This week has been full of sweet family &friends. I feel absolutely destroyed though.

I have had earaches that are not steady for about 3 weeks off & on. & I have started having issues sleeping. My hips & back are acting like they're being tortured or something because they're absolutely killing me.

We had our visit yesterday with the doctor & everything is looking SO good! She is so adorable & also measuring 2 weeks ahead! Go figure, they still will not move that due date. I'm all for her coming 2 weeks early, aka on time, though. I fully support her decision if she decides to do that!

Dr. D is so thrilled she's growing so well & that she is still cooking! I'm so proud of our little girl!
Starting a few weeks ago she started getting really squished in my womby womb!
Her kicks aren't felt very easily anymore, instead I feel like my insides are tearing when she stretches!
She is always pushing out on the top left side of my abdomen & what I thought was her bum. I've been pattting & rubbing it for weeks! Just day dreaming of patting her little diaper bum after feeding her.
We found out yesterday I've been patting her on the head. 
Whoops. Mom fail #1.

She literally wakes me up at night & I can feel everything really tight so I'll rub my tummy & there is her noggin pushing out of my stomach like you wouldn't believe. I think Bella & Edward's baby is living in me & clawing out of my stomach. My doctor laughed that this is all happening so early because of my awesome split in half womb!  She's got half the space & I feel like she should be due any second! Nope, definitely have 8 more weeks!

I was pretty sad when I realized she was breech. He called her position Frank Breech.

Apparently she's sitting like an olympic diver in my stomach is how he described it.

Perfect visual.

Hello waist that I once knew, I can't wait to see you again some day.

This morning was kind of a rough morning.
We went to bed & then around midnight Weston got an EMS call that just about gave us both a heart attack. I forgot he was on call!  I finally fell back asleep, but then I kept waking up throughout the night from my hips & back hurting so bad. It was a terrible night's sleep. I almost called into work this morning. BUT we bought tickets from my coworker to the BYU v. MTSU football game tonight. WHICH I'm so excited for!

Thank you mom for raising me not to go do fun things at night if you skip work/school.  That is literally what got me out of bed & to work today. I felt sick about going to the football game after calling in sick to work. Though here I sit feeling like death!

It is also rainy/snowy in Utah right now & I have the dilemma of finding a coat that will go around my pregnant belly. 
We went to Sundance last weekend & rode the chairlift & I looked hilarious with my tiny coat.
I could kind of relate with Aladdin.

He never complained about it in the movie, but I bet he would've liked a bigger vest.

Anyway, I guess I'm feeling a little down, because I was so hopeful our girl would go head down. If people don't understand my womby issues they think I'm stupid for thinking she won't flip. But she is really unlikely to flip at this point. I asked the doctor if they'll do that manhandling procedure to get her to flip. He called the perinatologist. They gave us a big fat nope.

So, I'm praying for a miracle, because I would love to skip out on a c-section folks!

I hope this doesn't sound too mopey. I love our little girl & I really love being pregnant. I love feeling her move & stretch & feeling her little body getting stronger!
I love our baby so much & honestly, I am busting with joy because we have a non stress test in 2 weeks aka we get to see her on the ultrasound machine again! & then we have a growth measurement ultrasound with the Perinatologist 2 weeks after that. I'm so excited for those visits! We've been spoiled with so many ultrasounds & it's been torture not having had one in a month.


  1. Not mopey at all! I actually laughed atleast 3 times. So glad you and baby are healthy. Love ann

  2. I left the longest message and now I can't remember it! It didn't post! I LOVE YOU!!! Hang in there!!!!

  3. it'll all be worth it soon!

  4. I had the worst hip pain too! Seriously every step hurt. Borrowed a memory foam topper and it was magic! Curtis actually wasn't too fond of it because it was sooo squishy, but oh t made me feel good!

  5. HAHAHAHA!! I JUST saw the cartoon baby you drew on your belly!! Nice and creepy! And the vest thing is hilarious! xoxox


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