Weston preparing for his Turkey Trot in 6 degree weather. Grandpa's hankie definitely sealed the warmth!
I think he's a champion...so does he. :)
Our beautiful & oh so yummy Thanksgiving spread! The husband & I before dinner! Joan, Mia, Kellie, Tasha, Melissa & Me after dinner for family pics!
Friday after Thanksgiving tradition: Hunt for a tree!
The perfect tree!
Me acting like I contributed while Wes holds the prize!
Our $free.99 tree! Showing off our spoils to the grandparents in the car!
Logan, Wes & I as little specks on Boulder Mountain tubing!
It was SO fun & SO cold!
I convinced Wes to dive in the snow shirtless...well I atleast convinced him to take off the shirt!
A beautiful sunset needed after screaming at the refs of the BYU game. Did any one else see that touchdown that the U didn't make but it definitely got counted? We definitely should've won that game.
I'm not sure what's better here, Wes' enormous plate of food Friday night or the fact that he's in his new obsession as of the past month:
His silky pants.
Seriously, he wears them. all. the. time.
Since I was out in the middle of nowhere & haven't yet blogged my gratefullness I shall now.
I am grateful of course for my family.
But no, you don't understand, my family rocks.
Incredible family-in-laws.
A working body.
A hard work-ethic (blessing of the parents).
An incredible college education.
A soon to be college degree. Holla.
Fingers that are incredible typers.
Really long eyelashes.
A cuddly body.
A friendly personality.
A wonderful knowledge of the Savior.
The Savior.
Knees that don't wreak too much havoc.
A good listening ear.
A set of wheels to drive.
A really ghetto apartment.
And mostly of allsies:
The world's most incredible husband.
I would blog all about him, but I know you'd gag and stop reading. But just know this, I love him.


  1. Super cute post! Thanks for sharing it all with us! I am GRATEFUL for you!

  2. I don't have knees that don't wreak havoc.... a tragedy

  3. Just a lovely post and sweet connection! The sunset photo is really amazing! Very fun all of this!


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