Wednesday mornings we wake up & Weston's first loving words are


So, I should not have been surprised when today we were talking about how we're getting to "that point" that we've been talking about for a long time. We tried so long to get pregnant. Our girl comes in < 2 months.

We always talked about when we move to TN.
That's happening in about 3 months.
And we talk about how excited we are for Weston to be finished with his undergrad.
< 3 months.

We were just talking about all the whirlwind life changing events we have coming up & how life has been good & great & is about to be even better.

I love sleep, but I can tell you I already love my baby more.
This baby better realize HOW much love that is!

Anyway, when we were talking about this, Weston told me.
This pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now:

Hmm, I now know exactly how you're feeling.

Seriously, I was rolling on the floor laughing.


  1. It's funny how we create these milestones in our lives. They are important and fun to recall. After a G rated movie for Sunday viewing we all dispersed a little early (we have been up too many nights late.) I got on fb and went to see If you lived in Palatka remember page and my sister Kathy and I, a cousin, and others remembered so many things. I spent the rest of the evening remembering my childhood and teen years growing up in Florida in a small town. I even remembered an ice house where we bought ice in huge blocks. That meant we were going to have home made ice cream churned for dessert. Always make your memories good ones to the best of your abilities! You want roses in December! Remember that phrase I use to tell you about, Rachel?

  2. I do remember that, Grandmother! You are so sweet! I love your phrases and expressions! I love that about you! Your words of wisdom and advice are priceless to me! Love you!


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