Happy Birthday Pops!

Happy Birthday to my favorite old man!

This picture is of my dad down in Alabama last weekend! He's always been the greatest dad!

He is fun to be around
He takes a really long time to play his turn in games
He always kicks our butts at Scrabble
He is a hard worker
He always sings songs about anything
He is quiet in big crowds
He is REEEEALLY smart
He has the best advice
He gives the best neck rubs
His hands have always been course and calloused
He grew up on a farm with 14 other siblings
He gets the most intense bed hair
He was always a drill sargent during chores on Saturday mornings, but the house was really clean!
His jokes usually need an interpretation, but just because they're too deep for the rest of us
He always taught us the value of an honest education and hard work
He also taught us the importance of having fun
Growing up, Dad would always sit us down & set us straight if we were out of line
He can build or fix anything
Including cars, computers, houses, social issues
I learned to not take his boy advice hahah
He'll give anyone the shirt off his back
He'll do anything for his kiddos
He always makes up words
Or his own pronunciations
He can always get me to laugh
He makes everything better just by listening
He is quietly sentimental

[Remember how creative I told you my mom was?]
That's the button she made him for his birthday!
hahah I love her

I sure love my dad!

Hip Hip Hooray for his birthday!


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  1. Great job, Rachel! Very loving and true, too! That first picture is a good depiction of who Mark is, always willing to help the needy and the down and out! We should all have such a charitable heart! I have been the recipient of his charitable works and I bless his name for it! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful Dad and I wish everyone could be so blessed!


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