Defeating the purpose.

I hate these trash cans.
At the restrooms in work these are essentially the kind of trash cans we have. Except, ours are plastic. You know the one I'm talkin about? Anyway, I always HATE pushing the flap to throw away the paper towel I used to dry my hands after washing them. What good does it do for me to wash my hands and then have to push open the spring loaded flap of a trashcan to throw away the towel? None. & I am an avid handwasher folks. I have thought about this every day I have worked here for the past year + a couple months. I now deem it bloggable. I want to put out a public policy that will remove these trashcans. or the flap.
xoxogerms, yum.


  1. Here's a great tip from a germaphobe, to a germaphobe: use your papertowel to push the flap open, let go quickly and pull your hand away before the flap hits!!

  2. oh no let me assure you i do that. This flap doesn't just float there, I was serious about the spring loadedness. it pushes closed. If that trick worked it would not have been blog-worthy :) thanks for the idea tho!

  3. Oh...man! Yeah...you are smart-I figured you would have done that if you could. Maybe it's time for picket signs by the bathroom doors!

  4. I feel your pain! Public restrooms ought to be better set up to prevent the spreading of germs not facilitate it!


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