Tender Baby.

Gigi gave Ivy this toy before she was born & she seriously is obsessed with this doll.
She drags it wherever she crawls.  It's awesome.
Especially considering she has the attention span of a gnat.
Ivy is a very sweet & considerate baby. I am seriously so in love with her sweet personality. (except she swats at my face & I'm hoping it's not hitting...but deep down, I'm pretty sure it is).
This morning she was really sad when I laid her down to change her diaper. So I let her play with my locked phone.  She played with it for a minute and then threw it behind the dresser (her changing pad is on a dresser). I yelled, "NO!" Not to her, but just in general because I wasn't sure if I would be able to move the dresser to get it.
I continue changing her diaper & notice she's playing with her hair & when I look at her face she was silent crying, as in she hadn't taken the sobbing breath yet.
It took me a solid 5 minutes to calm her down. She also gets upset like that when she accidentally hurts me when she's playing with my face. She feels SO bad when she does things like that. It is so sweet & pathetic. What a considerate & loving child I was blessed with.

Her scabby toes are healing. Whoops.


My mom is AWESOME!

Want to know who saves my sanity? My amazing mom.
Pretty much every Saturday night we put Ivy to bed & GO ON A DATE.
Literally, it's life saving.
Sunday night is the last time I SEE Weston until Saturday morning.
Honestly, it's been really challenging. We share a car, so Saturday's are the jet out & get errands & grocery shopping & Sundays are church filled. We spend Sunday nights together & Saturday nights out on the town thanks to my mom (& dad & grandmother and little brother who have all also helped at different times, too.)

Monday-Friday Weston is gone before I wake up in the mornings & gets home at night after I've gone to bed.
Bottom line, though, I live for the weekends when I get to see and talk to my hubby.
I mean, I guess I love spending time with him, & that's kind of why I married him... I miss that man!



Just Another Day In Paradise

Ivy loves grocery shopping!
I love my little sidekick!
She also goes visiting teaching with me!
& pretty much every other thing I do!
I love this little lady!
Playing my  mom's beautiful grand piano!
Courtesy of the Uncle Chase bench!
My mom got her these jammies & they're the cutest things.
Little bear faces on the toes & the shirt is short and wide which her belly (or butt crack) hang out of just perfectly.g
She gave me the best mom ever award today because I let her crawl on pavement.
But I also earned worst mom ever award for that
Her foot is scabbed up.
She also loves waving to the dog, which just happens to melt my heart.

My name is Rachel. I am going to be a couponer.

I am going to become a couponer.
I will update you in the future on how I do.
Wish me luck as I dive into this "ultra-mom" & "ultra-frugal" learning experience.
My inner-nerd is excited for this new adventure.
My inner-OCD is stressed about not doing it correctly or effectively.
Cheers to trial & error.
There's going to be a lot of that.



Poor Weston is near death.
I was sick a couple weeks ago & got Ivy sick & then Weston got sick.
I feel so bad for him. He grabs sleep & rest when he can, but is on the run 99.9% of the time during the week!
This morning Ivy got her smoothie all over her clothes. So she was naked for a bit. I usually keep her clothed because I feel too bad if she's a frozen little baby kabob!
But she's so cute naked!
Ivy & Weston had a little Return To Me moment yesterday. I love her.
I was feeding Ivy yogurt with her breakfast and along came Uncle Chase wanting to be part of the food line. I laughed so hard because she kept crossing her eyes to look at him. Hilarious.
Only because she absolutely melts my heart.
& I love that adorable cheeser grin!
Weston & I celebrated our anniversary Saturday night!
(Thanks Mom for watching the tot!)
We went to Outback & had amazing food. Gosh, I love that place.
I love her pot belly!
She's obsessed with stairs.

Always on the move.
My mini-me helper.
She is with me every second she's awake. I love my side-kick.
I love that she LOVES being out & about! Too bad she needs naps & too bad we only have 1 car. Otherwise we would be out  & about all day long!
& I love Target.
That's what we've been up to.
Oh, I also got new bedding.
Happy Anniversary to us!
I've been collecting the bedding pieces one at a time & finally it's complete & I'm loving it!


Ergo Teething Pads: DONE!

Ivy's path of destruction.
She had a horrible afternoon nap. I let her cry in her crib for a while & then brought her into my room while I kept sewing.
She read her books for a couple minutes & then one from one thing to the next & next & next & next.
But I was able to start & finish a project which I was very thrilled about!

Here they are!
I made ErgoBaby carrier teething pads.
I'm sooo happy about them. They will save my ergo & keep it slobber free!
I also am very pleased with myself for starting & finishing it in the same day, which now a days is very rare for me!
Here's my little orphan after the fact.
She is very good at entertaining herself as long as she's allowed to destroy everything.
 NOTHING is safe around this child!
That night my mom, grandmother & I all had a girls night. It was so fun.
Candy, popcorn, a movie & Reba. It doesn't get much better!


4 Year Anniversary

4 years ago this happened.
 4 years ago I married the perfect guy for me.
 4 years ago I married the most doting & loving man that walks the earth.
 4 years ago I married a man who is such an encourager & supporter.
 4 years ago I jumped into an adventure that I wouldn't trade for the world.
 4 years ago we had really good weather on our wedding day.
4 years ago I became Mrs. Brinkerhoff.

I traded in my long last name for an even longer last name.
I can tell you folks, he & I make a pretty good team.
I mean, I'm definitely not the perfect wife, but I think I hit the marker at good wife...hopefully.

Weston is the most caring man. He may come with a side of cheese, but man there is so much sentiment & sweetness to him, that I'd take a whole nother side of cheese to go with it if I had to.  Weston is a hard worker & I know will be a great provider for our family.  He has already worked some not so glamorous jobs to make sure we always had food on our table.  I know he'll do that till the day we die. I appreciate that about him. I love that his focus is Ivy & me. I love him as a dad even more than I loved him as my husband. He  is the best baby daddy around. Ivy & all our future chi'llins are spoiled rotten to get him for their old man.

I love that I married a manly man who loves his outdoors stuff.

I have loved the past 4 years & am excited for the bajillion ahead of us!

Happy 4 years to you & me, Wes!
I love you!


Things Ivy Eats

Today it was a tick.

But I kept her from ingesting it.
And I kept myself from throwing up.

Family Time

Ivy is starting to feel better from that awful bug we both caught. She got a crazy high fever last week & since has just had a little cough & a really runny nose.
But she was finally able to squeeze out a smile on Friday & she wore non-pajamas for the first time in 4 days. In fact she wore the SAME pajamas for 4 days in a row.
I was really sick & lousy feeling & so Ivy entertained herself a lot & we stayed indoors pretty much the entire week.
We had a family lunch date at Firehouse Subs on Saturday.
She looks very serious here, but she had a really good time!
There was live music going on & Ivy was jamming out doing her dance moves.
We bought Ivy a new carseat! She still has atleast 15 pounds left in her infant carrier, but it just seemed so uncomfortable. So we got the Graco 4ever.
Ivy hates all carseats and being restrained in general. But, I'm pretty sure she hates this one less..
My grandmother gave Ivy some sweat pants that look like adult pairs & I think they're funnier than they probably are. They just make her look even shrimpier when she's climbing in them.
We tested out the carseat!
She squeaked out one smile for me!
& then did this the rest of the time.
But it's all installed & e removed the head pad because of her enormous peach head.
It didn't look like it fit anymore hahah
We took a family outing to the Bowie Nature center after Ivy's nap. We had a really good time even though it was so nasty muggy. 
Weston is busy as ever. Working a full-time job, a part-time job, 8 credit hours of science courses, studying for the GRE, a wife, & a baby.
He's a busy man, but I'm so blessed that he always squeezes in some family time in whatever way he can.

My mom watched Ivy so I could pick Weston up from work the other night & that was the only time I saw him the entire week last week!  He was gone from 7am until midnight or 1am.
He's a total rockstar & hasn't even made a peep about being tired or feeling spread thin.



BBQ goods shopping at Kroger.
Ivy staring someone down.
Staring someone else down
Cute little bug.
Ivy is obsessed with shoes.
She made a break for it during breakfast to a favorite pair.
Well, that's weird.

Ivy & her little almost-birthday twin Emmett!
Weston loves matching.
Serious props go to him on this one. I dressed Ivy for church & he ran to & back from the closet with this tie on.
Who knew they had matching outfits all this time?

Uncle Spence surprised us all by popping into town!
Ivy loves her Uncle Spence. She is very intrigued by him!
We had a fun BBQ. Spencer equipped my parents' house with a cool new movie system.
Don't ask me how to describe it, though, because I didn't understand a thing he was talking about.
We taught a horrible Sunday school lesson. This week's was seriously a total fail. Dang it.
We watched a few movies & LOTS of Reba's. Hilarious show.
We played some games & we stayed up WAY too late.
It was so much fun. & Ivy is doing really well getting back into gear after being sick.
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