Wes & I took another weekend & went down to Price to watch Tashy cheer at EU!


Auntie Julie & Scrawny Ronnie came into town a couple weekends ago! They took, Dani, Wes & I to Brick Oven (YUMMO!). Kris & Joel were workin, so they treated us! Thank you! :)
We sat and talked for 3 hours. Sorry to that poor waitress girl who probably wanted to give us the boot after hour 1. But, it was so so so fun. We did that one kind of laughing where you're laughing causes you to cry. It was fabulous. I love getting together with family!

What are some of your favorite things to do with your family?

Any special memories?


big & bad.

After that date, Wes & I decided to go over the mountains to Orangeville for the night. We did not bring any clothes and were just in a suit & dress. So we borrowed clothes from his parents house. Because there was a big snow storm hitting the mountains that Sunday night as we drove back to Provo...we had to be warm...& everyone knows, nothing keeps you warm like sweats tucked into dress socks!

First Timer

About a month ago, Wes planned a surprise date for us:)
We went to the Manti Temple & then to the Malt Shoppe after. It was a awesome! It's an incredible temple!
Imagine what this would sound like.
Now picture that sound coming from an A/C.
That was ours last night.
Wes was prayin over our dinner. Let's just say he is a very wordy prayer...I admit I kept lookin up and staring at the A/C in disbelief that that noise was actually coming from our a/c.
And yes, we were using our a/c in 12 degree weather...I'm sorry we don't have airflow in our apartment and that the hot water pipes heat the rooms unevenly.

Lucky Us!

So, all the feet of snow we have gotten recently has made our trustiness in the geo a little shakey. Anyway, so my parents got a 1997 Camry that my dad fixed up and got all working for my sister to use as she started teaching. Her friend totaled it a couple months ago and now it has issues. Insurance totaled it and the parents are buying it back from the insurance company 7 Grandpa Brink said he'd fix it for us. Deej bought another car & now I get the SWEET Hand-Me-Down! I'm so stoked. Its this color and this model, but this isn't a picture of it.
Still, get excited!
Oh & we're driving the old blue Chevy...Wes is in love.
xoxoacarincollege!hooray!! p.s. THANKS MOM & DAD!

No School Rules!

This holiday was great!
We ate a lot of this
(detox time...holy cow.)
We played a lot with these:
We chopped down the perfect one of these!
Then last night we did a little decaroo:

I know I have fallen way behind in the blogging department, but this afternoon some new posts will come up from the past little while. I'm sorry to my faithful readers who have been oh so bored, for oh so long! School has been owning me. It has seriously been so busy with 3 group project sections due this week..skrrr whaaa? Yeah, I am a slave to school...again, but in 5 short months will be free, free, free of that!

I have been scraping for every free second with my husband. He leaves in just over 2 months..for more than 7 months.



I have the biggest SECRET!

However, I am Fort Knox and will NOT be telling unless I get permission!

Turkey To-Do's

There is a mini to-do list before the break de la turkey takes place.
I will be writing 2 papers that are due next week.
And writing my portion of the 50 minute presentation my group is doing next week.
LUCKILY, I get to work all day today and tomorrow & so it's paid homework. Makes it extra worth it, since Wes will be workin too! But I'm so excited to make noodles, go sledding, chop a Christmas tree down on Boulder, & bunny-hunt this year. All mixed with the perfect combination of Mexican Trains, Hand & Foot, Golf, & sleeping. It will be the perfect vacation!

Back to the Basics

Yes, you can call me brownie, or "hey you", or whatever you want. BUT I've decided, blondes do have more fun! I'm announcing my return to blondhood summer of 2011! I've tried out the brown thing. I've liked it. It's fun and good for winter, I think, but I will be headin back to blondness sometime in the spring or summer :) SO, I'll enjoy the brown till then!

Beware of the Abominable SNOWMONSTER!

Some people call it a blizzard...
I was supposed to drive Dani somewhere up North today...but looks like that won't be happening because there is an INSANE blizzard coming. One that shuts down power. One that blow cars of roads. Okay, so I'm not one to be dramatic...buuuut....yeah. You get the idea. I've never been in a blizzard before. Wes says the news never makes as much of a rukus about blizzards like it has for this one. It's comin in from Canada. I've heard Canada's beautiful, but I really wouldn't mind if it kept it's snow...
The University sent out an emergency e-mail and text message, they both say:
The National Weather Service is warning of a winter storm today that “will far surpass anything that we've seen, probably for the last several years.” The combination of snow, extreme cold, and possibly damaging winds will make travel extremely hazardous. The storm will begin in the north and move south, hitting Salt Lake City later this afternoon. Please watch the weather reports and be prudent in your travels.
This storm kind of reminds me of the storm in:

But I will be minimizing my travels because I do NOT want to go to Toyland, it freaks me out.


Check out the forecast...



School is hard. and a lot of work. Sometimes I wonder how I've made it this far through school. It's taken a lot of determination and a lot of 'nose to the grind.'
This semester has been an incredibly heavy load, but I love all my classes (minus stress-management, which lectures sound more like group-therapy, fixing individual student's personal problems. gag.). But I've got to say I've done a pretty good job. Today I feel like I'm getting smooshed under all the weight though. Lots of group projects. Which I'm not a huge fan of. Because I know I can depend on myself. And I like the way I write. And I think I'm funny and don't turn papers into snoozers... But mostly because I'm efficient. I plan my time well when it comes to school & when I get to it, serious work gets done. Anyway. So this week is busy and I'm feeling quite overwhelmed.
However, I'm smiling on last night that the hubby & I got to spend together. Seriously, it was a dream. I got done with work, then went to campus and did some homework while I waited for the Mr. to get off work & pick me up. He did so & was feeling quite sick. We drove to my most favorite grocery store in North Orem & I left the sleeping husband in the car & I shopped. He surprised me in the soup aisle revived & chipper, but still a wee bit sick. We finished, drove home. I made delicious grilled cheese samiches & Tomato Soup. We watched the Joseph Smith part of THIS movie that we bought last week, it was the Joseph Smith movie played on Temple square, it was just released last week. Wes fell asleep at 7:30 last night...& didn't wake up till this morning..yeah he got 11 hours of sleep. I was jealous & undoubtedly you are too. It was just an awesome stormy night all snuggled up together. And since it gets dark here so darn early it felt like it was the middle of the night. +


= The Best Monday Night EVER! xoxocozyonup!



Please tell me you have seen this movie...play...!
I was raised on this movie. And cassette tape. And then CD. Seriously.
We have a home video when we were house hunting when I was little Deej & I were in the backseat, my dad was driving & mom was filming our future home. What is that I hear in the background? Oh, that's right, the Saturday's Warrior soundtrack. You could say I'm obsessed. I know every word to that entire thing. My husband has never seen it. Or heard it. I sing words to him to the tune of Saturday's Warrior though. Thanks to mom & dad! Most of my sing-a-longs go to the "Jimmy, oh, Jimmy, don't listen to them!" song. Last night we were at his parents house and I was singing something along the lines of, "Husband, oh, husband don't leeeeave me," Papa Dave yells from the other room "WHAT'S THAT FROM" hahahahah I didn't know anyone could hear me. "Uh... Saturday's Warrior..." "YES!" hahaha Wes was just plain out of the know. Usually when I sing to them he looks at me with a blank stare as I dance around his dumbfounded expression singing about growing noses, dozens of friends, and sailors.
Yes, Sydney & I have sung all the way straight through this musical together.
Yes, I have the piano music to this song. Yes, I ordered it online in high school.
Yes, I play it.

If you mess with the bull, you're goin to get the horns!

Sparing you from my soapbox, stay away from Malawi's pizza in Riverwood's. It's a pizza place, but I promise the Brick Oven is a ton better, a way bigger bang for your buck and you will be treated like a human being there. My husband worked at Malawi's pizza, but thankfully, does not anymore! Whewy, glad to not have to be involved with those creepy business people anymore! Just a heads up!
On another note... I WAS HACKED! Someone or something hacked my e-mail and blog this weekend! I changed all my passwords and sent out an e-mail to all my contacts that whatever this ting was tried to send a virus to informing them not to click on the link, that I don't know what it was, and that I was hacked! It felt weird, like my identity was stolen...yeah a little dramatic, but I've always been that way.
Life is good.
School is ruling.
My hair is still brown.
and I am loving it all!


Just can't hide it!

2 weeks from today is Thanksgiving...
I would be lying completely if I said I wasn't excited for this.
Holy moly, I love this holiday!
It could be because of this fabulous creature. Or this amazing show, if you haven't seen it, you are sorely missing out! It could be this yummy goodness. Or maybe because I'll be celebrating again with these awesome people!
that whole week is so fun! A break from school, work, stress, everything!
p.s. I just bashed my head on the corner of the Urgent Care tv.
p.s.s. There is TOTALLY a guy checking in for his appointment that has the EXACT voice and lisp of Sid from Ice Age. I am not even kidding. It is the greatest thing I have ever heard. I hope that's not rude to say. I just have never heard a lisp like that before. it rocks.


Wal-mart Tiparoos

When Deej & I were checking out at Wal-mart with my hair dye the lady said:
"Are you looking for a cheaper way to dye your hair?"
(thinking she was referring to me buying the $6 box of dye)
Me: "Yeah, I am"
Her (completely serious) : "Well, I know the perfect way to dye your hair for really cheap."
Me (thinking I'd picked a pretty cheap route): "How's that?"
Her: "Koolaid, they're really cheap; about 35c a packet!"
Me: ". . . does it come in brown?"
Sorry Kool-Aid Man, you're great and all, but you're not touching my hair. Apparently 35c packets are cheaper than a $6 box, of course you'll have to comply to the slim options of Red, Pink, Blue, Green, or Orange. But, hey, go ahead, if that's your thing.


You can call me brownie

My head is brown.
Call me a narcissist, but I have looked in every mirror I've passed this mornin!
This is quite the change. My hair has NEVER been dark. I started highlighting it and just kept with it. My dad was blonde all the way through his mission & then it went black...I just assumed mine was the same & I've gotta say in these 12 hours of brownness, I'm really likin it!

Deej came over Friday night & we went to buy the box (sorry Kristie!), we chillaxed like a couple of villians, but I chickened out so we just kept chillaxin. Don't worry though. The husband loves brunettes & we had a fun little double night w/ Kristin & Joel for the hair dye party. I really really like it & the husband loves it & the mom says it doesn't look fake, so she likes it too! All the important hair opinion votes have been casted & I think it's a keeper!

Friday Danyelli & I were trying to figure out what it would look like. We were a little aprehensive, so I decided the only way to solve this is to picture it. How else do you do that besides using paint? Here's the master piece. Personally, I think it was the perfect preview.

So what do you think of the new do?



Why I love...

These pictures are all from my phone and have the oh, so greatest clarity.
Please, enjoy.
I'm surrounded by hilarious people
[Professor Hanson wearing really creepy glasses during his whole lecture. He rocks.]
[Ruthann sucks on blue M&Ms then smiles awkwardly to show off her new and improved blue teeth.] [This is not excluding the hilarious Miss Emily McIntyre, poor Chelsea & Kara have to listen to me laugh outrageously through her entire 2.5 hour lectures.] ...my husband. He vacuums [even if it is just because we got a sweet new vacuum :) plus, he's so darn cute!] ...our new chair. It is huge and squishy & perfection for snuggling up during Criminal Minds, not to mention it's rad plum color. [Thank you to cousin, Ashley for this bomb chair!] ...work. I have the greatest coworkers. [Heather had baby Rylee 4 months ago and she is back to work for just a month, we'll miss her when she leaves!] [I have never met someone who loves Halloween more than Karen. She is a hoot.] I'm accepted & loved even when I wear this as my halloween costume! xoxoallyouneedislovebahbahnanana


Hunka hunka burnin love!

Today is our 2 month anniversary! Yay happy 2 months to us :)
It has been the greatest ever! 2 months ago today we did this: It was dubbed the best day of my life. Best decision of my life. Best man of my life. I'm the happiest of my life. I love my husband! Happy 2 months :) I think we'll celebrate by....hmmm him working and me in class and homework! Yeah, that sounds good! xoxocheerio

Rebecca Cloward

Monday I came into the health center and heard that one of our dear, dear nurse practitioners who worked here had a heart attack after work on Friday. She left work & got gas at Sam's club. Another customer found her kind of bent over in her car with her receipt in her hand. They had her on life support. They did tests and found out on Monday that she was completely brain dead. Yesterday they pulled the plug at 1 and she passed away at 6 last night.
This is just the saddest news. Becky was the sweetest woman. She was a joy to work with and had a perpetual smile. She's survived by a loving husband and children, one of which is still in high school. She created the women's pre-marital class and taught it with exuberance, she also just last month started a preparing for pregnancy class at the health center for couples that want to start in that direction. She was hilarious and blunt. She was only 56 years old. Please pray for her family.

Election Day!

Yesterday I swear was like Christmas for Wes! I hope y'all all voted!
Wes feels very passionate about voting at it has rubbed off on me. Not the love for politics or anything, just the point that everyone should vote. He says it is an insult to those that died for that right. Which is a heavy way to put it...but exactly true.
If we don't vote, we might as well have a king that just tells us how it's going to be.
I voted when I was a Sophomore just because it was the first election I could vote for.
But this time around I actually looked into who was voting & how that person would affect me.



Halloween rocked.
We dressed up as Asparaguses...Asparagi?
We were an asparaguy and asparagirl. {props to Wes for the mad creativity skillz}
It rocked, it was fun.
I took no photos.
But have some others to update lata playa.
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