My friend, Shelby, shared this video this morning. I absolutely loved it! Thought I'd share it as well.
Babies are on the brain


38 Weeks!

Good golly that's a big belly.
9.5 months, folks, almost there!
Saturday I did not feel well at all. That was the day we were planning on making all of our food to freeze. So instead, that night we took on Walmart & then Sunday did all the cooking. I have been wanting to do this throughout the pregnancy, but finding the energy was a little challenging. We knew we had to make it happen this weekend & we totally did. I was so proud of us.
Saturday night we went to Walmart & hunted down our goods. 
 Lots of cans of beans & tomatoes, etc.
It was exhausting & completely rewarding.
We got everything laid out & separated that night.
 Weston eating the last drips of soup from the pot.
He looks a little tired. Poor guy. I mostly did all my food prep at the kitchen table. He was our little tazmanian devil doing tons of dishes between stirring this & flipping that to keep the whole process moving.
Total stud.
Our end result was 2  9x13 pans of chicken & rice, 3 9x13 pans of enchiladas, & a ton of bags of stew & bean soups.
Now THAT is a lot of food.
We are thinking of making my sister's Basil Tomato soup this weekend, because we know it freezes really well & it's delicious. You can get the recipe HERE. As well as maybe a couple more casseroles.  It was a really fun process & by Sunday night I felt like I might not wake up for a week after going to bed, but man, we felt so good to have that checked off our pre-baby list. 
I was feeling bad having my mom stay with us & be a cooking & cleaning minion. Don't get me wrong, she is so sweet & so helpful & I'm sure more than happy to do that stuff, but I just want to make sure that her trip is more enjoyable!
Here is my belly right now. No full shots, because I looked like a hot mess, so I hope this is accurate enough for you. I feel really big & pretty much 0 of my shirts fit. 
Finding items that I can wear to work is both a challenge & simple. I wear the same thing every other day. I literally have 2 things (work approved) that I wear that still fit that I trade off & on & that aren't skirts. Hello cankles. Only 2 more weeks left of work. I've so got this one. My back is murdering me, but honestly, the past few weeks have been better than I've felt at all other times in the pregnancy!

It has truly been awesome to feel a little human again with a little more tiredness & back pain.
I had the fun morning (all day??) sickness through week 14, had a couple weeks of feeling AWESOME & then at week 16 or 17 had awesome sciatica start & that went until about 36 weeks. I'm not kidding. walking, sitting, laying, pretty much everything was painful. Nothing helped it, no tylenol, heat, ice, rubbing. Nothing.
 I have been anxiously waiting this girl & the time really has passed quickly.
The time has passed reeeeeally quickly.
I just have to say I'm really proud of myself for sticking it out & working up till the baby is coming.
I'm so grateful for the medical insurance & benefits we've been able to get through my work.
I'm also so happy that I don't have to work after having her.  The timing has been completely amazing!

I love this little girl that's growing in my tummy. Time has flown since we found out I was pregnant.
From that first night when I took the pregnancy test, just knowing it was going to be negative so I could jump-start things so that our New York medical study would work. & finding out that after 2 years of trying that we were actually pregnant.
Wow, I still look back in that time in awe. It was one of the most special moments we've had.
I am not going to share how, but I knew we were having a girl. I knew before we were pregnant that there was a girl waiting to join our family. I know our little girl is a blessing to us & I am so excited to welcome here here with open arms. I'm just warning all those expecting to hold her...you'll probably have to wait 3 months, because I just have been waiting too long to hold this little one & I think I'll have a problem sharing.

I love that while we were watching a movie yesterday she was moving the entire time. Maybe because it was an intense one with loud noises, but she was squirming EVERYWHERE. I love when she pushes her head out the top left side of my torso. I love when she stretches. I love when she kicks my bladder & other lower organs.  I love feeling her move & get snuggled in for bed with me when we lay down for the night. She's like a little puppy on a warm blanket, squirming around until she finds just the perfect comfy spot.  I love her little face from her 26 week 3D ultrasound. 
(The one from 36 weeks still scares me. She looked mad, mad, mad! Hopefully she doesn't come out scowling, too!)

I love our girl so much & we are so lucky to get her & have her in our family. The time is still flying by & we only have 10 days between right now & her birthday. I am ecstatic!


So, we got Weston's costume a couple Saturday's ago, well the dress & the curtain (apron).
Halloween came along & I dressed up for work. I loved being Gus Gus. & I love Gus Gus, cutest mouse there is. 
Weston was such a good sport & played Cinderella.  We dressed up to go to the ward party that was right after I got off work. But I really REALLY wasn't feeling up for it. My calves, ankles & feet were swollen to an oblivion. It was pretty uncomfortable. So, instead we went to the pharmacy & then the grocery store. It was WILD. But then we watched 2 movies that night acting like we had no where to be the next morning. We watched a scary movie on TV & then started Hocus Pocus, but only made it half way through.
It was a good Halloween & a very relaxing evening!

< 3 weeks

Because of a couple complications, we had to return our other car seat, but Weston's parents got us a car seat! How nice is that? & now it fits in our stroller, too!
 I washed all our burp rags & newborn clothes yesterday, too!
I hope she doesn't expect to be wearing pants!
She doesn't have any, but we'll keep her warm in booties & blankets! 
She does have a couple adorable footie jammies, though! So so sweet!
Have you seen tinier socks? They fit on Weston's thumb tip. So sweet & little. 
This is our scene on Halloween evening outside of our house. Wow, I love where we live. Salem has really been heaven for us. 
I did  not enhance or edit any of these pictures, either.

We have 2 Saturdays between now & when our girl is here, at the latest. It is kind of surreal. I have an appointment to get my hair done on Friday. Hallelujah. Can you say overdone? It's been 5 months. We also plan to go see Ender's Game this weekend with some great ticket vouchers we were given!
Then the weekend after that we have to stay in Salem, because Weston is on call with the ambulance, so that will be our DEEP clean weekend. We will gut & deep deep clean that week. Then Friday night before the baby comes I plan on using our other ticket vouchers we just won through work (Thanks, Jen!) to go see The Hunger Games. We thought it was the perfect Baby Eve event.

The time is ticking & I keep thinking how I'm perfectly content for this girl to stay in until her intended date.  I'm sore & stiff, but feel like there's a lot more to accomplish before she comes! It's hard to have the stamina after work to gut through the house, etc! But I do what I can & then the rest either goes undone, or, in most cases, Weston picks up the slack. He's seriously awesome. He's the greatest sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, dishes doing husband. Man I got lucky in the spouse department. He's totally awesome!

I also have some sewing projects I need to finish, too. I might add onto that list to make her some little pants. I feel like I'm sewing doll clothes when I sew for her. I love it!
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