Lifetime updates!
I haven't been fillin anyone in on what I've been doin!
We had a work party babyshower for Heather!
She had her baby last Friday.
She was 7lbs 6oz & 18".
She named her Rylee.
Pictures were sent around work. She's adorable!
The week before that the family came to visit! It was a PAARTAY. Stolworthy style, of course! We even put-putted. which totally rocked!
Weston & I practiced our gymnastics at the movie theater.
I might've kicked him in the face, don't know.
Spence & I at the family reunion Aunt Kay put together!
Weston & I at the family reunion!
It was so fun having Wes there, & letting all the family grill him. Even though, I'm pretty sure he got off pretty easy!
Got lots of necessary Krugh time. He's only the worlds cutest baby. With a red-haired mohawk.
Wes & I went hiking up in the Palisades last weekend. It was so fun.
Took this on the way back from our 13 mile hike!
See the moose in the marshylands behind us?
Wes & I on a cliff!
I live a very blessed life. I am constantly being influence and guided by all the awesome people in my life. I handle things going on quietly...for the most part. & so generally, a friend or even stranger, says something that is so extremely helpful that lifts me up & I realize they are put in my life for a reason! I am blessed with the most incredible fiance ever. He treats me better than I could have ever imagined to be treated. We have an awesome mutual respect for eachother & have fun everywhere we go. We have wreaked havoc in just about every grocery store in Provo, Rexburg & Idaho falls. Gotten honked at at just about every redlight we've been stopped at. He actually likes holding hands, & doesn't just do it for me. Which is a good thing. because that means we can do it forever. We've seen the good, the bad, the ugly of both of us & we still love eachother. It's a relationship that totally rocks & I can't wait to marry him. Saturday we're comin up on an 8 week countdown. Weird. I'm excited.


  1. First of all, you are cute! I LOVE your clever writing. I love the stories about you and Weston and the fun you have together! Those are memories to be cherished forever and more of those are to come! I love your wrap up xoxo's...always so cute and clever! I am glad "angels" are put in your life also! And holding hands is the greatest!

  2. Kari, you rock! What a great little message you left for our "Precious"! I can only add ditto, ditto, and ditto on all counts! I've had angels in my life, too, and where would we be without them!


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