Woah, this is my 60th blog post! I didn't want to let that last post be my last one for a long time. I don't necessarily have anything to write about, but I just wanted to leave this on a happier note. Today was productive. I went to work, then 2 reviews, then a work dinner party thing and now I'm studying for Humanities. I know, it's a Friday night. But Lindsey's bachelorette party is tomorrow night and I'm taking my humanities final tomorrow, so I definitely need to be ready for that! Can I tell you about one of the people that has seriously had an affectCan I give a little synopsis of Robbie Rane real quick. He is one of the greatest guys in the world. He is so nice and sincere. I know that sounds cliche, but seriously, ya'll, I can't even tell you, this kid means every word of which he says. I haven't met that many people this year, but he is incredible. I'm pretty sure he lights up every room he walks in and can make the saddest of persons feel better. He's incredible. He's from Alabama and served his mission in Mexico. He just got back from his mission a few weeks before school started back up. It's been hard for him adjusting back to the selfcentered world. He doesn't give himself enough credit in the least bit, but that's a sign of a good missionary though, right? Totally selfless? He's the boy that wears overalls to fhe and suspenders to dance parties. He's the guy on 80's night that everyone wants their picture w/. He's the guy on halloween that goes all out for a ward party.

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