EFY Counselor Interview- check. emotional week- check. bloodshot eye- check. caught up in school- check. Not going to bed before 1:30 in a week- check. waking up early like always- check. work- check. maintaining marathon training- check. staying distracted- check. half of entire semester's work for Cons. health- check. I'm feeling successful right now. Missing a certain someone and hoping he's missing me too. xoxomymindfeelslikeabouncehouse


  1. I love your posts, Rach...so you have eye probs again? Yikes! Hope you GET SLEEP tonight! xoxox

  2. I would LOVE to be an EFY counselor. I'm probably going to do it one summer in college...but I think you will definitely be a favorite!!!

  3. I agree with the post above, you will definately be a favorite of the kids, Rachel! You have spunk and such a fun personality that they can't help but like you plus you are responsible so the leaders with be thrilled with you, too. I'm like your 2nd Mom, too, so I worry about your lack of sleep and your eye problems. So I hope you take care of both of those this week for sure!


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