4th of July.

First of all, this photo rocks...photoshopped? I can't tell. Did anyone notice the dog?
Okay, now on to talk about my favorite holiday.
I have forever loved the 4th of July. It marks the half-way point of summer & is always fun. This year it falls on Sunday, cool, more celebrating! I am so excited for this weekdend! Friday, Wes comes to town (that's always the best day of my week). Saturday, my dearest friend, Sydney, is taking our engagement pictures, then down to O-ville for a family barbecue at the Brinkerhoffs. & When I say family, I mean, mine & Weston's family! His sister, Melissa, is dating my cousin, Trevor! Then back up to Provo for the Stadium of fire fireworks that night. It will surely be a paaaarty! Then Sunday church & a bbq w/ sister & friends! I'm sure there will be fireworks that night & then Monday is my birthday!
My favorite day of the year! Ever since I was a little kid, I have just been so excited for Birthdays! In my fam, we always have an awesome family dinner followed with cake & ice cream & then usually home videos. I love birthdays. In high school I was the only summer birthday & my friends would all pitch in to get a double decker pontoon boat & we'd all go out on Percy Priest. It was my favorite memories of my high school career! So many fun memories from my childhood, too, we'd always have pool parties, or water slides, or some fun thing that had to do with water. because we can, because it's summer! I love summer! Wow, I talked about my birthday for a long time.
I don't have high expectations, but the day in itself is exciting to me!


  1. Rachel...soo fun to hear about your fun fun times! You sound so happy and joyful, and you should be! Makes me so happy!

  2. I enjoyed so much reading about your fun times ahead, your fun memories of good times in the past and it was quite uplifting for everyone that read it, I'm sure, Rachel! I understand about B-Days, I get it totally! People my age, gripe about B-Days but not me! I love my birthday, too! It comes at a pleasant time of year (September), my favorite time of indian summer and heading into fall! Also, my family always makes my b-days so fun that I really look forward to it. No sweating, another year older, either! definately, another year wiser, too!


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