Election Day!

Yesterday I swear was like Christmas for Wes! I hope y'all all voted!
Wes feels very passionate about voting at it has rubbed off on me. Not the love for politics or anything, just the point that everyone should vote. He says it is an insult to those that died for that right. Which is a heavy way to put it...but exactly true.
If we don't vote, we might as well have a king that just tells us how it's going to be.
I voted when I was a Sophomore just because it was the first election I could vote for.
But this time around I actually looked into who was voting & how that person would affect me.


  1. Gotta love that Weston! It's people like him, the watchdogs-- both physically and mentally, that's gonna keep this country free from tyranny! We've had a taste of tyranny and the people don't like it! Yesterday's election proved that! So happy with the outcome but wish we could have nailed Harry Reid, too!

  2. We need to get Weston and Chris together on election day sometime. Chris was the same way. I rolled my eyes when he had to watch it ALL night (seriously til 3am). He said "Look, I don't watch the super bowl, I don't watch the world series. This is like that for me." LOL

  3. hahah no kidding, it was the first time we didn't go to sleep at the same time. hahah I could hear him yelling at the TV when that crazy Nevada one was re-elected.

  4. Yes, that would be Harry Reid, the one Grandmother was talking about! It is such a shame the Democrats get to celebrate over that one! AHHH!!! btw, we had a Voting Day party here...complete with red, white and blue dinner, and chocolate fondue dessert!

  5. Weston, I wanted to yell, too, but Spencer didn't want the Republicans to have too much control so that the majority was still in the Democrats hands. When 2012 rolls around there will be a lot to say about how two thirds of those with majority power screwed things up. I think he has a good point on that one. I think we just voted in a restraining order. Still, HARRY REID!!! Grrrh! It is all those unions in Nevada that pushed him through!


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