This week has been full of sweet family &friends. I feel absolutely destroyed though.

I have had earaches that are not steady for about 3 weeks off & on. & I have started having issues sleeping. My hips & back are acting like they're being tortured or something because they're absolutely killing me.

We had our visit yesterday with the doctor & everything is looking SO good! She is so adorable & also measuring 2 weeks ahead! Go figure, they still will not move that due date. I'm all for her coming 2 weeks early, aka on time, though. I fully support her decision if she decides to do that!

Dr. D is so thrilled she's growing so well & that she is still cooking! I'm so proud of our little girl!
Starting a few weeks ago she started getting really squished in my womby womb!
Her kicks aren't felt very easily anymore, instead I feel like my insides are tearing when she stretches!
She is always pushing out on the top left side of my abdomen & what I thought was her bum. I've been pattting & rubbing it for weeks! Just day dreaming of patting her little diaper bum after feeding her.
We found out yesterday I've been patting her on the head. 
Whoops. Mom fail #1.

She literally wakes me up at night & I can feel everything really tight so I'll rub my tummy & there is her noggin pushing out of my stomach like you wouldn't believe. I think Bella & Edward's baby is living in me & clawing out of my stomach. My doctor laughed that this is all happening so early because of my awesome split in half womb!  She's got half the space & I feel like she should be due any second! Nope, definitely have 8 more weeks!

I was pretty sad when I realized she was breech. He called her position Frank Breech.

Apparently she's sitting like an olympic diver in my stomach is how he described it.

Perfect visual.

Hello waist that I once knew, I can't wait to see you again some day.

This morning was kind of a rough morning.
We went to bed & then around midnight Weston got an EMS call that just about gave us both a heart attack. I forgot he was on call!  I finally fell back asleep, but then I kept waking up throughout the night from my hips & back hurting so bad. It was a terrible night's sleep. I almost called into work this morning. BUT we bought tickets from my coworker to the BYU v. MTSU football game tonight. WHICH I'm so excited for!

Thank you mom for raising me not to go do fun things at night if you skip work/school.  That is literally what got me out of bed & to work today. I felt sick about going to the football game after calling in sick to work. Though here I sit feeling like death!

It is also rainy/snowy in Utah right now & I have the dilemma of finding a coat that will go around my pregnant belly. 
We went to Sundance last weekend & rode the chairlift & I looked hilarious with my tiny coat.
I could kind of relate with Aladdin.

He never complained about it in the movie, but I bet he would've liked a bigger vest.

Anyway, I guess I'm feeling a little down, because I was so hopeful our girl would go head down. If people don't understand my womby issues they think I'm stupid for thinking she won't flip. But she is really unlikely to flip at this point. I asked the doctor if they'll do that manhandling procedure to get her to flip. He called the perinatologist. They gave us a big fat nope.

So, I'm praying for a miracle, because I would love to skip out on a c-section folks!

I hope this doesn't sound too mopey. I love our little girl & I really love being pregnant. I love feeling her move & stretch & feeling her little body getting stronger!
I love our baby so much & honestly, I am busting with joy because we have a non stress test in 2 weeks aka we get to see her on the ultrasound machine again! & then we have a growth measurement ultrasound with the Perinatologist 2 weeks after that. I'm so excited for those visits! We've been spoiled with so many ultrasounds & it's been torture not having had one in a month.


Wednesday mornings we wake up & Weston's first loving words are


So, I should not have been surprised when today we were talking about how we're getting to "that point" that we've been talking about for a long time. We tried so long to get pregnant. Our girl comes in < 2 months.

We always talked about when we move to TN.
That's happening in about 3 months.
And we talk about how excited we are for Weston to be finished with his undergrad.
< 3 months.

We were just talking about all the whirlwind life changing events we have coming up & how life has been good & great & is about to be even better.

I love sleep, but I can tell you I already love my baby more.
This baby better realize HOW much love that is!

Anyway, when we were talking about this, Weston told me.
This pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now:

Hmm, I now know exactly how you're feeling.

Seriously, I was rolling on the floor laughing.


Speaking of bows & anti-drugs

PLEASE look at these ADORABLE bows my sister made. I'm drooling over them & cannot wait for them to come in the mail. Seriously, I'll probably wear them. Sorry, baby, they'll be too stretched out for your head when you get here. You'll have to wait a decade or two to wear them.
Seriously, my sister is so talented.
And obviously really nice.
And I'm so lucky to be her only sister. She spoils me so bad.
Also, she's really funny, check out her blog HERE.

Life lately.

Weston & I watched BYU show the Texas Longhorns what's up.
It was seriously a good game, maybe just a little better, too, because I was expecting us to get destroyed by them.
 I am the master multi-tasker. I made these beautiful babies during the game.
Baby headbands are my anti-drug.
 Also, I am just dying over the ripeness of tomatoes right now. I LOVE summer's produce.
We made a lot of salsa last weekend. Unfortunately, it wasn't our best batch, but it was still yummy!
 Wearing my souvenir like a champ.
I cannot figure out how to straighten this picture.
This is our bean's yellowstone souvenir.
The bear is velvet & I love it so much.
 Also, I'm 29 weeks & feeling large & in charge.
Mostly just large though.
SOS, someone tell this baby to grow a LITTLE slower.
On the upside, you can tell from the very athletic look of me in this picture that my back was good enough to go for over a 1.5 mile walk. Before we had to go home for a potty break. I was so happy.
Yesterday was a good day!

Life is good, the baby is growing big & strong, the doctor just loves that she is always swimming & kicking about we have our visits. Little does he know it's all the time when we're not there, too.
She is her father's child.
I seriously love her & love watching my stomach contort as she stretches & pushes her back or bum or whatever limb against my stomach. It's amazing. & very alien-like of her.

Jellystone National Park via my iphone!

Weston & I went to Yellowstone for our 3 year anniversary over Labor Day weekend. If you are planning a wedding. I highly recommend gravitating towards 3 day weekends. It's amazing for anniversary celebrations.

These pictures are all from my phone. I have a trillion more from my real camera, I might get those up here sometime. BUT FOR NOW..

We went camping at Yellowstone & seriously had the greatest time.
We were both a little depressed on the way back. Mostly because we drove the longer route through Jackson Hole, WY so we could see the Tetons...& clouds covered the entire Tetons. Weston has been obsessed with wanting to see those mountains for years. He was really sad about that!

We left Saturday morning & drove up to Yellowstone.
Turns out that being pregnant slows down roadtrips by 25%. Weston was so patient with our thousand potty breaks.
These are roadtrip shades.
Also, make sure stocking stuffers are approved by you before your parents give them to your USA-wear obsessed husband. My mom is full of cruel jokes.
Our first night we went to the bear & wolf exhibition in West Yellowstone.
He thought we smelled tastey.

Our first night we camped at Madison Campground about an hour drive into the park.
We brought 1,000 pillows to stack under my body to help me camp. We had set up the accomodations, but I woke up at about 2 in the morning & couldn't move. It was actually really awful. & I had to go to the bathroom so bad. But literally my sciatic nerve pain was so bad I literally couldn't move. It was a really pathetic scene.  Anyways at about 4 a.m. I was able to move & we relocated to the car. Have I mentioned Weston is so sweet & patient & helpful & awesome?
The next morning we went to Old Faithful first thing.
 You better believe I got this night shirt. 
 That day we had an AWESOME picnic in the most beautiful little location.
 We wanted to go see a waterfall. When we got to the lodge at the trail head someone had a medical emergency down the trail. Weston ran off w/ people to go save the day. It was pretty neat. Love my paramedic man. And the fact that I am really good at entertaining myself.
 That night we went to these awesome sulfur waterfalls.
This is a no judge zone of our hot & sweaty selves. The temperature wasn't that hot, but it was really hot outside. Plus, I'm a human crockpot right now.
We went & found another campground that night, because, unfortuntately it's illegal to sleep anywhere in the park. Otherwise we would have pulled into a turn around spot and slept in our car. Instead we slept in our car at a campground. We got there & roasted our weenies for dinner & chatted for a while, then covered up our windshield w/ a blanket & bundled up in our sleeping bags...in our car.
The next morning we woke up to VERY welcomed cloudy weather.
We have had a really hot summer in Utah & I usually really love warm weather, but seriously, I've been dying.
Well it got to around 32 degrees at night while we were there.
Our sleeping bags rock!
 We drove around the other half of the figure 8 of the park & got to see a lot of neat sites.

 Yellowstone lake is so big! Next time we're bringing our canoe!
 We saw quite a lot of these guys.
 We loved the exhibits in the visitor centers!
 One of my favorite things to see was the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It was gorgeous.
& terrifying.
 Also, no judging the bedheads. 
 I took this picture while we were driving through Cokeville, UT. Naturally we stopped & got our coke's of choice. 

 We had the greatest time. It was such a fun trip & though I acted like quite the invalid, we had an AMAZING time.  The alone time with no technology was SO fun and so refreshing. I love Weston so much & have loved being married to him. Seriously, guys, he is really fun.

We had an unforgettable trip & cannot wait till we can go back, next time with a mini-me strapped to our backs!
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