That right there is my blood type!

Pretty cute, right?

Well, in high school I donated to the Red Cross my blood a few times! I never received a donor card, though.

Anyways, she's just a young little babe with liver failure.  She's really sick.  Basically there's a ton more patients than deaths to donate livers.  This baby needs a liver. I thought, hmm, I don't know a lot about a liver transplant. But I thought it'd be worth it to atleast try to see if I'd be able to give a part of it or something. Just to see.

Anyways. Her bloodtype is A so she only can have A or O blood.  I called the Red Cross & hunted down my blood type.  It disqualified me. I still think you should read their story.  It's a sweet family with a sweet baby & they could probably use any support, even if just from reading their blog!

Have a great Friday!



  1. We share the same blood type! Dad's is O I think...can't remember! Loved your posts again!!

  2. Me, too! I am also B positive, Rachel! Good to know. Years ago I did a blood type thing and printed it in the family newsletter so that family members would know who they could hit up in case of an emergency. Love your blog and appreciate all your news. Plus this was really sweet your empathy for this little girl and her family! You have a great heart, Rachel! Love you so much!


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