I am going to do this!

Okay, so my marathon training consists of 4 days of running. I get to pick what days of the week I do them, but there are 3 shorter days and one long run. They suggest that a day break is left before and after the long run. I have found myself doing my first 3 shorter runs on MTW and then Friday after work doing my long run, because it's the warmest midday here, usually in the 30s :). This weeks training was Day 1: 3 miles Day 2: 5 miles Day 3: 3 miles Day 4: 8 miles My training began January 4. I wrote all my training in my planner next to my homework. When I saw the big numbers next to the runs I kind of wanted to vomit. I have NEVER been a runner. The furthes before this that I could run straight was a mile. & I had to train up to that. So my runs were getting better and better, I've been averaging about 10min/mile. I still however, could just run about a mile then I'd walk a block or two then run and then walk, so I'd run faster, but need to walk. I decided after Tuesday's 5 miler that killed me, to slow it down on my Wed. 3 miler. I slowed it down and did really good, I stopped once because of traffic. So, I decided to see how I could do on my 8 miler if I slowed it down. Okay everyone, I ran the whole 8 miles and walked for maybe 3 blocks. It was incredible. When I say run, we're talking about a slow run/jog thing, but the idea is that I didn't stop. I am so elated! I can do this marathon! The reality of it set in yesterday. I couldn't be happier with myself. This whole marathon experience has been life changing already. I can do what I never dreamed of doing. I remember a specific conversation my mom and I had a few years back. Some lady in our ward did a marathon. I remember telling her there's no way in my life I could EVER do a marathon. She said, "yeah, well...wait, no, yes you could, you could do a marathon." I thought, yeah okay. & folks here I am pushing myself through the snow and freezing air to go running 4 times a week to train for a marathon. I'm so happy right now and empowered. xoxoseeyouatthecountrymusicmarathon!


Defeating the purpose.

I hate these trash cans.
At the restrooms in work these are essentially the kind of trash cans we have. Except, ours are plastic. You know the one I'm talkin about? Anyway, I always HATE pushing the flap to throw away the paper towel I used to dry my hands after washing them. What good does it do for me to wash my hands and then have to push open the spring loaded flap of a trashcan to throw away the towel? None. & I am an avid handwasher folks. I have thought about this every day I have worked here for the past year + a couple months. I now deem it bloggable. I want to put out a public policy that will remove these trashcans. or the flap.
xoxogerms, yum.


Oh and I forgot to add. I strangely feel so happy right now. I won't expound into why that's strange. But folks, LG. xoxothesuncameout!


EFY Counselor Interview- check. emotional week- check. bloodshot eye- check. caught up in school- check. Not going to bed before 1:30 in a week- check. waking up early like always- check. work- check. maintaining marathon training- check. staying distracted- check. half of entire semester's work for Cons. health- check. I'm feeling successful right now. Missing a certain someone and hoping he's missing me too. xoxomymindfeelslikeabouncehouse


Obessions are healthy, right?

This video has so many great elements. I'm a fan of the sweet jamaican kid with the whiteboy mohawk. I have a secret crush on him. The lyrics are amazing. & the song is awesome. They could have done without a couple of the male dancers that just stood there looking tool-ish. & the 4,000 18 yr old pelvic thrusts. Excessive? Maybe. However, this is the greatest thing ever. The video makes me laugh & smile & the song is awesome. Watch the vid & rate it the highest & subscribe to that kid's videos. These are the coolest freshman BYU has to offer in my book. xoxoI'munderajamaicanpersuasion


What an honor!

Wow, who would've thought I'd win an award? Not me!

Kate gave me a blog award, but folks hers is awesome, let me tell you, Kate's blog is one of my favorites to regularly follow.

I was totally pleasantly surprised that she gave me a blog award!

So, now I hope you enjoy the questions I get to answer in response :) 1. Where is your cell phone? Backpack 2. Your hair? Straight 3. Your mother? In Tennessee 4. Your father? In Arkansas (on business) 5. Your favorite food? Chicken 6. Your dream last night? Wish it was true. 7. Your favorite drink? Water! (so not exciting, sorry) 8. Your dream/goal? I want to work for a non-profit org in Africa! 9. What room are you in? Phone room @ work 10. Your hobby? Running 11. Your fear? I don't want to say it on here 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Graduated 13. Where were you last night? My apartment 14. Something you aren't? Rested 15. Muffins? Yum. I like chocolate ones. If I'm having a muffin-I'm going all out 16. Wish list items? Different swimsuit bottoms 17. Where did you grow up? Franklin, Tennessee 18. Last thing you did? Sneezed 19. What are you wearing? Rain boots 20. TV? 24 21. Pets? Bella Boo 22. Friends? I've got one or two 23. Life? LG baby 24. Mood? Confused 25. Missing someone? Yes 26. Vehicle? My fabulous two feet 27. Something you're not wearing? Pants 28. Favorite store? Target 29. Favorite color? Pink, Yellow, & Coral 30. Last time you laughed? Last Night 31. Last time you cried? Last Night 32. Best friend? Sydney 33. One place you go over and over? The RB 34. One person who emails me regularly? My caring Momma! 35. Favorite place to eat? Anywhere besides my apartment is my favorite place and I get so excited!

Well, I don't know how exciting that was for you to read, but to be honest, I had fun answering all those questions! Thanks Kate, for the shoutout! Seriously, check out her blog. She is the craftiest woman you'll ever come across! She's always taking second hand items and turning them into a 'modern marvel' :) I am now going to pass the blog award along to my sister, Danielle, and friend, Claire.



Weekend Happenings

This weekend was SO fun. Friday after work I did my 7 mile run. Folks, when I say 7-mile run, I don't mean I am able to run the whole distance, but I did pretty good timing on my miles! My knee has been hurting really bad, but I've been pushin through the pain and it's actually felt better today! After the run I showered & headed over to Kristin's. There was a pretty good group of us there, then we all went up to Plato's & Downeast. It was snowing SO hard, I'm talking about golf ball size snowflakes...exaggeration, but you get the point. Later we went hottubbing at Glenwood, it was so fun. We tubbed w/ Brett who was the only boy that came w/ us and a big group of New Zealander guys w/ sexy accents. Poor Brett, but I wasn't objecting. Saturday morning I went up to campus early and watched this 5 hour, painful as hades, Hamlet movie for one of my classes...then came back & did homework all day long, it was amazing. Seriously, it was. That night Kris & I went to the Vball game, we couldn't fit w/ my friends, so we squoze in w/ hers & that was a pretty sweet game, we left before it was over...very close game, so for all I know SDSU could've taken home the gold...I should find out. We came back to my apt and a TON of people came over for games...we're talkin at least 50 people in my tiny apartment at one point in the evening. It was so hilarious though, so many funny games w/ a group of hilarious people. Around midnight we headed out to Utah lake to burn a Christmas tree. It was a party. Weekend=Success
. xoxoMynoseisabouttorunoffmyface


I love summer.

Summer is my FAVORITE season by far. I love the heat. I love the humidity. I love the afro hair. I love the sunburns. I love summer nights. I love fireflies. I love the greeness. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I love the mosquito bites. I love the bonfires. I love canoeing. I love the parties. I love the carefreeness. I love shorts. I love camping. I love drive-in movies. I love staying up all night. I love the warmth. I love the fourth of July! I love swimming. I love my birthday! xoxoIcannotwait

Heavy Lids

Wow, I am reading for History of Creativity while at work & despite what the horrifically boring professor thinks, this class is DRAINING my creativity. Big C? Little C? All of it is being sucked out with a straw via reading assignments. I cannot stay awake. HELP!


I've been following THIS blog for the past couple of weeks. Scroll back and follow their story. Then pray for their family. Or pray first. Or if you don't read, just pray. xoxoGodisgood


I got back from Idaho last night. I visited Weston from Friday till last night. He had been sick last week, but texted me excitedly Friday morning, assuring me he felt better. I rode up w/ Rachel and Steve, Jerai's, Sydney's cousin, brother-in-law and his wife. It was a nice, peaceful drive up. I was so extatic to see Weston. We hugged ya-dee-ya & went up to his apartment. It's a 6 guy apartment, & I know they've only been there for 2+ weeks, but those are seriously clean boys, they are all great and fun guys, so he was definitely lucky in the roomate department! That night we did a triple date, the guys made us dinner, then we went & ate ice cream and wreaked havoc as we waited for our late showing of Shirlock Holmes. Wes looked good and was rambuncious at first, but as the night went on he started looking sicker and sicker. He grimaced every time he swallowed, his voice went raspy & his fever started raging. I felt so bad. I rubbed his back during the movie, but he still looked so miserable! The movie got out around 12:30 & Weston wasn't able to get ahold of his relatives we were supposed to stay with in IF so I stayed at his roomate's date's apartment that night. The next morning I went back to Wes' apartment & he, his roomate, Tyler, who was also sick, & I all went to JB's for breakfast, yum! Wes got a blessing from his roomates that morning, but he still felt miserable, so we laid low, no snowmobiling or ice skating for us ;). We were all going to watch the whole Jason Bourne Trilogy. We cuddled & Weston slept, but his breathing was getting worse and worse, & by mid-movie he couldn't even talk, he was typing things out in his phone and showing me. His lungs hurt, his throat hurt so bad, he had to cough, but it was so painful he'd almost start seizing to avoid coughing, his head hurt, & he could barely open his eyes bc they were light sensetive. I finally put my foot down & told him he needed to go to the Dr. he was still apprehensive because it costs moolah. But after his mom told him he should too we headed out to the Urgent Care. He was diagnosed w/ a bad sinus infection. Got antibiotics & we were on our way. Then we went back to the apt & watched Big Fish then went to his relatives down in Idaho Falls. He started the drive & I finished it because he couldn't handle the headlights on the road. It was the saddest sight you've ever seen. As he opened my door for me he said, "Well, I just gave up the man-card." That is not an easy thing for that boy, bless his heart. When we got to IF, we ate tacos @ about 10 or 11 & then went to bed around 12:30. We went to early church & then went home had lunch & napped. I slept for a couple hours but Weston kept sleeping..and sleeping. but he wasn't snoring the whole time so I wondered if he was dead lol. He felt SO much better when he woke up, that was refreshing, he was actually smiling & talking and was able to cough. Wow, what a relief! That night we watched the 2 hr 24 premier w/ his 16 yr old cousin, Cade. After that we watched Forever Strong bc aparently it was the most horrible thing in the world that I'd never seen it. Now that I've seen it, I realize how terrible it was that I hadn't seen it. I highly recommend that movie, it was amazing, & if you're a drooler be sure to bring something to catch all of it during that movie because there are some seriously hot guys in that movie. Monday mornin we did his laundry and talked for a while then headed back to Rexburg where we did homework for a bit and hung out w/ his roomates, it was so fun! That day went by soo fast. Weston was feelin better and back to his spunky self laughing and running around, so that was so refreshing. I was happy his soul didn't die in the process of his sickness! He might be coming down to Provo this weekend. So cross your fingers with me that he is :)
To all those who read all this. props to you! For those who didn't, I wouldn't have either! I wrote this for my own memory. I hope you enjoyed my long-windedness!
Overview: good weekend, lots of nursing a very sick boy, lots of backscratch giving & headscratches, lots of pill reminders and lots of pathetic looks in his direction. However, being with him even while he's on his deathbed makes me the happiest girl alive!


How you say...?

Something that bothers me:
it's its
there their they're
were we're
to too or even two
here hear
know no
knew new
whenever I see them used incorrectly it bugs me.
I have to be lenient however, because I will look back on texts where I just wrote it, or even blog posts. BUT, I know that I did it wrong, so I have to remember that when people use them incorrectly, they probably know the difference, they just typoed (or we'll hope).
However, one I cannot EVER figure out is Affect and Effect. You can try to explain it to me, but believe me all the other hundreds of people who have tried to explain it to me, haven't succeeded in me actually understanding... So, don't worry about trying, I just thought I would let you know about my serious issue.

My Favorite

Please look at my sister's blog.
It will change your life.
It makes me laugh SO hard.
She is the blog-master in every way.
Please look at some of my favorite posts from her blog:
Read back to posts as far as you have time to, I promise you won't be dissappointed.



Wowee, did 6 miles in 1 hr & 3 minutes today! That's the first time I've ever run 6 miles. It's far from olympic time, but I couldn't be more pleased w/ myself :) I'm in class so this's gotta be short! xoxomycalvesfeellikejello


Mr. Bean, is that you?

So, there's this guy I always see on campus that looks like Mr. Bean. He has a few different looks, so it probably is him walking around BYU campus. xoxopartyinthelibrary

I love this fruit.

In every shape and form. I love oranges I love the smell of oranges I love orange juice I love orange artificial flavors I love the color I love the texture I love this fruit! Maybe because of my Florida heritage. Or maybe just because. xoxoyum



Time can play its role in many ways. I'd like to thank the past year for being a good 'wake-up' year for me. I have been making an electronic scrapbook. I did my freshman year tonight. Holy cow, I have not only changed tremendously on the inside, for the better, I'd like to believe, But please take a gander at the fabulousness of the stark contrast between now and then.

2009 you make me feel so fine.

Some highlights of the lovely 2009 year!
xoxoItsbeenagoodone **You can click on the collage to make it larger


Lost & FOUND

The check has been recovered :). Tomorrow after work I'll go pick it up and deposit that fabulous $10 check! hoorah! xoxomybootywassaved

Space Cadet

Wow, folks. I am the spaciest person alive. I am broke w/ a capital B, that's not a cry, it's just to add emphasis to what I did yesterday. I went to deposit moolah from Christmas break into my bank account yesterday...aaaand I left one of my checks on the deposit desk at the bank. I didn't deposit that one! Talk about dorky move! It was just the $10 one but in my mind that check looks like a loaf of bread, a jug of milk and a couple boxes of cereal. Wow, smooth move. I just thought it was funny, I am just glad it wasn't the big mama check! I called the bank today...they didn't see it. Go figure. But I know no one stole it, because you can't do anything w/ someone else's check! Whew, I just thought it was hilarious, and I really am not being sarcastic. It doesn't surprise me that I did that!


This Pity Party is OVER!

Okay, so today is my first day of classes. HOORAH! I've been so anxious to start school. I don't have Monday or Friday classes. So, yesterday I got a few things done, but nothing major. I did find the books I need for my classes on Amazon, but now I'm just going to wait until I go to class to find out if I actually need to buy the books! Yippee! I am so excited to start classes again this semester. I have about 7 hrs straight of classes after work on Tuesdays & Thursdays and then a 2.5 hr class on Wednesday nights. It's a pretty sweet schedule, & I think once the semester picks up I'll really like having no classes on m/f afternoons, however yesterday was torture. I was just wallowing up in my self pity for missing Weston, that is lame. So, I'm over it! Okay, so today, I work till 11, then class at 12 untill 6:40 or so, but I'm going out to dinner w/ Joan & Tasha & Joan's friend. It will be a great day. I like being busy & I loved Christmas break, but I also love routine. SO, it's nice for my brain to be back to a schedule. I think that's why I love working so much, it gives my days structure! Okey doke folks. I hope everyone has a fabulous day & I'm sorry for everyone in Franklin right now who are freezing off their booties! You should be writing in your journals right now, because I'm pretty sure Franklin is hitting records of all time lows!



Hi folks! This is my first stressed blog post in a while, I guess that means I'm due, right? So I've been looking over my graduation plans and everything. I had everything set up to graduate next April which would have been my 4 years at college. It just works perfect in a lot of different ways. Graduating in my major requires an internship. I had scheduled it for this summer and thought I could work part or full time and then do an internship along with it. However, about a month ago, BYU or atleast the Health Science Department changed the requirements for an internship. So now there are about 6 classes listed as prereq's to an internship. I have been looking at the scheduling and can't even find these classes. I'm so confused. They have internship information meetings, but all 4 of them conflict with either work or one of my classes. So, I am just in a quandry and a little stressed (& my books are really expensive this semester! boo). Doesn't help that I haven't seen Weston in 2 weeks...whoa, actually 2 weeks exactly from today and I won't see him for another 10 days+. I miss him! Okay, enough complaining, I'm just feeling overwhelmed! Whew, k. Pity party is over! xoxosoveryconfused


We all got to be home for Spencer's Court of Honor! Party!
No break is a vacation without a face-in-hole picture!
Pictures on the bridge. Typical.
A little piece of heaven.
Downtown Franklin is where the heart is.
Kristin & I in the car.
Jenna, Kelsey, Katie, Rena & I at lunch at the new Jersey Mike's on Carothers. Yum.
Mom & Grandmother before 2012.
RIP Ginormous 50c popcorn buckets.
Brian, Me, Chase & Ian.
My Mom & I.
Wow TN would be green still in the Winter.
Doesn't it know it's supposed to snow?
Obviously didn't get the memo.
p.s. Still get to talk to McDreamy every night. Wow I'm a lucky girl! He made it and is alive and well in Idaho now.
Countdown to see him again 13 days.
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