Boys v. Girls.

One of my aunts & uncles in Florida have a farm with lots of animals.
Because of that, I always had a pet bunny.
Weston hogtied & hunted rabbits.
I saw this little treasure on craigslist.
Cage, shots, food, waterbottle, feeder all included in the FREE cost.
This is my text to Weston this morning:
"I found a free bunny on craigslist! It has a cage, feeder, water, has all it's shot & it's so cute! Can we keep it? Can we? Can we?!"
I'm still waiting for a response...
p.s. that nasty eye infection is back again..only every other week this whole summer. & last winter. & last fall. PARTY!

1 comment:

  1. We have bunnies. They are so dang fun.

    We have chickies and duckies, and kitties...

    Farm life is fun.


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