This video enthralls me. & I also loved the drenching rain today on the way to class. I really did! I sought refuge in the wilk & did homework before making the rest of my way to the JSB, bc my shirt wasn't exactly rain-friendly, if you know what I mean! xoxoilikeutah [SIDE-NOTE: This is my 4th post in one day...whoa!]

4th of July.

First of all, this photo rocks...photoshopped? I can't tell. Did anyone notice the dog?
Okay, now on to talk about my favorite holiday.
I have forever loved the 4th of July. It marks the half-way point of summer & is always fun. This year it falls on Sunday, cool, more celebrating! I am so excited for this weekdend! Friday, Wes comes to town (that's always the best day of my week). Saturday, my dearest friend, Sydney, is taking our engagement pictures, then down to O-ville for a family barbecue at the Brinkerhoffs. & When I say family, I mean, mine & Weston's family! His sister, Melissa, is dating my cousin, Trevor! Then back up to Provo for the Stadium of fire fireworks that night. It will surely be a paaaarty! Then Sunday church & a bbq w/ sister & friends! I'm sure there will be fireworks that night & then Monday is my birthday!
My favorite day of the year! Ever since I was a little kid, I have just been so excited for Birthdays! In my fam, we always have an awesome family dinner followed with cake & ice cream & then usually home videos. I love birthdays. In high school I was the only summer birthday & my friends would all pitch in to get a double decker pontoon boat & we'd all go out on Percy Priest. It was my favorite memories of my high school career! So many fun memories from my childhood, too, we'd always have pool parties, or water slides, or some fun thing that had to do with water. because we can, because it's summer! I love summer! Wow, I talked about my birthday for a long time.
I don't have high expectations, but the day in itself is exciting to me!

So Proud.

I got this frantic text from Weston:
My favorite text of all time.
Yes, dear, you were in the wrong one.


Lifetime updates!
I haven't been fillin anyone in on what I've been doin!
We had a work party babyshower for Heather!
She had her baby last Friday.
She was 7lbs 6oz & 18".
She named her Rylee.
Pictures were sent around work. She's adorable!
The week before that the family came to visit! It was a PAARTAY. Stolworthy style, of course! We even put-putted. which totally rocked!
Weston & I practiced our gymnastics at the movie theater.
I might've kicked him in the face, don't know.
Spence & I at the family reunion Aunt Kay put together!
Weston & I at the family reunion!
It was so fun having Wes there, & letting all the family grill him. Even though, I'm pretty sure he got off pretty easy!
Got lots of necessary Krugh time. He's only the worlds cutest baby. With a red-haired mohawk.
Wes & I went hiking up in the Palisades last weekend. It was so fun.
Took this on the way back from our 13 mile hike!
See the moose in the marshylands behind us?
Wes & I on a cliff!
I live a very blessed life. I am constantly being influence and guided by all the awesome people in my life. I handle things going on quietly...for the most part. & so generally, a friend or even stranger, says something that is so extremely helpful that lifts me up & I realize they are put in my life for a reason! I am blessed with the most incredible fiance ever. He treats me better than I could have ever imagined to be treated. We have an awesome mutual respect for eachother & have fun everywhere we go. We have wreaked havoc in just about every grocery store in Provo, Rexburg & Idaho falls. Gotten honked at at just about every redlight we've been stopped at. He actually likes holding hands, & doesn't just do it for me. Which is a good thing. because that means we can do it forever. We've seen the good, the bad, the ugly of both of us & we still love eachother. It's a relationship that totally rocks & I can't wait to marry him. Saturday we're comin up on an 8 week countdown. Weird. I'm excited.


The end is near!

Do you see that? Know what it is? That is the light at the end of the tunnel! Graduation is nearing! I went to the advisement center today & worked out my graduation plan. I have classes during summer & fall. Then I will have my internship & some independent studies to do. Which means I have no strings attached to Provo after December (besides friends & family). Basically. My life rocks! If all works as planned, Wes will get the MA position in the Navy. Which will put us in Pensacola, Florida during winter semester...darn...bahah! There, I could do my internship (hopefully paid), he'd be in "A" school. & then back to Rexburg after that for him to finish his school & I'll graduate in August or December. I could graduate in April, but I don't think I want to go that intensive. So, we'll see! It's exciting though! xoxoyourlittlegraduate
This is what 8.5 hrs of much needed sleep looks like, folks!
I am one happy camper!
Got a lot on the brain, but I am happy! xoxoyou'realwaysrightmom


Summer Hair.

Okay, my hair loves summer time. Why? Just because I wake up just in time to go to work. Which means, I don't do it. Which means, not heat on the hairs! It may look like this some days.
But it appreciates the break from fall & winter hair dos!


Embarrassed? Never...

I was just reminiscing of the awful tornado in the early 2000's that hit Franklin. It was Mother's Day. Anyway, there was tons of damage done everywhere. The house behind us got leveled & it's guts were thrown at the house across the street. our next door neighbors roof got lifted up. & we lost some shingles...blessed? Yes.
Anyway, so in September insurance followed through & sent people out to fix the roof. Well, they stripped the roof of all the shingles.. Don't worry, it began torrentially raining. Not a big deal. Our entire house flooded. So we were doin damage fixes on the house for months. I was just remembering a time the missionaries were over helping (they came over a lot to help out). I was in my bedroom ripping up carpet. We were blasting Saturday's Warriors of course, because we had to play church music. Me, being the music addict that I am, had fetched a ghetto blaster, set it up in my room & was singin away to it as I was ripping up the carpet. Danielle came in laughing so hard, because had been out in the hallway ripping up the carpet with the misssionaries. She said "you are singing so loud, & we can all hear you perfectly outside your room." I remember having an attitude of "So?" hahahah but deep down I was really embarrassed. I never told her that. Danielle, when you read this, I am now telling you, I was embarrassed that everyone could hear me out in the hallway, especially because I probably had a crush on one or all of those missionaries. I kinda liked boys. a lot.

Funny Observation

Okay. So, there's something really funny that I've picked up on. At the health center, it's sometimes kind of awkward when a guy comes in to check in for an appointment with his wife or girlfriend. There are usually 2 different kind of scenarios. Either the wife is super friendly & smiley towards me too, or the wife just stands off and stares at me waiting for me to wink at her husband or something. It's awkward. It doesn't just happen at the health center & I know it doesn't just happen to me. But whenever I see body language like that, I always want to say, "Relax." The other day I was in the customer service line at target. When I came up to a line there was a couple in front of me that just got married. I was standing behind them & they were talking, they were standing apart from eachother. The girl, then looked back & we made very awkward eye contact. & then she grabbed her husbands hand, pulled him into hug her & then kissed him. I felt really uncomfortable. I don't know if she did that to feel better. Or to send me messages not to look at her husband or WHAT, but it was awkward. I think that stuff is funny. I don't know what goes through their heads when they do stuff like that. I just think it's funny. & uncomfortable to me.
I'm pretty sure Michelle is giving someone that look right here.
Just kidding. I just like pictures.
p.s. this is my 400th post!


Well this is crazy. I'm in a Health in Old Age class. & my professor is living the curriculum. He is a sweet, very old man. He handed out the syllabus in class & it was like a map. I have never seen a syllabus like that in my life. It's like Chinese. I have no idea the organization. He has no dates on his syllabus, but it has the required text book listed & topics listed. When packing my backpack for work, I only had room in it for one of my text books. I thought, since I have that class right after work, that it would be smart to bring that book & figure out the syllabus. Nope. I have no idea how to understand that syllabus. I don't know what homework is due when. I don't know what to read for the day's lecture. It's confusing. I'm wishing I'd brought my Chronic Disease book instead.
I've also been feeling really torn about these guys lately.
(U.S. Navy SEALs)
Most importantly, this lovely lady, Josie Belle DeLoach, is in the hospital. She is my Great-Grandmother. She is the sweetest, most ladylike, woman. She was supposed to be in Utah & we were going to have a family dinner last week. But, her doctor didn't think she was up for the altitude. So, she remained in Florida. Please pray for her. Her sweetheart, my great-grandaddy, Homer DeLoach has been passed for about 14 years. I know she would love to be with him again too. However, just pray for her comfort. xoxolotsonthebrain



I'm watching the USA vs. Algeria World Cup game at work. The only station I could find playing it on our TV is on one of Provo's million spanish channels. I can't see the TV from my desk so I've been walkin back and forth to watch. It's been a tough game. Algeria was playing really well, but hadn't scored. Our booties were getting kicked! I can't understand a single word of the announcers, because it's spanish. Then I hear the literal 40 second long, "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!" that lasted, what felt like, forever. I yelled, "SOMEONE SCORED!" & ran in the waiting room & was so shocked to see the dogpile of the USA team! Woohoo! Go USA! It would be amazing if we took the World Cup this year!


Our FHE activity last night!
Being the fabulous FHE mom that I am, I treat my children like this:
I felt a little crafty for our work barbecue tonight!
I made chocolate dipped pretzels.
They turned out great!

Has it been 2 weeks yet?

Kristin's high school boyfriend returned from his 2 year LDS mission in Mexico less than a month ago & they got engaged last night! Didn't see that one coming... hahah I actually knew it was coming, but my lips were sealed! I'm such a good secret keeper... :) Congratulations to Kristin & Joel! They got engaged 2 months after Wes & I & are getting married 2 weeks before us, how funny! I am excited for that wedding! It's going to be the wedding season of the century... Emily, it's your turn now! xoxoIgetanothercousin!


Wedding Updates.

This wedding planning process has described me to a tee.
Weston is really good at making decisions.
I, on the other hand, do not specialize in decision making.
Unless I have an absolute opinion, I'm pretty much indifferent.
Thank goodness for an opinionated fiance, sister, mom, mother-in-law & sister-in-laws!
Wedding colors. Changed, again!
Thank goodness because someone else, cannot be named yet. Has the same colors as my old colors!
Old colors:
Red, light blue & pink.
New Colors.
Light blue, Coral, Spring Green.
We found & ordered the perfect ties for the grooomsmen. Dani, Kell, Melissa, & Tash's bridesmaid dresses were all fitted. & we got the green ties for the pops! I can't wait!
It's so much fun!

My Parents Totally Rock.

I was out of the blogging world lately.
BUT I never wrote a shout out to my dad for Father's Day on here.
& the weekend I got engaged was Mother's day...SO basically. I have been slacking on giving my parent's shoutouts.
My dad is so awesome. He always has the best advice. He always listens when I complain & validates the complaints. Even when I'm being totally ridiculous. He is wiser than anyone I know. & he always looks at both sides of the cookie before analyzing anything. He's a really hard worker & the manliest man I know. He's a teddy bear. A lot of people are intimidated by him. Weston was always so intimidated which makes me laugh so hard. My dad is such an awesome example of service. But the silent kind. He sees someone needs something & he helps. Always. He calls me his princess.My dad is not intimidating. He's quiet and reserved. He tells the best jokes ever. Even though he's the only one that understands them. He's witty. & he is the sweetest dad anyone could ever ask for! I love him!
My mom is equally awesome. She is funny, friendly & fabulous. She is a girly girl. A hard worker. My mom is a listener, but also a solver. She always comes up with solutions to issues. She is wise. Her & I are alike. We even pick stuff up off the floor the same. Like old ladies. The backs don't bend, don't judge. She is so helpful. She, like my dad, is also very service oriented. She's so creative & crafty! She made me this adorable little wedding scrapbook thing to keep all my notes & phone numbers & swatches & samples in. My mom is sentimental, so am I. I love that about her. She loves me & is very involved in my life. She never has a shortage of questions for what is going on in my life. We talk atleast 10x a day. We send a million e-mails back and forth while I'm at work in the morning. Text all afternoon & then sometimes talk on the phone too. I've got to admit, I'm not a huge phone talking fan. She doesn't tell as many jokes as my dad, however, we do understand some of hers. I love her!
Happy Mother's & Father's Day Ma & Pa!


Mmmm Nummy.
I love apples. But just the ones just right. The second row from the left is the one I would be demolishing right now if this wasn't just a picture. Red apples=too soggy. Green apples=too sour. Yellow apples=I have no idea. Mixed apples, or I like to call them Milano apples,=juuuuuuust right!
Except my milano apples from Winco are soggy today...but food is food!


The perfect pair...

of wedding shoes.
I'm not picky. All I'm looking for is the:
perfect height
perfect color
perfect style
perfect design
perfect price
perfect material
That's not too much to ask, right?
I wish I could pick and choose what happens in my life.
I would quite prefer that.
Is there a list that I can decide from what I want dealt into my hand of playing cards?


Teton Dam.

Wes running the Teton Dam Marathon in Idaho.
Me, Wes, Amanda, Eric, Chelsi, & Tyler.
It's so funny because at the beginning of May I went to Wes' apartment & Amanda, Chelsi & Melissa were over at his apartment. They were Kristin's roomates when she was at BYU-I. Wes after the marathon. He's amazing! I made a shirt.



Last night I saw the most beautiful sky I have probably ever seen. There was a huge storm clouds over the Salt Lake Valley that I could see from Northern Utah, & the whole clump of clouds was orange & there was a complete rainbow coming out over the mountain range.
It was beautiful.
Camera turned into Best Buy.
=no pictures.
All the guys in the car got a picture though.



So, I've heard bangs are flirty. I've never been on the whole bang-train. BUT I'm taking a poll... should I cut bangs? Not the straight across kind, but some good ol' swoop bangs! Thoughts?


He responded.

"Oh hey I'm totally fine with getting some bunnies . . . . As long as you're okay with me getting some target practice out of the deal lol."
Point made.

Boys v. Girls.

One of my aunts & uncles in Florida have a farm with lots of animals.
Because of that, I always had a pet bunny.
Weston hogtied & hunted rabbits.
I saw this little treasure on craigslist.
Cage, shots, food, waterbottle, feeder all included in the FREE cost.
This is my text to Weston this morning:
"I found a free bunny on craigslist! It has a cage, feeder, water, has all it's shot & it's so cute! Can we keep it? Can we? Can we?!"
I'm still waiting for a response...
p.s. that nasty eye infection is back again..only every other week this whole summer. & last winter. & last fall. PARTY!


I went down to Orangeville yesterday where Momma Joan & I worked on a lot of wedding stuff. & we practiced cake pops for the wedding. They turned out AWESOME, by the way.
I drove back at 11 & pulled into my complex at 1. I climbed out of the car and my phone fell off my lap...right into the only puddle around for miles. It was a joke. I was so tired. I picked it up rubbed it off & stuck it in my back pocket. I went inside inspected the battery, no water got in that or the charger area or anything. It leaked a little in the screen, but it was good. I plugged it to the charger & slept. Woke up this morning & apparently it doesn't charge. Hmm. problem.


Too bad it only happens once!

All though, I'm sure my parents would disagree! But wedding planning is FUN! My mom has all the bridesmaids dresses almost finished! Let you tell you the awesomeness of my mom! She is sewing Jes' dress for her wedding in July, almost finished with it, she just started it last week. She roooocks. She is sewing my center pieces & table cloths, bridesmaid dresses, & my wedding dress. Freaking awesome. She is also making the decorations & we're making the food for the receptions. I am so excited. It is a homemade wedding! Things done: Engaged: Check Photographers: Check (hey, Syd!) Bridesmaid Dresses: Check (almost) Wedding Dress Design: Check (I'm sure it'll change in different ways before it's finished) Honeymoon: Check Apartment search: Underway (If anyone knows anyone with a well insulated apartment in Provo/Springville/Orem/Pleasant Grove, etc, that is wanting to sell in August a contract that goes until December, let me know!) Invitation/Announcements: Check Colors: Check Reception Places: Check It is so fun! xoxo2.5more


I'm "Officially" Engaged!

I went up to Rexburg again this weekend! Friday night Wes & I had 2 wedding receptions up in Ogden. They were both so fun! He was the best man in the line at John's wedding, afterwards, we 'decorated' the car & then headed down to Kaysville for Kory's wedding. It was beautiful! That night we grabbed dinner then drove up to IF. Got there at about 3am....GaeLynn & Shane let us crash at their place. We hung out with Lisa the next mornin then headed out to Rexburg. Partied there, then cheered for Anthony's basketball team. It was so fun!

This, ladies & gentlemen, is the man of my dreams. We went for a drive to watch the Dark Knight. He pulled into the temple! hahaha I was like, weird, Wes! He pulled out his laptop to watch it & then he played a movie he made of our pictures & songs, & gave me 3 bunches of flowers to go along with it. It was so sweet & he made it so personal & sentimental. I loved it. He then pulled out the ring & I didn't even look at it hahah I just hugged and kissed him, I didn't even look at it until he had walked around the Jeep & got down on his knee. I just about died & went to heaven, I was so happy. It is BEAUTIFUL! Me wearing the ring holding the flowers! Sooo excited! & so windy! It's my favorite ring ever! It's a floating diamond! So beautiful. It's just a wiiittle big. but I'm going to get it resized today! They can resize it while it's still on my finger, right? Wes gave this to me as my first wedding present. I just about died. I love him. He knows how much I hate loose hairs everywhere. & he knows how much I shed. He's so thoughtful. I died laughing when he pulled this out.

Look how happy she is to have a "Hairstopper"! The flowers hangin upside down in my apartment drying out! I am so excited to marry Weston.

September 3 cannot come soon enough.




Last night driving back from the wedding receptions Wes told me how he was telling his roomate Tyler a couple days ago how I think Will Smith is so hot. bahahahah I died laughing & told him how I wrote a blog post about it that day. He laughed too...amongst making fun of me for being a blogging nerd....but you read this, don't you mom? xoxofaaaaabulous!


Our First Furniture

We got our first piece of furniture this week.
It's not anything special. It's a simple table & chairs. But we got the whole set for $30. I found it on BYU-I's craigslist website. Wes went & checked it out & bought it last night. I'm so excited! What a STEAL!

It doesn't look too big, I think the fact that Wes was able to take it apart & store the whole thing in th Geo says a lot about that. hahahaha

I love it though! We have our own kitchen table!

& Wes' parent's gave him his queen bed as a gift a while ago. SOOOO, they are so kindly letting us take that into our marriage as well! So, now we have a bed & a kitchen table! Hoorah!



This is awesome.

I remember reading in a magazine a year or so ago that they are remaking Footloose with Zac Efron & Karate Kid with Jaden Smith (THE Will Smith's son).

Now if any of you know me. I am in LOVE with Will Smith. He seems like a really great person.

Anyway, this is a song with Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith. It's so fun. It's from the new Karate Kid.

Favorite line "No pun intended, was raised with the power of Will".


Memorial Day

My Grandpa Dean earned a purple heart when he served in the Army in WWII. More uncles & cousins on both sides of my family served in the Navy, Airforce & more Army folks. My family is so big, I'm sure there are people & branches I'm forgetting, sorry!
Wes' Grandpa was also in the Army, his dad in the Navy & now he is in the U.S. Navy as well. Grandpa Brink gives a speech on Memorial day down at a cemetary down in Bicknell, UT about the true meaning of Memorial Day. This Memorial Day we were able to go down & listen. It was awesome!
(my phone was busted that day, so these are all from my phone)
Grandpa brink during the Pledge of Alliegance.

Wes, Grandpa Brink & I.

Papa Dave, Grandpa Brink & Wes.
Kell, Me & Tash.

Lazy Like A Sunday Afternoon

I love Sunday afternoons with this boy. I cannot wait until we're married & don't have to drive 9 hours every weekend.
Until then, though, the drive is totally worth it.


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