Nothing tugs on my hearstrings quite like a text from the husband who is driving to a fire that says 

"...I'm about to lose service. I love you so much cute girl.  I'll text you when I can!"

Most the time I don't think about it.  But sometimes I think about freak accidents.  Or real accidents.  Or all the crazy things fire can do.  And about how much danger he is actually in.  & then I freak a little.  But most the time I successfully ignore those thoughts.  Simply because they're not healthy.  I sure love that cute husband of mine! He has had a fire the past four days! He hasn't had a day off since two Sundays ago!

Also. I'm a nursery leader in my ward. & also a ward pianist.  Pretty awesome.

Yesterday during sharing time two little girls discovered my glitter toes.  Obsessed.  Next week I will be wearing closed toes; too distracting.

They are sure little angels though, we had a great day in nursery yesterday!

So, I am getting out of a TON of responsibilities this next week....
i leave for the big apple on Saturday! Wow to say I'm excited is the understatement of the year.  I was supposed to talk on Sunday, teach nursery both this week & next & then I have to play piano in sacrament meeting next week! Not to mention all the branbury work we have that Wes will have to somehow cover with his fire job...uhhh....
I feel so bad/sad leaving him behind while I go on this awesome new adventure discovering NYC with my fam w/o my hubs!  I went to Manhatten once with my dad when I was in high school, I got there at about 1am & then we drove back to TN an hour later.  We bought the Fronteir! It was a fun drive.  However, it was a reminder of what a lightweight I am when it comes to driving. I maybe drove an hour.  Or two.  for the whole 15 hr drive.
Speaking of being a lightweight.  Last summer when my mom & I drove to UT from TN.  I drove maybe 5 hrs of the near 30 hr drive.  Whoops.  Sorry mom!
So Saturday morning I am taking engagements for Ty & Bri,  then I am working the Branbury 5k (everyone go sign up, it's going to a great cause!),  then I fly out at 2pm for NYC.
I am in NYC till Friday.  We will then drive the 15 hours to TN & stay for 24 hours for Chase's piano recital.  I guess it's a big deal.  Then we'll head off for Utah again & be back here Monday! WOW, crazy? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll need a full body massage after being in the car for that long straight.....uhhh husband? remember all those half rubs I've given you after fires? Yeah...the really whimpy ones?  Want to give me a way better one after my long drives?  Sitting in the car is just about as hard as wildland firefighting, right?



  1. I'm so excited and happy for you to have the NYC experience that is hard to come by. It is so expensive up there but thanks for your Dad's work, he made it affordable for me so that I could do it! I'm really grateful to your parents who treated me to a wonderful and very memorable experience! Just love that you and Danielle get to go, too! Sad that I won't be seeing much of you though, Rachel, but grateful that your family core gets to make memories together!

  2. I'm sad too, Grandmother, but very much looking forward to our 30 hr drive to Utah afterward!


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