Favorite Author

Jodi Picoult
Read anything and everything by her. I PROMISE you will not be let down. I read My Sister's Keeper and Plain Truth last summer. AMAZING. Also, apparently My Sister's Keeper is being turned into a movie? I saw a movie trailer for it last week. Lame, I hope it doesn't butcher the book. Ms. Picoult captures such controversial topics so gracefully. Thought-provoking books. I picked up Nineteen Minutes today and I am SO excited to start. However, I need to make sure my room is clean and that I have a full morning free before I start reading her books because they are serious page turners. Regards family, relationships, love, ethics and loooots more! My next one is going to be "Handle With Care", followed by "The Tenth Circle" and then "Change of Heart."


  1. I've been looking for new books to read! I'm always hesitant to try out authors I haven't heard of, especially when they're not children's authors ;) because I'm afraid something sleezy etc will be in there.
    And I saw the trailer for my Sister's Keeper, I didn't know it was a book! That makes me happy because the books are ALWAYS better. :)
    Thanks for the new books Rach!

  2. Plain Truth is my favorite book that i've EVER read. ever. Do you remember how addicted I was to it on our way home for Christmas last year? I saw the trailer for My Sister's Keeper too... i don't know if i'm going to see it though. Aunt Kathy bought me Nineteen Minutes and i read it in Peru. Careful with that one though, there's a lot of bad language since it's about a high school shooting. Have you bought all of those books? Have fun!!

  3. Thank you! Love new books going on my list :)

  4. i LOVE jodi picoult! 19 minutes was FABULOUS, as were all her others.

  5. I have never read this author. Mostly I read non-fiction but recently on my trip to Japan I read two of John Grisham books called THE LAST JUROR and another one with JURY in the title but can't remember the name of it. It made me want to read more of his books. I have read his book THE CLIENT which was made into a movie and also a couple of his other books which I can't remember the titles. Sorry! But he is a very good author and he has been around for a good while now. If you are up for a long read, try PILLARS OF THE EARTH--a fabulous book!

  6. The book I couldn't remember was "The Runaway Jury." Maybe you saw the movie.

    I am such a nerd. I am reading "The American Patriot's Almanac." I try to keep caught up on the dates but the book has a daily reading about somethings patriotic and about American History. By the end of the year, I will have read this thick book and will have learned more about our wonderful country--a goal of mine. The author is William Bennett--a fabulous historian!


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