it's been a pretty hilarious weekend, I'll share more when I'm back in Provo :)


Weekend Weekend Weekend...please come soon!

After all week working daytime at the redcross & afternoon/nights at the Redcross/ Branbury & Saturdays at the Health center....

The Mrs. & Mr. will be spending their *4* day weekend here.
Yes. FOUR days.
I am taking Friday off of the Red Cross & the Mr.'s fire crew has the day off.

We will SO be having a party!
Monday we will be stopping by a cemetary to pay our respects to service-man as Grandpa Brink always advocated.

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans?


Went down to Wayne on Saturday!

 For a benefit dinner for this perdy lady.
I love her!
& Wes got to play with guns.


Wet, Wild & Weekends.

It's raining in Provo again!

I love rain...when accompanied with thunderstorms.  They are THE best.

I miss those, meanwhile I'll be hanging out in sprinkley storms.

Anyway, it was an INCREDIBLE weekend, to say the least.

Friday I got to work on the desk.  It was a great leisure afternoon.  We headed over to the temple at 8, thinking the last session was at 8:20, but it's actually at 8.  We missed it by 5 minutes, DARN!
So, we just went to walmart & got stuff to make dinner...this whole sun staying up forever thing throws off our schedule...it feels like it's 6'oclock at 9 p.m., besides the fact that I stay up too late, I love it!

Saturday after work Weston & I hopped in the Camry & headed down south to Wayne Count, but thought we better check the radiator...it was leaking again.  SO we headed back to Provo to pick up the Geo.  Wow the memories in that puppy!  I read Catching fire the whole way, with some stops at gas stations for water, because I was losing my voice from reading for 3 hours.  It made the drive go SO much faster than usual.

We made it to the silent auction & benefit dinner just in time for the dinner.  It was the most amazing experience.  Wayne county covers a ton of miles with very few people.  There was an actual auction during the dinner.  It was incredible to see the amazing turn out.  People were buying items.  & giving them back to be auctioned off again.  I got to take some great pictures of Beautiful Tasha, too!  Sunday we woke up & got to hang out for a little while.  Then Weston & Dave gave Kellie a blessing with their priesthood authority for health & safety this summer.  Then Dave gave Weston a blessing.  It was a huge comfort.  Weston has been having a few health problems that have been really concerning, but it was a really neat blessing that brought peace.
Yesterday Weston got a calling, I can't share what it is yet, but he will do an incredible job at it!

I will put up pictures from the weekend this afternoon!



Lesson Learned!

The husband hasn't been feeling well & so he's taking a little snoozer & I went out to put another coat of polyurethane on the desk, WHICH is looking amazing! [it has been raining since last friday & we've been dying to finish the desk...well a utah rain=a tennessee humid day] so I jumped on the first sunny opportunity I had & put on another layer & I learned a pretty good lesson:
Don't rinse a foam brush drenched in polyurethane with your hand. 

No matter if you risk the brush going hard and stiff.  It is WORTH another trip to the Dollar General.

My hand is now collecting all sorts of new little friends!


That reminds me....

When I think about Weston going into the Navy, this song comes to mind...
Don't worry, I was raised on that song from the cassette tape in the van courtesy of Momma K.

Everyone of the 4 Stolworthy children know every word to that song...

along with Danielle's personal favorite:

Or on road trips singing with my juice box as a mic...


Mayo vs. Miracle Whip


Do you use either?

We have a problem in our house.

I was raised a Mayo girl.

Weston is a Miracle Whip boy.

I never understood how ANYONE could like Miracle Whip, it's so tart.  Grandmother always told me it's a western thing and all the western people like Miracle Whip & Mayo is a southern thing.

Apparently disgust for Mayo way outbeats the disgust for miracle whip.  This morning, I made Weston a Miracle Whip & Tuna sandwiches[there is something SO wrong with that] for his lunch today.  I ended up having the leftover mixture for breakfast.

Who EVER would imagine I'd eat Miracle Whip ever?  Then again, I do like the lower calories part of it!


p.s. Which one do you put on your sandwich?


9/11 Never Forget

Wow, powerful.

I'm watching '7 Days in September' on Netflix right now.

Wow, it is extremely emotional.  But not sensationalized or dramatized.  It's live footage taken by average joes who were in the area.  

Ironically that that picture is on the cover, because I busted out in tears during that part of the movie.  Wow it is so moving.  If any of you have netflix go watch it on the instant play.  Or go find somewhere to find the documentary. {disclaimer, it contains some choice words}
Amazingly the SEALs have gotten rid of the evil man behind 9/11 & we need to all remember our safety doesn't come free.  It's because of those military men.  My Grandpa Dean recieved a purple heart as he drove a Jeep up to Hitler's house in WWII.  My Great-Grandaddy was in the Navy.  I have uncles in the Navy, Airforce and Army who served in Vietnam, Cousins in the Airforce, Navy & Army who have gone to Afghanistan.  My father-in-law in the Navy, Grandpa Brinkerhoff in the Army.  Mine & Weston's family's military roots dig deep & I am so proud & honored to have such noble people in my family.

Not to mention, my husband who is a firefighter.  I think about how all of those firefighters & police officers & search/rescue teams who were inside the towers as they fell.  All those people buried alive to save someone else.  They made the greatest sacrifice for those people inside.  It could have been one of our loved ones.  I'm sure each of you somehow had a connection to someone affected by the 9/11 attacks directly.

I remember I was in 7th grade at Freedom{ironic?} Middle School in Franklin, Tennessee.  In Mrs. Niznik's room for 'home base.'  A teacher came running in screaming that the World Trade Center towers had been hit.  We turned on the TV.  We spent the morning in classes watching the news. Not knowing what to think or do about it.  I didn't even know what the World Trade Center was.

I can't believe this is the decade mark of that disaster.

I'm glad that the evil planner of this attack is dead.



I love you, my deerest.

 This is my surprise little project I've been working on.
 Inspired by the all famous Lauren!
 We now have a forest of animals playing around in our bedroom.
I was really pleased with how they turned out!


Welcome, Summer!

 Lots of Hunger Games!
 A little time in Payson
 Some crafting
 Some Dating

 Some canyoning

 Some tree hugging!
To say the least...it was pretty good!



My cute display case!

I made the husband this bow-tie a couple weeks ago. He wore it to church today, he's a keeper :)


The man of many hats!

 Around the house Wes wears pretty much anything on his head.

 My workout headband
The rice pack I made...with the workout band on top
His running headband

These three were all sitting around him on the couch because he found them around the house, put them on his head & ultimately made their way to the couch. bahah



Boys that run

Proud of that 18 yr old brother of mine for conquering the Nashville Country Music Marathon a couple weeks ago!  HOO-AH!

Then there is this sweet video of my adorable husband.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Saturday & will enjoy an amazing Sabbath Day tomorrow!




Wes after hours of hard work & talking to the 'next guy up' got his start date pushed up a week! so he has today & tomorrow off & then gets to start Monday instead of NEXT Monday!  Every penny helps & the Lord sure is watching after us!  There have been so many little personal miraculous portions of this fun little job experience for the past 8 months of marriage & it reminds me how much the Lord loves all of us!

OH & btw I've got to brag on the sister again.

All of her 32 students got in the 90th percentile.

Even the one with autism.
And the apathetic ones.

EVERY single one.

She sure works hard & way more hours than most at her job & those kids have learned so much because of her!

She deserves to be teacher of the year!


Desk Work

 Wes started this desk in high school & has picked it back up again since we got married.  You probably saw it in pictures of our old apartment unfinished, but now, it's finishing time!

We got the goods to finish this puppy & it is coming out GREAT!
A truly smooth desk passes the cheek test.
 I just love him!
 A little to the left.
 How can someone not love that face?
 Stain time! [don't you love our balcony built into the hill? baha]
Only needs a couple more layers of stain & we're good to go!


"Shark Tails"

These are the love words getting passed in our home.

"That shark likes to eat a lot like you!  You're my great white!"

"You can be my lemon shark!"

Nerdilicious :)

I sure love my husband!


So remember that whole fire job we were so excited about? Yeah, you better believe it!  There was a 'glitch'! 

Seriously, its been a rough few months where it feels like finally we won't be living paycheck to paycheck... & then some hiccup comes.
There's a lesson to be learned here, right?
I'm still trying to convince myself.

15 minutes before Wes was done w/ his first day with his new crew his captain found out that his letter telling him he was employed said his start date or hire date was May 22.  Not May 9 like everyone else.  They went to investigate why.  It was because some person in Albequerque, NM didn't get Weston's paperwork submitted on time.  Seriously writing this brings me to tears.  The whole finances department has seemed to be impossible since we got married.  But we're plugging along.

I am regretting the fact that we passed on his other Fire Service job offer in Draper that would have started May 2nd. 

Please pray for us


Happy Birthday Pops!

Happy Birthday to my favorite old man!

This picture is of my dad down in Alabama last weekend! He's always been the greatest dad!

He is fun to be around
He takes a really long time to play his turn in games
He always kicks our butts at Scrabble
He is a hard worker
He always sings songs about anything
He is quiet in big crowds
He is REEEEALLY smart
He has the best advice
He gives the best neck rubs
His hands have always been course and calloused
He grew up on a farm with 14 other siblings
He gets the most intense bed hair
He was always a drill sargent during chores on Saturday mornings, but the house was really clean!
His jokes usually need an interpretation, but just because they're too deep for the rest of us
He always taught us the value of an honest education and hard work
He also taught us the importance of having fun
Growing up, Dad would always sit us down & set us straight if we were out of line
He can build or fix anything
Including cars, computers, houses, social issues
I learned to not take his boy advice hahah
He'll give anyone the shirt off his back
He'll do anything for his kiddos
He always makes up words
Or his own pronunciations
He can always get me to laugh
He makes everything better just by listening
He is quietly sentimental

[Remember how creative I told you my mom was?]
That's the button she made him for his birthday!
hahah I love her

I sure love my dad!

Hip Hip Hooray for his birthday!



boots, bags & burns

So, life is insanely busy, but good!

Testerday was a day full of boots, bags & burnt boobs bodies.

I don't have a single complaint!
Wes has been polishing his boots & has replaced his torn & knotted boot laces with leather laces.
Which only means one thing...fire season is around the corner!
...yeah, I thought the same thing.

Yesterday Tash was still in town from Thursday's treatment, so we did a photo shoot on my lunch break...at noon..hahah yeah HARSH lighting! but some of them turned out really good!

Then I got all dolled up to go to Ashley's reception last night.  I went to pick up Kris, I called her as I pulled into the driveway to tell her I was there.  She said "I guess you didn't get my text..."  ??no? "well, I burnt myself & I probably won't be much fun tonight" "What the heck!? I'm coming in!"
I ran in & was greeted by a teary-faced Kristin!  She just kept apologizing for crying, bc of her pregnancy...uhm, if you saw that burn it would make you cry, those were no pregnancy tears, those were "HOLY COW, MY FLESH JUST GOT BURNT OFF" tears!  I told her that she isn't allowed to not go to the Doctor.  She's having a baby in July & it's not totally kosher to be pregnant & have infections.
So,  I cancelled our carpool w/ Erin & Michelle who were already at my apartment, ready to go to the partaaaaay.  We boogied on up to Timpanogas Hospital & got her into the E.R.
They helped her get the burn cream & we got to leave there at about 8:30, then off to walgreens to fill the prescriptions!
poor girl!

Want to know how to do it?
In a few days, when this isn't nearly as painful for her, I'm sure it will be a lot funnier...
Except I still teased her about it last night, but only bc she was laughing.
She was ironing the darts down on her dress....while it was on....
One side was fine...but she went to iron the other dart & her iron just exploded steam...& it burned....all the way through her layers.
I won't tell you the Dr.'s advice, but just know it was hilarious, & we laughed really hard.
all in all it was a wild night!
& then back to Branbury for a shift till 2am....& then to the health center this a.m. at 8
I look absolutely nasty, but work is almost over..45 more minutes....

So what is the bag part of this post?
I got off work yesterday to find THIS:
Do you know where that Camel had just been?  On husband's back...for 7 miles...running straight up the canyon.  He sweats sitting in 65 degree weather. Okay, does that tell you how gross that is? bahah I said 
"EW! What is that thing doing in there?!"
"I'm cooling it for tomorrow's 13 miler!"
"EWWWWW, let's just take the bladder out of the bag....?"
hahaahhaha naaaasty
I took the picture & he said, "Eh, take it from further out, because that looks really gross!"
"that is really gross." 
ha ha ha ha 
He's still adjusting to living with a girl.
& I'm still adjusting to living with a boy.
It's really fun!


We got this letter today at the Red Cross

Dear Families of Japan,
My name is dakota & I am 5 years old & I live in America.
I am really sorry to hear about the tsunami & earthquake. 

I hope your houses & country get fixed soon. 
I know that god loves you & will help you through these hard times. 
Remember to be happy & to love one another I am saving some money to send your way. 
I hope this letter finds you happy if you would like to right me back I would love to hear from you.  Please send a letter to me.
[he also senta picture he drew of him writing them the letter]

She's the Lady!

Well, in honor of Mother's Day coming up, I thought I'd just share some great things about my mom!

She is artistic
She is creative
She serves everyone
She is funny
She is awkward sometimes
She talks like a scientist, even though she denies it
She loves her little dog
She is also obsessed with her new mini
She loves her family
She puts everything aside for us
She has the most amazing & REALLY strong fingernails
She is the most incredible seamstress
She always loved me when I was really awkward & ugly
She is extremely biased for me & I like it
Her new favorite child is Weston
She doesn't ever paint those really long gorgeous finger nails
She has become prissy & now gets pedicures
She was a redhead when she was little
She gets embarrased of her skinny ankles sticking out the bottom of skirts or capris... I wish I had that problem!
She has the prettiest hands w/ long fingers!
She has more hairs on her head than 50 people
She used to be able to spell supercalafrajulisticexpi.....yeah, I didn't say I could
She is really good at math & spelling
She's really smart on top of her math & spelling skillz
Her 6th grade band tried to recruit her as drummer
She's so sweet
She has such a beatiful smile
She knows me frontward & backward
She sets me straight
She is very opinionated
She isn't a judger
She has a lot of friends
She is my idol
I hope to be half as good of a mom!

My favorite times we had together were my in high school I'd get home at night, go take a shower & we would just talk.  Not as much as she would've liked, back then, I"m sure.  I was still a high schooler, but now I wish I could rewind time just a bit to hvae taken advantage more of that time we had together.  & take more advantage of those killer back scratches....I mentioned her amazing nails, right?

People tell me I look like her...I take it as a compliment

I love my mom & you should all get to know her!

My inner-nerdiness comes out:
We got Netflix & made our queue.
All of our shows, except a few, [the office can't be forgotten!] are like these:
We watched this movie that Grandmother introduced me to.
& I LOVED this movie as a kid.
I got a whole new perspective with all the middle-eastern wars so prevelant & having more knowledge about it.  I suggest to everyone to watch this movie!  I was so bummed when I had forgotten to show Wes this movie when we were home for Christmas!  I thought I'd never be able to find it with all these movie stores going out of business...& I sought it out on Netflix...I was not let down. It's amazing!  Let me know if you watch it!
Also, Wes starts this season of fire fighting on Monday.  He couldn't be more thrilled... & I am so excited for him!  Except it's been nice having him home, because he's almost got his desk finished...wowee I am so excited & he is also doing a lot of other stuff!  He is sure amazing!  I love him!
He texted me this morning ecstatic bc his boss is on a fire down in southern Arizona right now...which he's hoping he'll be doing next week too.  I think his first few days on his crew they're camping in the mountains...I'm going to miss that boy this summer!

I'm getting lots of training in the Red Cross!  Pray for me that I'll get an interview for the job!  there were 25 applicants!!!

btw my sister is Westridge Elementary's newest 3rd grade teacher!  There were hundreds of applicants!  Everyone at her school loves her, & hired her on in her first year, instead of hiring someone with 20 years uder the belt!  I am SO excited for her!!
She also made the cutest shirt you've ever seen last night!

& good news about Tasha last night! Check over at that blog for updates HERE!

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