I am going to do this!

Okay, so my marathon training consists of 4 days of running. I get to pick what days of the week I do them, but there are 3 shorter days and one long run. They suggest that a day break is left before and after the long run. I have found myself doing my first 3 shorter runs on MTW and then Friday after work doing my long run, because it's the warmest midday here, usually in the 30s :). This weeks training was Day 1: 3 miles Day 2: 5 miles Day 3: 3 miles Day 4: 8 miles My training began January 4. I wrote all my training in my planner next to my homework. When I saw the big numbers next to the runs I kind of wanted to vomit. I have NEVER been a runner. The furthes before this that I could run straight was a mile. & I had to train up to that. So my runs were getting better and better, I've been averaging about 10min/mile. I still however, could just run about a mile then I'd walk a block or two then run and then walk, so I'd run faster, but need to walk. I decided after Tuesday's 5 miler that killed me, to slow it down on my Wed. 3 miler. I slowed it down and did really good, I stopped once because of traffic. So, I decided to see how I could do on my 8 miler if I slowed it down. Okay everyone, I ran the whole 8 miles and walked for maybe 3 blocks. It was incredible. When I say run, we're talking about a slow run/jog thing, but the idea is that I didn't stop. I am so elated! I can do this marathon! The reality of it set in yesterday. I couldn't be happier with myself. This whole marathon experience has been life changing already. I can do what I never dreamed of doing. I remember a specific conversation my mom and I had a few years back. Some lady in our ward did a marathon. I remember telling her there's no way in my life I could EVER do a marathon. She said, "yeah, well...wait, no, yes you could, you could do a marathon." I thought, yeah okay. & folks here I am pushing myself through the snow and freezing air to go running 4 times a week to train for a marathon. I'm so happy right now and empowered. xoxoseeyouatthecountrymusicmarathon!


  1. Yay RACHEL!!!!! I was talking to Liz Rich last night...she has done 3 IRON MEN!!! The last one, she came in 13th out of 500 women. One woman actually died-I'm not surprised! I was telling her about your marathon training...she's very happy for you! She says running is her happy pill!

  2. Rachel, you are speaking a foreign language to me. Glad you are enjoying yourself though, I can't imagine doing all that. Impressive to be sure!

  3. you're amazing rach!!! i love you girl! you inspire me


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