She's the Lady!

Well, in honor of Mother's Day coming up, I thought I'd just share some great things about my mom!

She is artistic
She is creative
She serves everyone
She is funny
She is awkward sometimes
She talks like a scientist, even though she denies it
She loves her little dog
She is also obsessed with her new mini
She loves her family
She puts everything aside for us
She has the most amazing & REALLY strong fingernails
She is the most incredible seamstress
She always loved me when I was really awkward & ugly
She is extremely biased for me & I like it
Her new favorite child is Weston
She doesn't ever paint those really long gorgeous finger nails
She has become prissy & now gets pedicures
She was a redhead when she was little
She gets embarrased of her skinny ankles sticking out the bottom of skirts or capris... I wish I had that problem!
She has the prettiest hands w/ long fingers!
She has more hairs on her head than 50 people
She used to be able to spell supercalafrajulisticexpi.....yeah, I didn't say I could
She is really good at math & spelling
She's really smart on top of her math & spelling skillz
Her 6th grade band tried to recruit her as drummer
She's so sweet
She has such a beatiful smile
She knows me frontward & backward
She sets me straight
She is very opinionated
She isn't a judger
She has a lot of friends
She is my idol
I hope to be half as good of a mom!

My favorite times we had together were my in high school I'd get home at night, go take a shower & we would just talk.  Not as much as she would've liked, back then, I"m sure.  I was still a high schooler, but now I wish I could rewind time just a bit to hvae taken advantage more of that time we had together.  & take more advantage of those killer back scratches....I mentioned her amazing nails, right?

People tell me I look like her...I take it as a compliment

I love my mom & you should all get to know her!


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  1. That was just FANTASTIC, Rachel! It describes her so well and she is just as wonderful as you say she is! You did a super job of summing up the one that we love and I appreciated it a lot!


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