Phone's Eye View

So, I got a new phone in December when the old contract was up, and this one has a camera! I randomly pull it out, some pictures are just plain unpresentable, but are funny to me, others are random from different pit stops. In high school my camera was always with me. I still carry my camera with me everywhere, yet sometimes I need to leave it at home because I become the historian for everyone around me, so sometimes I've got to get a break. (not in chronological order) Here are some of my favorite phone pictures and mini-stories attached: Layover in the Denver airport, waiting anxiously at the gate to board the plane. Flying home for probably my trip home I have been MOST excited for. 4/22/09 Nappers: Syd and Brandon Syd gettin her hair did at kristie's and Jakey's feet! Syd's nice and shares her nephew with me! Pranks Out with the (1 yr) old in with the new Fabulous night with Weston my last week in provo and some sick snow from the week before xoxo


  1. whoa bella's got some serious floppage going on there!

  2. ahahahahahahahaha i hate you. you're dead to me.

  3. Love Jakey's feet! Too cute!


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