First of all, check out this nice 4 1/2 footer I nearly ran over while it was sun bathing on the pavement in my neighborhood. Drivin' down the street it looked like a piece of trash, I was goin to straddle it, then decided to drive to the side. I was droppin Spence off @ Ben's on my way to work so he was in the car. When I realized it was a snake, I slammed on the brakes, "OH MY GOSH! That's not trash" hahaha I am so glad I didn't straddle it or I would have smooshed the beautiful rattlesnake! hahah I probably should've, but I snatched my camera from of my purse, jumped out of the car and told Spence to turn on the cautions. It looked like he's been sun-bathing for too long. He burnt his tail and by that I mean charcoaled it.
The grass was a test from Spence to see if the snake was alive. It was.
I wanted to get a picture with the snake, but thinking twice I realized that a snake bite would make me late for work, so I opted not too, but told Spence that when drivin' home that night, if it was road kill, I was all over that photo-op. That's #2 reason in a million not to camp in TN: The thriving snake population, copperheads, water moccasins, rattles, etc, we've got em all! Too bad they're not pokemon. Work has been goin really well this past week. I've gotten past the miserable part. Starting work is always awful because you feel awkward and stiff, but my coworkers love me, as I do, them. It's fabulous, I close with Katelyn just about every night, and she makes me do all the physical work...I'm always exhausted when I get off and sometimes it makes me a little buggy, but then again it's a nice mini-workout, right? Also, not only am I incredibly blessed to HAVE a job, but the 30 minute drive is breath-taking every time. There is no place like Tennessee, I could tell anyone, but you won't understand until you see the real-deal. This is my ENTIRE drive until I get to the store where I work. Just me, my music and the farms.


1 of a million reasons not to camp in TN

And this is just one of the bird sized bugs that thrive here.... I was lucky to have caught it on film, I stepped over it after getting home from work not realizing it was there. Then I had a mini heart-attack imagining what if it had gotten scared and flown up my skirt as I stepped over it. I probably would've died from cardiac arrest, which would be a shame since I wouldn't be able to blog anymore. First person to google what this bug is gets brownie points. Oh and please disregard my red thumb, it is from tie dying girls camp shirts w/ my mom a couple nights ago. xoxo


Memorial Day

It started at 8am with cleanin cleanin cleanin up the yard. Spencer weed-whacked all the spots on the property that couldn't be mowed (a lot) and chase and I moved trash from piles of trash and storage stuff from our garage down to grandmothers. and trash up into our garage. There is now a big dump pile and all the other building materials are stored downstairs. I did some raking and dad did some leaf relocating. It was pretty fun. The fact that it's been raining and thunderstorming for the past week+ helps add to the thrill of cleanup. All the cardboard was fantastically soggy. All the building pallates were covered in spiders. I told them that was the job I could not do. Chase did a few and then Dad took care of the rest. Dad got a little too into his Rodney Atkins and took a slip in the mud. He didn't skip a beat and kept on sawin! Spencer was 'magically delicious' (mom's words) by the end of the workin day! Came across a snake during cleanup! Tractor Time! Later in the evening we had a fabulous barbecue with the Widmans, Sherwoods and Raymonds. It was so fun! The fabulou spread! Mom worked hard to get the inside of the house all spick and span. Her and Grandmother also slaved over the fabulous food provided! I was so tired from that morning/afternoons work, but even after I got in bed at 12:30 I still wanted to read my fabulous book, I hadn't realized how tired I was utill I woke up later with the crease of the book squishing my nose. xoxo


Favorite Author

Jodi Picoult
Read anything and everything by her. I PROMISE you will not be let down. I read My Sister's Keeper and Plain Truth last summer. AMAZING. Also, apparently My Sister's Keeper is being turned into a movie? I saw a movie trailer for it last week. Lame, I hope it doesn't butcher the book. Ms. Picoult captures such controversial topics so gracefully. Thought-provoking books. I picked up Nineteen Minutes today and I am SO excited to start. However, I need to make sure my room is clean and that I have a full morning free before I start reading her books because they are serious page turners. Regards family, relationships, love, ethics and loooots more! My next one is going to be "Handle With Care", followed by "The Tenth Circle" and then "Change of Heart."

Words of Wisdom

We have necks and, therefore, are unstoppable. There ARE people in the world who do NOT have necks. #1 be: BE GRATEFUL. (no sarcasm in that, promise) xoxo


Time for bed, buuuut....

So You Think You Can Dance deserves a holler. Best reality show EVER. It's the American Idol of dancing, except the audition episodes aren't half as painful. And way to go for Niegel taking his stand against the 'same-sex dance partners', yeah, not okay. I mean, so extreme that you can't even dance w/ a girl? hmmm Anyway, everyone should watch that show, it's great. I love watching everyone dance! p.s. work was fabulous today. (an attitude adjustment is necessary every once in a while)


It's been a while

I just wanted to share my favorite bumper sticker I've come across lately.
I saw this one on the way to work. Summer has been good. I'm loving being home. I've loved every second of I've been able to spend with my mom. However, I have not really liked my job. at all. BUT, it's my attitude that makes everything. Regardless, work minutes seem to only creep by, but my mindset sets my mood for AFTER work. Sorry I haven't really blogged lately, I've kept everything pretty mundane, my own choice, of course. I like it, it's a nice change of pace, or atleast it was right when I got home from school, but now I'm goin to pick up some projects. Project empty all the boxes in my closet from the past 2 moves and sift through it (I've been avoiding that project). Project make a skirt with my mom and fix and hem some other items of clothing. Institute has been the hightlight of my weeks. I'm so thrilled for it every Wednesday night. I've been going home every week I've been home and not working since I graduated high school and every time I go I think to myself, wow, how could I have even considered missing this? I just learned something that I can use to completely change this around or this around. Brother Halverson is the most awesome institute teacher ever. THANK YOU CES FOR PUTTING HIM IN TENNESSEE! He teaches institute in nashville, clarksville and murfreesboro. Last night there were girls that came from mcminnville for the class. About 2.5+hrs, my 35 min trek doesn't even compare! This summer's institute curriculum is on Celestial marriage. Whoa. Pretty intense stuff, but awesome lessons and, again, learning tons! So, let me give you the map out for the rest of my suuuuummmmeeeerrrr! (It's goin to be pretty sweet! Well I'm into my 3rd week of work (hahah I can't believe it's been that short) I have 1 month left and Dani gets home! Then my family goes to the beach for a week! It'll be my first time not going to a beach down in fla, ms or tx, etc. This time we're goin to the EAST COAST! Holla Syd Then only 1 or 2 weeks later, Syd will be heeeereeee! Taking another week off for that (my work hates me for it haha sooorry). Then it'll be July 11. Then I'll work for 4 more weeks and then... Provo bound.... holy hannah! I'm so excited! I do feel bad for complaining about my job, because I know a lot of friends are having a hard time finding a job they'd like because the economy is bad. So I am so grateful to have one that I can work and earn moolah! I am also so glad to be home, because this will be my last summer at home, I'm thinkin...so, I've got to live it up! And Bella and I went on a couple walks yesterday! So glad to have the sunshine. It rained and stormed for about 4 weeks, with a few spirts of sunlight in between, but I think the sun is here to stay!


Nostalgia Pt. II

Well, since yesterday was Mother's Day and all the missionaries called home, this is a shout out to all my boys on missions! They're spread allll across the globe! Jason James Sandvik-Guam/Ponphei Elder Daniel Carver-Phoenix Arizona David Drake-Kobe Japan Cory Clements-Nagoya Japan Andrew White-New Orleans Louisiana Mac Cobb-Lisbon Portugal Mac Misseldine-Detroit Michigan (Yes, he has been held at gunpoint) Mitch Sherwood-San Bernardino, California Joshua Michael Allan-North Denver Colorado Jason Harry Munns-Oaxaca Mexico Manaaki Vaitai-Las Vegas Nevada DSC01352.JPG Devon Douglas Moser-Lima South Peru Andrew Ray-Las Vegas Thomas HutchisonNew Zealand Bryan Ray-Ukraine Joel Reichert-Guadalajara Mexico Jeffrey Potter-Athens Greece Corey Astle Corey Astle-Athens Greece Elder Jacob Mclaws-Taiwan Taipai Kaneakua Friel-South Africa and there's others I've missed I'm sure, buuut these are just some of my favorites xoxo


So, I've been home in Franklin coming on 3 weeks now (whoa!) and since I've been home I've been looking through old photo albums, etc. My best friend Mitch is on his mission in California setting a wonderful legacy when he gets there! Missionaries get to call their families on Christmas and Mother's Day. I got to talk to Mitch yesterday, and it was the best thing...EVER! I am so excited for him to come home, as I get so excited for him to come home I know it will not and cannot be the same, it made me really sad, I miss him a lot. HOWEVER , it will be wonderful to have him back, regardless! It hasn't been very healthy, but Franklin is full of memories for me, unintentionally I go back to all the old spots. It makes me ache for those times again, BUT no worries, it's totally rad bein where I am, but remiscing is fun and a tiny bit sad every once in a while! Paramore summed it up perfectly: xoxo


You know what this is about....

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I am walking proof that the apple does NOT fall far from the tree!


Happy Birthday!!!!

Dad's birthday meal! Yum!! Birthday Boy!
So a few years ago for my dad's birthday I wrote his wrong age on the card....yeah i'm that thoughtful. SO, this year I decided to ask him what age he's turned today, he said he's reaching 25 or 26, I could not believe he's gotten that old! Where have the years gone? :) Happy Birthday Dad!! I love you and think the world of you!!! because Dani depicted him perfectly (and i'm sleepy and a lazy blogger) check out a little bit about my wonderful Dad riiiiiiight here! xoxo


Phone's Eye View

So, I got a new phone in December when the old contract was up, and this one has a camera! I randomly pull it out, some pictures are just plain unpresentable, but are funny to me, others are random from different pit stops. In high school my camera was always with me. I still carry my camera with me everywhere, yet sometimes I need to leave it at home because I become the historian for everyone around me, so sometimes I've got to get a break. (not in chronological order) Here are some of my favorite phone pictures and mini-stories attached: Layover in the Denver airport, waiting anxiously at the gate to board the plane. Flying home for probably my trip home I have been MOST excited for. 4/22/09 Nappers: Syd and Brandon Syd gettin her hair did at kristie's and Jakey's feet! Syd's nice and shares her nephew with me! Pranks Out with the (1 yr) old in with the new Fabulous night with Weston my last week in provo and some sick snow from the week before xoxo


Blog is workin yo.

It's working!!!
So first a little blurb for the puppy. She's a doll. She definitely respects Momma, I, on the other hand, am currently playing the role of the chew toy during this teething process. p.s. i'm a little obsessed with her and have taken about a million pictures of her so far. I regret not taking more of Chloe! The night I got home: Dad's enjoyed the pooch too. She's irresistible and so cuddly! My mom and I took a little trip to Florida! It was so fabulous! The drive was quick and painless. Took a little longer on our way down and we lost an hour goin into Florida. It was so nice catching up with Mom. We had so much fun talking and good thing, because since I have left for school, especially, mom has stopped listening to country and we are now on 2 completely different music pages. That's fine. We visited lots of family and friends! We started out in Clearwater where Momma was born and raised and where we lived when I was little. We stayed with the Clawsons the night we got there. We went to church the next morning and saw talked with a lot of friends, that I don't remember. That afternoon we went to the house we lived in when I was little and her childhood home, we even talkedwith her old neighbors who still live there, it was an awesome visit! We headed around to other landmarks like Grandaddy's office! Didn't get many pictures in Clearwater, but here's a couple. Sunday night my Mom and I headed up to Kissimee to stay at the Disney World resorts! She found an awesome deal on that hotel! We went to a kiosk Monday morning and bought (later found out) illegal disney tickets. They are tickets that people bought in packages, but sold the remaining days to the pedalers. We got parkhoppers for $50....ummm just for ya'll who don't know how expensive Disney world is, for a one park/one day pass it's normally $80. We had SUCH a great time. Turns out Mom was smart enough to investigate the tickets and we found out our tickets had more days on them! We got a day 2 Disney trip! Tuesday night we drove to St. Cloud in Orlando to visit Uncle David and Aunt Lorna! It was a fabulous visit! Aunt Lorna just had a knee replacement 1.5 mos ago and was walkin around fabulously! Wednesday morning we drove over to Palatka and stayed with Great-Grandmother! She's so fabulous! She's had some health issues, but has been healing and put on some weight (much to her dismay), but she looks good and it was so great to see her so healthy again! She is a doll and the poster-woman of classiness! It was such a great visit, she's still sharp as a tack at 89 yrs old (correct me if I'm wrong on that age). A true southern-belle. Please excuse my extremely rough appearance, but I dropped my mom off @ this sick-nasty gas stop to take a little pit-stop and she climbed back into the car introducing me to this perfect photo-op.
alrighty, well I hope ya'll enjoyed this little update!
p.s. I am excited for the Miss Diana Gardner to make her appearance in Nashville tomorrow! xoxo
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