Christmas in Franklin.

First of all, TN is the greatest because it was 70 my first day back and is 65 on Christmas Eve!
This is the Nativity set sitting on top of our entertainment center at our apartment. My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago and said she wanted to have given me my first nativity set. I was like...cool! Thanks. I really did mean the thanks, but I kind of just stored it away not knowing what to do with it. When I was home for thanksgiving and unpacking my room I found it! It is the greatest thing ever! Not many college kids have a nativity set, but it's so important to remember the true meaning of Christmas! This was definitely a good reminder having it set up in the center of our apartment! Thanks Grandmother! Beautiful downtown Franklin. It's my favorite place in the world!
Franklin decorates for every holiday. Here's the civil war monument sharin it's round-about with a Christmas tree! There are pros and cons for growin up in such a religious area. I live in the buckle of the 'bible-belt'. Tennessee has a church on EVERY corner, but only one every hour or so is an LDS building. It is so great because everyone celebrates Christmas and there are many community nativity scenes, acting out of Luke II, etc. And my favorite Christmas decoration of anywhere is this Noel that is up on top of this building! This cornershop downstairs became a starbucks a few years ago (as in probably 7+), but that NOEL is there every year! Just thought I'd throw this one i nthere, this is my ADORABLE bed hair I woke up w/ this morning. This doesn't even do it justice!

US. It's Epic.

We recently had an US Christmas gathering. US includes the following families: Sherwoods, Welshes, Allans and recent addition: The Raymonds. How did US originate? Well once upon a time in the year 2003 two families moved into Franklin turning the mormons from Jenna and I to Mitch, Josh, Jenna and I. Ty was a Junior, but he was part of us too. Us 5 were inseparable. Each of the families all had younger kids of similar ages as well. So we would get together on Sunday nights and play games, etc. It added a new element to High School! So 6 days later our families are still partyin hard! To the Left: Kenz and I. Mitch isn't here to sit on my lap anymore, so I use Kenz while he's gone....a little heavier though. This picture is my favorite one from the recent US get together. We were seein who could hold the most people, Kels was leapin onto Kenz and Spence! ha Jenna and Boo. I like how Boo has pieces of leaves sticking out of her mouth. She loves to eat leaves, sticks and bark. weird dog Dani and Ty! We lost Josh in April to Colorado, but Ty got home from his mission in November.! YEAH!
Mariah Carey's got NOTHIN on him.



FINALS ARE DONE!! Some great things about this: 1. Home tonight! 2. It snowed today, it's beautiful! (but cold!) 3. I love my roomates! 4. I love my family! 5. I love my friends! 6. I have a bomb service plan for next semester! 7. I sent Mitch's package today (So, I'm not sucking it up SO bad w/ the BFF title) 8. I'm just so happy! :D Here's some pics Syd and I took after our finals this mornin! MERRY CHRISTMAS! xoxo



I just now had an epiphany. I have been so STUCK on myself I haven't been reaching out to other people. I keep saying "I" and that is exactly what I have been focused on lately. I have been so self absorbed and only thinking of myself and not looking outside myself. That's also why I have been so negative and down probably, just because I havebeen so self-absorbed. I am going to follow Elder Cook's dad's 3 rules:
  • always have 3 goals
  • can change goals but must keep 3
  • must always be working on/towards the goals
My Goals
  1. Work Out
  2. Meet 5 new people a day (while out at school, not necessarily at home)
  3. Stay Positive and Grateful



Okay, so i've been so negative lately in my blogging. I promise my days have been good as well. I feel like this exam time has been more strenuous than usual! Well some good things. I walked to work today while it was snowing golf balls outside...seriously...it was INTENSE snow! I loved it! Really, it's so great! I walked outside (since we're in the basement we never know what the weather is! I thought it was just flurrying...hahah. It was incredible though because no cars had driven by my apartment yet, so i looked down both directions and it was ALL white and i was deeper than my ankle! The way home wasn't such a picnic though because it had started melting/been shoveled a bit/etc. But then I just went and camped out in the lib all day. It was fantastic, except for I was frustrated with myself because i couldn't get myself to study on stats! But I did it! Now it's time for pdbio baby! I'm home in 2 days too! Can't wait! It's just a little more stressful until I get to get there! Also, I started my job @ the Health Center on Monday! It was so great!! Except I missed the bus...I'm a dork! SO I booked it up to the health center walking. I made it in 30! Seriously, it was incredible timing, especially because it had just snowed the night before and was icey! I did my training and I think I'm going to do well! Then they said I had to get immunizations I was like...uhhh that was NOT in the job description. I'm required to get the TB shot and I can get the flu and hepatitus for free... I hate shots. I'd rather give blood, but I'll be a big girl, and heck, I'll take free immunizations. I don't get sick often, so I've never had the flu shot, but I figure might as well get them. They tried to give it to me on Monday, but I was like, wait, it could make me sick, and I don't want that for finals...and I couldn't get my tb shot because you have to check bac in 3 days and I won't be here, so I'm just going to get all 3 that first morning back on Jan. 5! I can't wait! :D Seriously, I'm excited to start, there work my way inch by inch into the medical field! Also, quite the compliment the KBYUFM radio station called me on friday and again today (both times I was taking finals) to come in for an interview! So, I called them back tonight and left a voicemail explaining how I found another job, but if they want someone for the afternoon this summer to give me another call, and I'd gladly come interview, because I'll be needing a second job for summer! I'm excited though! K well I love you all! Enjoy this Christmas season. I know I haven't been a good example, but try not to get bogged down by all the seemingly stressful things. Dani always says "there's no point in freaking out, because the situation's going to be the same either way." Which is so true, it all depends on our disposition! :D Merry Christmas Season! xoxo


Stats=Death I have my final today and I am so lost it's not even funny..I'm extremely nervous...I have physiology to study for next...I'm either taking it tomorrow night or Thurs mornin before my flight, whenever I'll be most ready...but we'll see, because Stats is definitely stumping me!



Woah, this is my 60th blog post! I didn't want to let that last post be my last one for a long time. I don't necessarily have anything to write about, but I just wanted to leave this on a happier note. Today was productive. I went to work, then 2 reviews, then a work dinner party thing and now I'm studying for Humanities. I know, it's a Friday night. But Lindsey's bachelorette party is tomorrow night and I'm taking my humanities final tomorrow, so I definitely need to be ready for that! Can I tell you about one of the people that has seriously had an affectCan I give a little synopsis of Robbie Rane real quick. He is one of the greatest guys in the world. He is so nice and sincere. I know that sounds cliche, but seriously, ya'll, I can't even tell you, this kid means every word of which he says. I haven't met that many people this year, but he is incredible. I'm pretty sure he lights up every room he walks in and can make the saddest of persons feel better. He's incredible. He's from Alabama and served his mission in Mexico. He just got back from his mission a few weeks before school started back up. It's been hard for him adjusting back to the selfcentered world. He doesn't give himself enough credit in the least bit, but that's a sign of a good missionary though, right? Totally selfless? He's the boy that wears overalls to fhe and suspenders to dance parties. He's the guy on 80's night that everyone wants their picture w/. He's the guy on halloween that goes all out for a ward party.


I am havin a really rough day, it is currently SO late. I can't sleep. We had our championship soccer game tonight. I don't want to talk about it. Today was not good. I'm stressed and burnt out...of everything.


God Understands

If you have even two minutes, PLEASE watch this video.
It is incredible and you'll be touched for sure.



This is where I'll hopefully be working as a second job in a couple of weeks! Saturday night I did nothing. I napped and attempted starting a research paper for New Testament, unsuccessful. I then decided to look for other jobs online since I had not been hired by the BYU advisement center. I saw 3 openings @ the Health center. I need the 8-12 shift of whatever job I get. So, I e-mailed the contact e-mail to make sure there wa still a job opening. She replied back this morning there is, but they're interviewing this week and for me to bring in my resume and OST scores between 8am and 3pm. I worked @ 11 and have class till 6:40, so I skipped physiology and hiked over to the Health center in the FREEZING snow(no pun intended). p.s. it snowed for the first time today, it reminded me how much I do NOT like snow!
I left my apartment w/ straight hair and carefully done makeup and arrived at the testing center 40 minutes later frozen, wet, and afro-ed hair w/ melted makeup :D I was a wreck, but was still smiling. :D So, I got in and talked w/ Daneen White and she loved me! She called in another lady to talk w/ me as well. And good news folks, there IS a bus stop right next to the health center. So no more blisters from boots :D. So, she gave me the downlow on the job. Basically I'll be making appointments for the patients, etc. So, I'm excited about it. She said she'd for sure call within the next couple of days and let me know. If I do get the job I'll be starting January 5!! I absolutely cannot wait!
As for this weekend, it was not a good one. I was being a totally negative Ned. I was feeling under the weather all day Friday, yet I had so much schoolwork looming over me. Then, I had my soccer game that night. That kind of woke me up from everything. That was really exciting. I then went home and showered and got ready for Carla's party. It was okay. Definitely not my scene, but she loved it, so that's all that matters, it was for her birthday. I think every Provo All-star showed up too :D hahah So the party was okay, we then go outside and Syd's car had gotten towed...yeah gay...it had our coats, phones and purses in it...I was wearing shorts too...i know, I'm genius. So we hike to Kieli's cousin's apt. He lives in belmont, though none of him or his roomates were home. We got to sit inside and warm up for a bit though. So we hiked the rest of the way to Kieli's apt. It was so cold and miserable. Then we had to go retreive Syd's car. Long story short an hour later we were able to go get it. We did have a good photo-shoot though. THought we might make light of it and look at the whole thing w/ a positive attitude (though to be honest at the beginning I was not anywhere even close to a smile) We were laughing by the end, though.
We finally thawed out when we got back to our apt. All day saturday I was such a negative ned again. I seriously dont know what my issues were. I just had the attitude of "atleast the semester's going to be over soon". It was horrible, I couldn't get myself to snap out of it. Saturday night I had the worst dream ever, I don't even want to talk about it, it was horrible. It made me so sad and sick all day. I've never had a dream that has had such an influence over my entire day.
Church was fantastic as always and was quite the booster. I was still having complete writer's block with my New Testament paper though. That's due late tonight, so I was freaking out. I had a sunday night nap and that totally snapped me out of it. I was then positive. Oh man, I seriously was kicking myself, but all the meanwhile could not get myself to shape up out of my negativity. So, I was glad that nap gave me a good kick in the pants some how!
Today I went to work, was super positive, and life is great again! ah I love it! :D and I interviewed with the Health Center too, and that's looking bright! I can't wait! :D I love you all and sorry this blog was a little bit of a Debbie downer! I just thought I'd let you know what was up this weekend, even if it wasn't so cheery! I may end up editing this out later, but I just thought I'd spill it all now!



So our Slim-Shady's team made it to the final four in the tournament and we are now going to the championship! We're coming from the losers bracket though, so we're going to have to beat them twice. Our first championship game is on Tues. and our second one is on Thursday. We're prayin we do well!
Something that definitely helped break me into byu was the intramurals. Seriously, I love them! My teams have done pretty well eache semester, we've made it to the final four before but never to the championship so this is exciting!
Past seasons
Fall'07 Girls intramurals
Winter '08 Coed Intramurals
Fall '08 Girls Intramurals

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Oh, how great it is

Well my trip home was fantastic! Seriously, I loved it! I got to spend a good amount of time w/ the boys, which was nice! I loved being out there in Natchez too. The only house in sight and trees EVERYWHERE. Ah, that's heaven right there!!
I've had a few mini-miracles happening. (sparing details) #1Ends have met and $ literally fell in and Dec. and Jan. can now be paid, when originally I was nervous to even be able to pay for Dec. If I couldn't pay for November, there's NO way there are job opportunities enough to pay for January as well! But seriously...I was blessed... and it wasn't just in one huge thing it was little things that just made my jaw drop. #2 I bombed my Physiology test...when I saw bombed I mean I've never done so bad on a test...especially one that I studied as long for as I did...So I was talking to Keith about it today and he told me to just try talking to Dr. Rhees. So I did and seriously it was so hard because I hate crying poor, but he was so understanding. I think he could see the sincerity. He said that no matter what I was going to pass the class and that if I try really hard on the final he can get me a B-....I mean WOW, that is incredible and a serious blessing. I've been so stressed out with school, but trying to keep it under control! Everything is in control!
I also had Living Prophets class yesterday which is ALWAYS a booster. That class puts me on a HIGH. I love it! Especially the topics of the prophets is so positive! It's a miracle I'm blogging right now, can I just fill you in on what I have got to do? :D
.4 page HUM paper due Thurs.
.Field study and final project in CSPE
.NT Class Journals
.NT 10 page paper
.NT Final in class Monday
.Living Prophets Take Home Essay
.Living Prophets Final
But after I conquer all this stuff I just have 3 finals left! Only Physiology, Humanities and Stats....which happen to be my 3 hardest classes...and their midterms always fell together....which was FANTASTIC. But all I have is those...by the way I'm on my way home again 2 weeks tomorrow....WOAH!
Another thing over break that gave me a really good feeling is I got together w/ friends from high school that I loved in high school and we spent all our time together, but we just drifted apart, everyone went their separate ways. But we all got together my last night I was home, minus Jenna, old Josh (OJ) and new Josh, Mitch, and Jake. Other than that it was perfect!
I forgot how much I love being at home...and I was really excited to go home. Nothing feels the same as home...seriously. It was so great to have our whole family together for the first time in a year! AH, I can't wait for 2 weeks! (it's going to be stressful untill then)
While I was loving home I was also appreciating my roomates a lot too. I'll give them a little shout out later. It was so great to catch up w/ Syd again. We talked over break... we're talkin serious withdrawals folks. I missed Carla's Zest. I missed Whitney's reality checks she gives me (i'm not being sarcastic). I missed Jess' stories. Most of all I missed Tara's lovin. She's not very expressive but you can feel it shen she's happy to see you. Tara Wheatley: one of the nicest people I know...and I live with her, so I know the ins and outs and yes she's as good as she appears!
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