I'm alive. No, really I am! I've just been to every corner of the u.s. In the past week and have been computer less. I am spending 1 day in charming Franklin and then embarking on the 30 hour drive to Utah that I've taken far too many times. BucklE up, brother bear, sister's going to introduce you to the rowdy byu life. Mom started crying today over Spencie poo poo leaving to forge his own trail. She never cried when I left. She was ready to kick my sassy eighteen yr old self out with a steel toed boot. I guess she prefers a silent child. I learned that one way too late in life! Anyway I'm missing the hubs bad. He was on a fire every day leading up to the day I left. Poor guy! He left work on Friday early so we could spend a few hours together before I left. Then we spent all Saturday mornin runnin around like crazies! Bri and ty's engagements. More to come on those. Then bran bury 5k and then Wes ran to work and I ran to the airport where Bri and Ty took me in the geo. And then were pulled over for expired plates. Whoops. Anyway. Oh and minor detail... Kristin had her babe! I spent all day Thursday after work at the hospital with them. Siena was born July 22 at 6:56 a.m.! She's beautiful and teency born at 6 lbs. 19 in. My cousin Daniel and his wife Tricia also just had their baby girl! Roslyn Stolworthy is beautiful!! I can't wait to meet her!


Bob the builder! Weston the...worker!

Weston the worker, has a nice ring to it, right?

On his last day off Wes replaced the radiator in the car.  The camry guts were a little old, so it took some time, but he did it & it now works like a charm!  Which is a relief because before the heater lever was way over extremely super hot.  Just from the 2 mile drive to the MTC.  Pretty much I was homebound all the time, which I didn't mind too much!  I've always been a home-body!

hahahahah Please Watch
Nothing tugs on my hearstrings quite like a text from the husband who is driving to a fire that says 

"...I'm about to lose service. I love you so much cute girl.  I'll text you when I can!"

Most the time I don't think about it.  But sometimes I think about freak accidents.  Or real accidents.  Or all the crazy things fire can do.  And about how much danger he is actually in.  & then I freak a little.  But most the time I successfully ignore those thoughts.  Simply because they're not healthy.  I sure love that cute husband of mine! He has had a fire the past four days! He hasn't had a day off since two Sundays ago!

Also. I'm a nursery leader in my ward. & also a ward pianist.  Pretty awesome.

Yesterday during sharing time two little girls discovered my glitter toes.  Obsessed.  Next week I will be wearing closed toes; too distracting.

They are sure little angels though, we had a great day in nursery yesterday!

So, I am getting out of a TON of responsibilities this next week....
i leave for the big apple on Saturday! Wow to say I'm excited is the understatement of the year.  I was supposed to talk on Sunday, teach nursery both this week & next & then I have to play piano in sacrament meeting next week! Not to mention all the branbury work we have that Wes will have to somehow cover with his fire job...uhhh....
I feel so bad/sad leaving him behind while I go on this awesome new adventure discovering NYC with my fam w/o my hubs!  I went to Manhatten once with my dad when I was in high school, I got there at about 1am & then we drove back to TN an hour later.  We bought the Fronteir! It was a fun drive.  However, it was a reminder of what a lightweight I am when it comes to driving. I maybe drove an hour.  Or two.  for the whole 15 hr drive.
Speaking of being a lightweight.  Last summer when my mom & I drove to UT from TN.  I drove maybe 5 hrs of the near 30 hr drive.  Whoops.  Sorry mom!
So Saturday morning I am taking engagements for Ty & Bri,  then I am working the Branbury 5k (everyone go sign up, it's going to a great cause!),  then I fly out at 2pm for NYC.
I am in NYC till Friday.  We will then drive the 15 hours to TN & stay for 24 hours for Chase's piano recital.  I guess it's a big deal.  Then we'll head off for Utah again & be back here Monday! WOW, crazy? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll need a full body massage after being in the car for that long straight.....uhhh husband? remember all those half rubs I've given you after fires? Yeah...the really whimpy ones?  Want to give me a way better one after my long drives?  Sitting in the car is just about as hard as wildland firefighting, right?



Just refound this & loved it even more. 

This was 2 summers ago.  Such a fun summer!

I was so happy to finally have my Kristin at BYU with me!  Now she's expecting a baby in a few days!! ahhhhh the anticipation is killing me!  Tyler is not the father, though they sound pretty when they sing together!

any music recorders out there wanting to make a legit copy of them singing this so I can have it on my itunes for my pleasure?  Please?

also, please ignore my little cheers.  I was smiling so big behind the camera & sometimes I forget to keep my jowls shut while I'm recording vids.


My firefighter man!

 After he got home from a fire!
 I always get a detailed play by play of the fire.  It is mostly entertaining due to Weston's sound effects & reenactments.
 This is him describing yesterday's fire and a ridge.
Don't forget his chips & salsa to keep him from passing out while I'm cooking dinner!
 This is how I now set the table.
Minus the dishes & food.
I usually am the water drinker of our marriage. I usually beat him to the punch & am finishing his water.  But not during fire season.  He'll chug & finish in half a second & then finish mine, which is not my idea of a good time. So now I'll set him up with three glasses so we can sit at the table for a little longer.  It's probably a good time to invest in a pitcher!
 Remind anyone else of "Chim Chim-i-ney, Chim Chim-i-ney, Chim Chim Charoo!"
 His brand new sparkling boots sparkled their way out of the store & that was the last of their cleanliness.
He got some gnarly blisters though, poor guy waddled in the front door last night!
He's just so cute & loves his job! 

On the Saturday of Kristin's shower I painted mustard stripes on our long wall!

It a ton of time & hard work.
They turned out great & Weston was so surprised and loved it!  I didn't tell him I was going to do it :)

For those of you that missed Kristin's Shower!

This is for those of you who received these.  They printed blurry because I forgot to convert them to JPEG. But here's Kristin's invitation for her baby shower!

If you want to get her a gift still, she registered at Baby's R Us!


Jade Stolworthy

 She is the sweetest baby.  5.5 weeks old & didn't cry once in three hours.  Dream baby.

 Such a beautfiul babe!
 Proud big brother, Krugh, & gorgeous mommy, Keri.

Babies are SO in!

My friend Katy who I work with at Branbury had her beautiful baby girl yesterday Nora Barton was 10 pounds 3 oz...uhhh wanna hear the kicker? Katy did it naturally at a birthing center... POWER WOMAN!

Kristin is due anyday...well her due date isn't for 2 weeks...buuuut...I'm so excited!!  Her babe has got to be a teeny one bc kris looks like most 6 monthers.... & she's 38.5 weeks...uhhh awesome!

We went & hung out with the beautiful Mrs. Keri Stolworthy & little Krugh & 5.5 week old Jade! It was so fun & little Jade is such a jewel...no pun intended. She's a perfect infant & so beautiful, Krugh's baby twin.

Weston's best man & his wifer had their baby last month

Stephy had a baby 2 months ago.

Nancy pants is preggers again!

& My cousin, Tricia is pregnant too, due very soon, as well!

Wow so many babies! I'm glad I have all these babies to play with & coo over because I love babies!

While on the topic of babies I HAVE to endorse First Years & their company & customer service.  Kristin was telling me yesterday that they finally opened their box after having it for 2 months.  They bought an electric double pump on KSL from a woman who said only a bottle was missing...well she failed to mention there were way more parts missing than just that...as in, enough parts that only one sucker would work.  Including both bottles & bottle attachments missing.  So, I wrote to First Years customer service explaining that they had bought their product second hand & that it now wouldn't work to it's full capacity.  I asked them if they would mind sending the supplies that is missing on Kristin's.  I received a prompt e-mail this morning from them informing me they would be sending all the parts missing on her machine.  Wow.  That is amazing customer service! I told them that one day when I'm in that boat I will be purchasing theirs! Pretty awesome! SO I just had to give them a shout-out, here & spread the word of how great they are!



LG baby!

What a great weekend! Kristin's shower was a SUCCESS! I thought, atleast! One problem.... I forgot my camera as I ran out the door!

BUT I used Kristin's camera to snap all the pictures & make sure it's documented!! You'll have to refer to her blog to see the pictures when she puts them up!

The shower was at Trisha's house, which is above Kristin's house!

Trisha made a delicious spinach pasta salad & little cheesecake tarts

Dani made mini oreos.

I made red velvet cake pops, chocolate dipped pretzels & strawberries & cucumber sandwiches!

It was all so yummy & beautifully displayed on Trisha's table w/ her giant water & lemon dispenser!

Kristin had a great turn out of friends & family!

In attendance were Grandma Sellers, Rochelle Sellers, Melody Sellers, Daniell, Sydney Sherwood, Nikki Blackham, Sierra Robinson, Trisha Sommers & Me!

Kristin got some adorable clothes! I'm going to sneak pictures of them for my blog to show you because they are just too adorable for words!

She also got a baby swing from her Aunt Melody & crew, score!

I made her a bow & clip holder, I forgot to take pictures of it before I gave it to her, I'll put pictures of it up later, too!  Anyway, it was a huge success, I think & everyone had a great time!


22 was a great birthday, I must say.

First I had work.  Then Weston got called out on a flood.  Then Dani treated me to glitter toes!
Which, by the way, are the greatest things ever...I LOVE having them!
She also got me the one line Journal that's 5 years long...it's amazing & I was SO excited, because I've been wanting one for a long time!
look how sparkly still & it was super cloudy outside!
Work gave me a balloon, which I loved carrying all over the MTC...
That night Dan Dan threw me a birfday party w/ my favorite cake! Strawberry cake w/ Coolwhip on top!
The cute hubbers
My favorite expecting pair!
Birsday giirl!
 so much love
I love how my cousins on both sides of my family grew up knowing eachother & spending holidays together, too! It makes birthday parties so much FUN!
P.s. Kristin is due in 3 weeks & I'm ecstatic! Her baby shower is today!!
Cousins.  Keith telling us a story about after his accident.  If you can't tell he is pushing a wheel chair.  & hunting squirrels.
Cute Michelle & friendly Ty
Hank <3
hahahahah unintentional glamor shot.
I guess it just comes natural to her...and the sunset
I said something completely inappropriate. & we all like to pretend we're really immature.
Thisthers that I love!
Hank was too lazy to stand up. So he leaned against the bench.  Running around in the rain can be exhausting
My adorable gift bag I scored at DI

The Mr. got me the first three seasons of my favorite show.... Boy Meets World!
And lastly...Mom & Dad got me a piano from Craigslist!!! ahhh I LOOOOVE IT! I still need to get it tuned, but I was so so so so so excited!


Wow totally just disqualified myself

So I'm applying to different jobs.  I'm trying to open opportunities for my FUUUTAAA!  Anyway, so I put in a stellar application for a job, submitted my resume & edited my cover letter.  The position I had applied to a separate company recently was a similar position. So, I rewrote some paragraphs & edited other words. I was reviewing it after I had sent it...I forgot to take out a certain sentance that contained the other company's name.  OMG I'm so embarrassed & just totally pulled myself out of the running. Dangit.  Proofreading & I are not friends.



ssssssssssoooooooooooooo tired. I really wish I wasn't at work right now


Party Dense Weekend

Wow, I sure loved these past 4 days!  Saturday I was able to go visit Miss Kelsey Woodard a friend from high school who has now moved to the U of U for Grad School she's from Tennessee & it was SO much fun seeing her & her bf & other high school friends!  Weston Worked that morning at the Freedom Festival & was Smokey Bear!

 "Only YOU can prevent a forest fire"
 Does he look exhausted or does he look exhausted?
 He & his squad went to launch the Smokey Bear hot air balloon at the hot air balloon show that morning! I ran over to the balloon show, & searched & searched, but could not find them...I didn't realize the whole population of Utah would be there. At noon we had a barbecue with Weston's firesquad & their significant others.  Joe's wife & little girl came.  Brett's wife came & then Mike was there.  We had SO much fun!  It was nice to meet the other fire fighter's wives, too!  While we were finishing up lunch, the squad got called to a fire in Spanish Fork Canyon! I was a little sad, not knowing when Wes would get home, but he got home late that night!  He said it took them 4 hours to hike into the fire...& they ran out of water on their way there...they each carry 1.5 gallons of water....but that's understandable bc it was probably 100 out on Saturday.  & they were in all their gear.  Including sawyer chaps.  Poor guys.  When Wes came back that night I had to go pick him up... he looked like this....
The only thing not covered in gear was covered in ash!

I went home after that, ran some errands & started some projects for baby gifts!

Sunday was wonderful, Wes didn't have Ward Council meetings & We got to attend church, the little nursery tots were adorable as always and we enjoyed a yummy dinner afterwards!  Monday was the 4th!  We got to celebrate shortly at the parade before Weston went to work.  After he left for work I worked 8 hours straight on my little baby gift projects! Pictures will be shown after the gifts have been given!  Wes got home at about 10:30 that night, we watched some Cosby show & then went to bed!

Tuesday was my Birfday!  Because Weston worked on the 4th & did NOT get holiday pay (apparently the federal system has the right to declare the fourth of July holiday this year is going to be on the 5th of July) & so he had the 5th off instead.  I worked yesterday morning. at 11a.m. Wes got a call that his squad was called to a flood in Provo Canyon.  I was so so so sad.  I told the ladies at work, they told me to run home to get a birthday kiss.  hahah it was so nice! I ran home, but he had already left, we met on some road though I gave him a kiss & waved goodbye.  I went back home mopey.  I ate my emotions in far too many carbs. & then I decided that was a horrible idea. So I told Dani & Kristin Wes was called out.  Deej came & got me glitter toes! It was so sweet & we had so so SO much fun. Not to mention I'm pretty much obsessed now....

Then we hit up DI got some great DIYs crafty things. Then traveled over to the mall!  Wes texted me & told me he was getting off the mountain at about 6 (hooray!) & so he got home around 7ish!  Danielle put together a party for me @ the park. It was SO fun & it even monsooned on us & then we got eaten by mosquitoes... Pictures will come later! :)  It turned out to be a GREAT day! 

& picture of gifts are to come!

Thank you everyone for your love & birthday wishes! :)

yours truly

bahaha this picture just makes me laugh! They go to work in their PT clothes for workin out so he'll pack his uniform with him...which makes it difficult to remember a belt... he got to wear these beauts...remind anyone of a certain Grandpa Brinkerhoff? :)


Happy July 1st!

WOW, I sure love July!!

Not just because of one of my favorite holidays: Independence Day

 Or one of my others:  My Birthday

But just because it seems to be the peak of the summer!  The cold (in Utah) is officially gone, in Tennessee that happens in May.  Kids are playing in sprinklers.  Pools are packed.  We're all thanking heaven popsicles were invented. Watermelons and strawberries are at their prime!

I love summertime! I love the sunshine!  I thrive on sunshine!
Today has just seemed even better than yesterday!
Maybe it has to do with the AMAZING gift from my parents! 

I'm not telling though, it's a surprise!

I'll put up a picture of it when I get it though...just know that I am DYING over it!

& I LOVE my rec pass that I use regularly from my in-laws! They got it for me as an early birthday present in March :)

 My sister also got me capris a few weeks ago & my baby brother got me camera filters...spoiled? YES!

Seriously, who gets that many gifts?

I remind the husband regularly of my birthday :) Luckily, he has the day off...but I have to work that morning!

Anyway, I've been working all day & it's been a good day at the MTC, too!

I hope the weekend finds ya'll well!  

That right there is my blood type!

Pretty cute, right?

Well, in high school I donated to the Red Cross my blood a few times! I never received a donor card, though.

Anyways, she's just a young little babe with liver failure.  She's really sick.  Basically there's a ton more patients than deaths to donate livers.  This baby needs a liver. I thought, hmm, I don't know a lot about a liver transplant. But I thought it'd be worth it to atleast try to see if I'd be able to give a part of it or something. Just to see.

Anyways. Her bloodtype is A so she only can have A or O blood.  I called the Red Cross & hunted down my blood type.  It disqualified me. I still think you should read their story.  It's a sweet family with a sweet baby & they could probably use any support, even if just from reading their blog!

Have a great Friday!

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