Let it Snow

Christmas Eve it started snowing.
This is unheard of.
Like my genie pants?
It has not snowed there on Christmas or Christmas Eve EVER!
(& when I say ever I'm referring to the past 15 years we've lived here) It continued to snow on Christmas Eve. & this is what we woke up to. Amazing. Wes all fall has talked about dying to have a white Christmas in TN so he's not missing his in Utah. This was our beautiful snow. This is on Christmas day in the afternoon! This is the most we got,but it was enough to cancel church! Don't judge our wussiness! Wes was so so so excited! I've got to say, a white Christmas is beautiful! Joan said we lived a charmed life. I believe we do. Life is wonderful. I have the most incredible husband. I have the most incredible family. The most incredible Grandmother. The most incredible little dog. My life is wonderful & I have an eternity with my family. Good thing they rock. xoxosnowfallin p.s. it rained yesterday so I guess the snowiness is done
It's party time at the Stolworthy's! Our annual Christmas party is one of my favorite parts of Christmas time!
Momma makin ginger snaps. YUMMO Please don't judge me for saying my cheeseball was delish.Dani's cucumber snackies...they are also yummy and gone in the first 5 minutes of the party.
Some high school amigos!
Me, the husband, Jenna, Kelsey, Josh, Shalyce, Ty & Deej!
The Mr. pullin Captain Morgan
K-Ray Joshua conducting the meeting
We've always been a pyramid type of people.
Dani caught Wes & I kissing hahahahah
Our party always consists of some pool, maybe a movie & lots & lots of Christmas carols & singing by various extremely talented people. Namely: everyone but me! It's so so fun!


I am feeling gross & largely out of shape. BUT I did the Nashville Marathon last year, but due to the tornadoes that day (it was a week before the Nashville flood), it was cut into a half, but I'm signing up to do it again!
So, where will I be a 7am on April 21, 2011? At the starting line of the Country Music Marathon!
I am nervous, excited, anxious & elated! Woot woot, here begins discipline in every department!
I am announcing it so that I am held to it not only by myself, husband & family, but my blogging world as well!
I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful & beautiful holiday season, mine has been an absolute dream!


My brothers & The Mr. have been building a trebuchet...what is that?
essentially, a catapult with a sling.

Bella wanted to help, too!

The beginnings.

It took them 2 days. I heard saws & stapleguns coming from the garage...but, luckily, no limbs were lost & no extra holes were created.
I haven't taken a picture of the final product. But it's pretty awesome. xoxotheymightbeslightlynerdy...


The Mr. isn't a fan of small dogs. I'm not a fan of shedding dogs. It's been a battle of the best kind of dogs. Luckily, Bella is the most hilarious dog ever. I think she's growing on him....

(Those are the mother's sungleasses)



We went over to the church & the boys played basketball, football & ultimate frisbee.
Wes was a little tired after it all, especially since he'd already ran 4 miles that mornin! He had a lot of time & has been enjoying the man-time. I think Weston is loving having brothers! I hated having to sit on the sidelines. I was so sick my first week home! xoxoit'son

Christmas Season is Unbeatable

A dog's life.
Bella took a trip with the Mr. & I to Lieper's Fork.
More to come on the Christmas Vacay & the awesome Christmas gifts!

Go Grassland, Go!

Spencie & The Mr.
Chaser playin' basketball!
Does anyone recognize the ref?
It's good ol' Coach Chapman, my high school history teacher!
Don't worry, we got to catch up for half a second, I don't remember him having an accent...I forget the accents down here. I love being home!
The Pa & Ma!
The Rugrats. Please disregard me in these photos, the last week of school I was deathly ill with some disease & came home with it too. After a week of being home & sick, I'm now feeling better!
The BEST or worst/most embarrassing cheering section ever!
All in all his team lost in a last minute dash for the tie... My heart had a run for it's money, I love goin to my brothers' games! It's a rare opp. xoxomaybenexttimegreenteam

Home sweet home!

The Mr. & I made it home safe last Friday.
it has been a party ever since. xoxonoplacelikehome



This is the photo board Weston's parents made for us. I'll put up a better picture later. This one is from my less than awesome phone & does not show off it's aweesomeness!

Yep, he's one of those!

Weston & I opened some Christmas Presents last night.
Sorry, we're boring & I had to buy him a necessity...okay, so I was at walmart & saw church socks on sale & to make it look like Wes has more Christmas presents, I just wrapped them for him too!
Don't worry, he was excited!

This was the real thrill. I wish I would have recorded it when he opened it.

I know his face looks like it's about to explode bc it's so happy, but it doesn't even do his excitement justice.

I love surprising him :)

He loves political things & has wanted "Decision Points" since we heard about it on Good Morning America.

I found out Wes is one of those people. I smiled with the pants & he told me to wait as he loaded the lotion & deo around me too.
These are from his Grandparents.
I love the jammies, lotion AND deoderant.
Except, they gave Wes & I both deoderizers...I think they're trying to send a subtle message...
Grandpa Brink came by last night on his way home from the VA hospital. He gave us a really sweet throw blanket with a really sweet phrase. It's always so fun when Grandpa Brink comes. He's like the grandpa in the movies. He's loud, he says what he wants. He's lived every story there is to tell, he's sharp as a tack & quick as a whip. He is getting sicker & slower physically, but he is THE coolest! Seriously, he's an incredible man & would give anyone he loves anything he has. Everytime I talk to him or see him he says "Let me know if you need anything, because you know, everything I have is yours too." He says if I need something I can have it. He has let me & Weston borrow a few of his cars he has in his backyard. He rocks.
Last weekend we celebrated Christmas in Orangeville with Weston's family. It's our last one there bc his parents are movin in with Grandpa Brink to take care of him. It was so fun & we got really cool gifts from his family! His parents made us that awesome picture bored, gave us awesome hiking backpacks & 72 hour kits along with Jeans for Wes & a coat for me! We were spoiled through & through!
Did any of you watch the Christmas Devotional?
It was SO wonderful.
I loved that Elder Uchtdorf quoted the grinch. I have watched it probably 4 times since Thanksgiving & will be watching it again with my fam when we go home! Plus we grew up watching the cartoon one every Christmas. It's really special to me!
We got floor seats....Jealous? Yeah...you should be bc it was THAT amazing!
We went with no tickets & I waited in line while Wes ran to the front of the line to ask if we had to have tickets & a lady just gave him 2....we went all the way to the top & then the person looked & them & said our seats were on the floor...whaaaa? but by that time all the seats had filled in, but we scrambled & found 2...it was the most beautiful devotional! The Christmas tunes sung by the MoTab were amazing. I think those people are angels. I like to pretend I'm that good.
Making life decisions as we wait for the devotional to start. Ha yeah right. RIP camera case.
All the pics are fuzzy bc I couldn't use the flash bc it was just too foggy.
Regardless, we had an awesome time walking around in the frigid air to see all the scenes and Christmas lights! xoxotistheseason
The husband didn't want to buy this ice cream, I'm not sure why!


Remember 'Cloak Boy?'

Freshman year there was this guy... remember 'Cloak Boy?'
Well, I'm lookin through google pics for one of my slides for my Sleep Deprivation among BYU students Presentation & ran across THIS ARTICLE.
& Yes that is Deseret News...not the Daily Universe.
I laughed & then read it. & then laughed again.
I loved Cloak Boy my freshman year. In a he's-entertaining-&-I'm-not-sure-if-I-should-be-creeped-out sort of way. I remember passing him to & from my religion class that year.
RIP Cloak Boy Era.


Also, Friday, I was an extremely efficient little lady! I got a ton done...including applying for graduation! I am an official April '11 graduee! Holla! You can call me Rachel Brinkerhoff B.S. hahah Does that work or do you just got initials following your name if you get something cooler like a doctorate? Now how do I find a job in Rexburg? Thank you Student Development class I will be taking next semester that will assisting me in becoming a real-life professional!
I'm currently being extremely kewl & sitting in Borders' internet cafe.
Taking a break from brain slave-driving to ponder at what was goin through this guy's mind before my cousin Trevor murdered him... & please note that this thing is HUGE bc Trevor is humongous... 6'6"...so just put that animal to scale... and read his expression..
"I knew this was coming..."
"HOLY $hnikeys"
"What a pretty highlighter orange vest you have on!"
other thoughts are welcomed.
sorry for all the laughing posts. but I'm going through my phone & finding old pictures that are makin me laugh.
Poor Mia dog wanted to come play! ...just if she was a liiiiitle smaller!
hahahh. The Navy Family Dinner was at Orem High school.
Thank you for having such a helpful mascot.


This is from one of my favorite shops in Downtown Franklin. It is waiting for a cheeseball to be placed in it. I think that is happening this evening. My neighbor growing up Julie works there & gave this to me! It also is home to my favorite Franklin Sign that I bought with a Bridal Shower gift card Julie gave me! :)

I LOVE Franklin. I cannot wait until Friday.



Dear Verizon, I look forward to February for 1 reason & 1 reason alone: we can stop using your terrible cell phones. Our phones have not worked a day since we got them. Even the replaced phones do the same restarting thing. I appreciate the honesty with your salesmen as well. Is that in the job description of a salesman? "Must be able to decieve customers convincingly." Grr. But we will be switching back to my trusty Sprint (unless anyone has any other cheaper ideas for phone service that works & doesn't rob the bank). Sincerely, A Disgruntled Customer


Flash Forward

My cousin, Jordan Brady, plays for the Utah Flash. He's made it there through hard work & dedication. These games are so fun! You should definitely go & bring all your friends. The flash games are usually mini family reunions for us!
We all like to cheer on #21 & catch up.
Erin, Wes & Me!
Me & Erin.
The funniest little person ever: Krugh.
We also found out Krugh is going to be a big brother!
Congratulations Keith & Keri!
We missed Keri who had to work...like responsibilities are important or somethin.
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