Wet, Wild & Weekends.

It's raining in Provo again!

I love rain...when accompanied with thunderstorms.  They are THE best.

I miss those, meanwhile I'll be hanging out in sprinkley storms.

Anyway, it was an INCREDIBLE weekend, to say the least.

Friday I got to work on the desk.  It was a great leisure afternoon.  We headed over to the temple at 8, thinking the last session was at 8:20, but it's actually at 8.  We missed it by 5 minutes, DARN!
So, we just went to walmart & got stuff to make dinner...this whole sun staying up forever thing throws off our schedule...it feels like it's 6'oclock at 9 p.m., besides the fact that I stay up too late, I love it!

Saturday after work Weston & I hopped in the Camry & headed down south to Wayne Count, but thought we better check the radiator...it was leaking again.  SO we headed back to Provo to pick up the Geo.  Wow the memories in that puppy!  I read Catching fire the whole way, with some stops at gas stations for water, because I was losing my voice from reading for 3 hours.  It made the drive go SO much faster than usual.

We made it to the silent auction & benefit dinner just in time for the dinner.  It was the most amazing experience.  Wayne county covers a ton of miles with very few people.  There was an actual auction during the dinner.  It was incredible to see the amazing turn out.  People were buying items.  & giving them back to be auctioned off again.  I got to take some great pictures of Beautiful Tasha, too!  Sunday we woke up & got to hang out for a little while.  Then Weston & Dave gave Kellie a blessing with their priesthood authority for health & safety this summer.  Then Dave gave Weston a blessing.  It was a huge comfort.  Weston has been having a few health problems that have been really concerning, but it was a really neat blessing that brought peace.
Yesterday Weston got a calling, I can't share what it is yet, but he will do an incredible job at it!

I will put up pictures from the weekend this afternoon!



  1. Great to hear about your weekend, Rachel! It sounds amazing...I'm still so sad to miss your call yesterday! It was a whirlwind weekend here! Love you!

  2. Thanks for sharing your amazing entry, Rachel! These are like letters from you and they mean so much to me! I love you and Weston and really appreciate the updates so much. Happy to hear about the blessings and other things! Hope you both have a good week. I talked to Stephanie today and she is heading out to SLC on Sunday and hoping to connect with all of you at Kristin's apartment! You are so lucky to see the baby before ME!!! Give him a little kiss for me please!


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