Funny Observation

Okay. So, there's something really funny that I've picked up on. At the health center, it's sometimes kind of awkward when a guy comes in to check in for an appointment with his wife or girlfriend. There are usually 2 different kind of scenarios. Either the wife is super friendly & smiley towards me too, or the wife just stands off and stares at me waiting for me to wink at her husband or something. It's awkward. It doesn't just happen at the health center & I know it doesn't just happen to me. But whenever I see body language like that, I always want to say, "Relax." The other day I was in the customer service line at target. When I came up to a line there was a couple in front of me that just got married. I was standing behind them & they were talking, they were standing apart from eachother. The girl, then looked back & we made very awkward eye contact. & then she grabbed her husbands hand, pulled him into hug her & then kissed him. I felt really uncomfortable. I don't know if she did that to feel better. Or to send me messages not to look at her husband or WHAT, but it was awkward. I think that stuff is funny. I don't know what goes through their heads when they do stuff like that. I just think it's funny. & uncomfortable to me.
I'm pretty sure Michelle is giving someone that look right here.
Just kidding. I just like pictures.
p.s. this is my 400th post!


  1. hahahahahahaha that picture is great, &I totally know what you mean! Sometimes I just want to be like, "Um, don't worry. I wouldn't ever be interested."
    Some people are just crazy &think everyone is after their man, their job their life... everything.

  2. Hahaha.... that's a great picture with a great post. Good job, Rach! and next time someone gives you a look, just hold up your left hand casually.

  3. Yeah, I had situations like that all the time when I worked at a restaurant in Rexburg.


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