My inner-nerdiness comes out:
We got Netflix & made our queue.
All of our shows, except a few, [the office can't be forgotten!] are like these:
We watched this movie that Grandmother introduced me to.
& I LOVED this movie as a kid.
I got a whole new perspective with all the middle-eastern wars so prevelant & having more knowledge about it.  I suggest to everyone to watch this movie!  I was so bummed when I had forgotten to show Wes this movie when we were home for Christmas!  I thought I'd never be able to find it with all these movie stores going out of business...& I sought it out on Netflix...I was not let down. It's amazing!  Let me know if you watch it!
Also, Wes starts this season of fire fighting on Monday.  He couldn't be more thrilled... & I am so excited for him!  Except it's been nice having him home, because he's almost got his desk finished...wowee I am so excited & he is also doing a lot of other stuff!  He is sure amazing!  I love him!
He texted me this morning ecstatic bc his boss is on a fire down in southern Arizona right now...which he's hoping he'll be doing next week too.  I think his first few days on his crew they're camping in the mountains...I'm going to miss that boy this summer!

I'm getting lots of training in the Red Cross!  Pray for me that I'll get an interview for the job!  there were 25 applicants!!!

btw my sister is Westridge Elementary's newest 3rd grade teacher!  There were hundreds of applicants!  Everyone at her school loves her, & hired her on in her first year, instead of hiring someone with 20 years uder the belt!  I am SO excited for her!!
She also made the cutest shirt you've ever seen last night!

& good news about Tasha last night! Check over at that blog for updates HERE!


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