Well, I'm out at school, and it seemed to have knocked me off my feet in the beginning. College is surprisingly hard and extremely competetive. Out here at BYU it seems to be the best of the best. I'm loving it(though the weather is a little extreme....dry and cold weather is NOT for me)! Another thing that came as a big shock was the serious culture difference between the south/east and westerners..... #1 difference: STYLE! the long socks, white shoes, flat billed hats, capri/shorts, big hoodies, and so on! Actually, there is another huge difference, all the mormons! Pretty insane, Utah is like a giant church, its kind of nice, but bizarr at the same time, its a nice change, I appreciate it, but it also makes me appreciate the slight diversity of Tennessee more as well! Here's some pictures from this year so far, I'll try to pick a few that I think can sum it up!
First rain we got in utah! The 4 Utah girls on the left are so excited just because they've never even seen rain, and me and Syd were just extatic that there was some form of a thunderstorm! My Fabulous intramural soccer team: The Dominators! We were undefeated untill last weeks loss.....Tournament started this week, but we're so good we don't play our first game untill the second round of tourny games :)
My rockin roomate!
Yep, we ARE in the library :) Football game! Kieli's Birthday dinner! Kristin comes to visit awesome! Mitch's last hug from me before his mission:)
Don't tell anyone, but this was a cheater hug! Football game, right before it snowed.....IN OCTOBER! Adios for now!
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