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Because of a couple complications, we had to return our other car seat, but Weston's parents got us a car seat! How nice is that? & now it fits in our stroller, too!
 I washed all our burp rags & newborn clothes yesterday, too!
I hope she doesn't expect to be wearing pants!
She doesn't have any, but we'll keep her warm in booties & blankets! 
She does have a couple adorable footie jammies, though! So so sweet!
Have you seen tinier socks? They fit on Weston's thumb tip. So sweet & little. 
This is our scene on Halloween evening outside of our house. Wow, I love where we live. Salem has really been heaven for us. 
I did  not enhance or edit any of these pictures, either.

We have 2 Saturdays between now & when our girl is here, at the latest. It is kind of surreal. I have an appointment to get my hair done on Friday. Hallelujah. Can you say overdone? It's been 5 months. We also plan to go see Ender's Game this weekend with some great ticket vouchers we were given!
Then the weekend after that we have to stay in Salem, because Weston is on call with the ambulance, so that will be our DEEP clean weekend. We will gut & deep deep clean that week. Then Friday night before the baby comes I plan on using our other ticket vouchers we just won through work (Thanks, Jen!) to go see The Hunger Games. We thought it was the perfect Baby Eve event.

The time is ticking & I keep thinking how I'm perfectly content for this girl to stay in until her intended date.  I'm sore & stiff, but feel like there's a lot more to accomplish before she comes! It's hard to have the stamina after work to gut through the house, etc! But I do what I can & then the rest either goes undone, or, in most cases, Weston picks up the slack. He's seriously awesome. He's the greatest sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, dishes doing husband. Man I got lucky in the spouse department. He's totally awesome!

I also have some sewing projects I need to finish, too. I might add onto that list to make her some little pants. I feel like I'm sewing doll clothes when I sew for her. I love it!

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  1. Those horse and mountain pictures are AMAZING!!! You need to make them into posters and sell them to all the horse-lovers out there...i.e. ME! :)


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