It's been a while

I just wanted to share my favorite bumper sticker I've come across lately.
I saw this one on the way to work. Summer has been good. I'm loving being home. I've loved every second of I've been able to spend with my mom. However, I have not really liked my job. at all. BUT, it's my attitude that makes everything. Regardless, work minutes seem to only creep by, but my mindset sets my mood for AFTER work. Sorry I haven't really blogged lately, I've kept everything pretty mundane, my own choice, of course. I like it, it's a nice change of pace, or atleast it was right when I got home from school, but now I'm goin to pick up some projects. Project empty all the boxes in my closet from the past 2 moves and sift through it (I've been avoiding that project). Project make a skirt with my mom and fix and hem some other items of clothing. Institute has been the hightlight of my weeks. I'm so thrilled for it every Wednesday night. I've been going home every week I've been home and not working since I graduated high school and every time I go I think to myself, wow, how could I have even considered missing this? I just learned something that I can use to completely change this around or this around. Brother Halverson is the most awesome institute teacher ever. THANK YOU CES FOR PUTTING HIM IN TENNESSEE! He teaches institute in nashville, clarksville and murfreesboro. Last night there were girls that came from mcminnville for the class. About 2.5+hrs, my 35 min trek doesn't even compare! This summer's institute curriculum is on Celestial marriage. Whoa. Pretty intense stuff, but awesome lessons and, again, learning tons! So, let me give you the map out for the rest of my suuuuummmmeeeerrrr! (It's goin to be pretty sweet! Well I'm into my 3rd week of work (hahah I can't believe it's been that short) I have 1 month left and Dani gets home! Then my family goes to the beach for a week! It'll be my first time not going to a beach down in fla, ms or tx, etc. This time we're goin to the EAST COAST! Holla Syd Then only 1 or 2 weeks later, Syd will be heeeereeee! Taking another week off for that (my work hates me for it haha sooorry). Then it'll be July 11. Then I'll work for 4 more weeks and then... Provo bound.... holy hannah! I'm so excited! I do feel bad for complaining about my job, because I know a lot of friends are having a hard time finding a job they'd like because the economy is bad. So I am so grateful to have one that I can work and earn moolah! I am also so glad to be home, because this will be my last summer at home, I'm thinkin...so, I've got to live it up! And Bella and I went on a couple walks yesterday! So glad to have the sunshine. It rained and stormed for about 4 weeks, with a few spirts of sunlight in between, but I think the sun is here to stay!


  1. whoa what's the license plate? Sorry about the job sitch :( Maybe i just liked it because i rocked it. haha. 28 days until i'm home! Can you believe it? FrankAWESOME doesn't even KNOW what's about to go down. I love sister.

  2. I had a bumper sticker on my Bronco II years ago that said, "Happiness is a belt-fed weapon." I never had trouble with tail-gaters.


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