Memorial Day

My Grandpa Dean earned a purple heart when he served in the Army in WWII. More uncles & cousins on both sides of my family served in the Navy, Airforce & more Army folks. My family is so big, I'm sure there are people & branches I'm forgetting, sorry!
Wes' Grandpa was also in the Army, his dad in the Navy & now he is in the U.S. Navy as well. Grandpa Brink gives a speech on Memorial day down at a cemetary down in Bicknell, UT about the true meaning of Memorial Day. This Memorial Day we were able to go down & listen. It was awesome!
(my phone was busted that day, so these are all from my phone)
Grandpa brink during the Pledge of Alliegance.

Wes, Grandpa Brink & I.

Papa Dave, Grandpa Brink & Wes.
Kell, Me & Tash.

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