Desk Work

 Wes started this desk in high school & has picked it back up again since we got married.  You probably saw it in pictures of our old apartment unfinished, but now, it's finishing time!

We got the goods to finish this puppy & it is coming out GREAT!
A truly smooth desk passes the cheek test.
 I just love him!
 A little to the left.
 How can someone not love that face?
 Stain time! [don't you love our balcony built into the hill? baha]
Only needs a couple more layers of stain & we're good to go!


1 comment:

  1. Oh, I really wanna see the finished product! Wish I had looked at the desk more closely now that I know you made it, Weston! I'd love to see photos of your apartment, too, since I never got to see it while I was in Provo.


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