made a lot of jammies!

She's a really, really happy baby.

They're totally adorable.
& they fit Ivy like a glove.


 Have I told you we are living with my parents?

It has been a huge blessing for us.
When my parents are home (My dad commutes all over the country Monday-Friday for work & is home on the weekends & my mom goes with him sometimes) I get to spend time with them. I haven't lived near my family for 7 years since I left for college 2,000 miles away.
I have loved the few short months we've been back.
It is wonderful to be able to save cost on rent to prepare for grad school!

Ivy is so blessed to have amazing grandparents.
This baby is so loved.

Ivy's top fave person is Mimi.

 & Pops is her best pal.
 She partied too hard & literally crashed at 7:15 at the restaurant.
She has a strict 7pm bedtime & so the two times she's been out past that she has totally wiped out right after.
Schedules are wonderful things!


Ringing In His 27th Year Right!

Weston's birthday was so much fun!
My family was all out of town, but my grandmother was here.
Sunday night He opened a couple early gifts from me!

Weston doesn't work on Mondays so we were so lucky he had it off!
The morning started off right with some airplane rides for Ivy.
She loves them.
Especially because Daddy's airplane rides can reverse in the sky. That's unique, because Southwest's airplanes don't do that.
Weston studied all morning.
While Ivy took her long mid-day nap, I went & did some surprise birthday shopping for birthday hats & balloons!
& I picked up his surprise cake.
It was an ice cream roll cake from Baskin Robbins.
Don't get it.
It tasted so bad.
I was bummed mostly because I paid so much for it & it was gross. He was so excited, though, that I found his dream cake!
Ivy was really tired through the whole birthday celebration ahhaha, but she didn't cry, so we gave her imaginary cake for being so good.

Weston was 23 when we got married, so it's pretty weird that we've been married for a while now & that he's getting so old. :)
The wrapped presents from Grandmother, me, & my parents!
We finally got seated at the restaurant right at 7 o'clock.
Which is Ivy's bed time.
She was so so so tired, but did really well, considering!
Weston had a lot of fun at our favorite restaurant & his birthday pick of O'Charleys.
We love that place!
Their Black & Bleu Salad makes me so happy.
Such a good, tired sport through dinner.
After dinner we went to Dick's where Weston got new running shoes from my parents!
This is really good, because his old shoes could talk & had so many holes...
Thanks mom & dad! He now can run his half marathon without breezy feet!
She passed out on our way home!
We had so much fun!
I had fun being able to spoil Weston (I got him a bunch of little car cleaning supplies, sponge, rain-x, etc.)
He's washed the car 400 times since his birthday now.
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