Okay, so i've been so negative lately in my blogging. I promise my days have been good as well. I feel like this exam time has been more strenuous than usual! Well some good things. I walked to work today while it was snowing golf balls outside...seriously...it was INTENSE snow! I loved it! Really, it's so great! I walked outside (since we're in the basement we never know what the weather is! I thought it was just flurrying...hahah. It was incredible though because no cars had driven by my apartment yet, so i looked down both directions and it was ALL white and i was deeper than my ankle! The way home wasn't such a picnic though because it had started melting/been shoveled a bit/etc. But then I just went and camped out in the lib all day. It was fantastic, except for I was frustrated with myself because i couldn't get myself to study on stats! But I did it! Now it's time for pdbio baby! I'm home in 2 days too! Can't wait! It's just a little more stressful until I get to get there! Also, I started my job @ the Health Center on Monday! It was so great!! Except I missed the bus...I'm a dork! SO I booked it up to the health center walking. I made it in 30! Seriously, it was incredible timing, especially because it had just snowed the night before and was icey! I did my training and I think I'm going to do well! Then they said I had to get immunizations I was like...uhhh that was NOT in the job description. I'm required to get the TB shot and I can get the flu and hepatitus for free... I hate shots. I'd rather give blood, but I'll be a big girl, and heck, I'll take free immunizations. I don't get sick often, so I've never had the flu shot, but I figure might as well get them. They tried to give it to me on Monday, but I was like, wait, it could make me sick, and I don't want that for finals...and I couldn't get my tb shot because you have to check bac in 3 days and I won't be here, so I'm just going to get all 3 that first morning back on Jan. 5! I can't wait! :D Seriously, I'm excited to start, there work my way inch by inch into the medical field! Also, quite the compliment the KBYUFM radio station called me on friday and again today (both times I was taking finals) to come in for an interview! So, I called them back tonight and left a voicemail explaining how I found another job, but if they want someone for the afternoon this summer to give me another call, and I'd gladly come interview, because I'll be needing a second job for summer! I'm excited though! K well I love you all! Enjoy this Christmas season. I know I haven't been a good example, but try not to get bogged down by all the seemingly stressful things. Dani always says "there's no point in freaking out, because the situation's going to be the same either way." Which is so true, it all depends on our disposition! :D Merry Christmas Season! xoxo

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