It's party time at the Stolworthy's! Our annual Christmas party is one of my favorite parts of Christmas time!
Momma makin ginger snaps. YUMMO Please don't judge me for saying my cheeseball was delish.Dani's cucumber snackies...they are also yummy and gone in the first 5 minutes of the party.
Some high school amigos!
Me, the husband, Jenna, Kelsey, Josh, Shalyce, Ty & Deej!
The Mr. pullin Captain Morgan
K-Ray Joshua conducting the meeting
We've always been a pyramid type of people.
Dani caught Wes & I kissing hahahahah
Our party always consists of some pool, maybe a movie & lots & lots of Christmas carols & singing by various extremely talented people. Namely: everyone but me! It's so so fun!

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  1. This is an event to look forward to for sure! Highly successful party with lots of laughter, smiles, singing, and joking going on. Not to mention the yummy snacks of which only a small part was pictured! Kudos to Kari and her family for making it so merry for many people, including myself!


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