Guess Who?

Wes & I have been staying with my family at the hotel this week. It has been SO helpful having them here. They have helped us rearrange furniture to maximize floor space & they have helped us in numerous other ways too, thanks mom & dad!
Anyway, after having the WORST night's sleep ever sleeping with chase & his enormous limbs flopping all over me all night I thought it'd be a good idea to shake up the sleeping arrangements. My mom & I thought it'd be hilarious to make Wes & my dad sleep in the same bed hahahahha. Poor Wes, he was being so sweet & trying to stay polite & not be rude about the fact that he didn't want to sleep with my dad. He said, no, its okay, I can just sleep on the floor! hahahah We almost had him guilted into sleeping with my dad. It was so funny. Him & my dad were both really awkward about it & we were begging them to do it just for stories sake. They didn't like that idea so much, so Chase & Wes shared a bed, since both of them do acrobats in their sleep, we figured it'd be best to let them duke it out amongst themselves. Then I got the enormous fold out bed to myself! Score! Of course, I would've rather shared with Wes, but for some reason, that didn't fly. Hmm...3 days!

Stress Management

I'm trying to grab the Exercise 410 class: Stress Management. It's full, but I e-mailed the professor trying to get an add code for the class.
I thought about different sales pitches to get the professor to want to add me to his class.
"I am a yoga instructor & wanted to know how to teach my victims, I mean clients, to deal with stress."
"My psychiatrist thought it would be a good idea for me to take this class..."
"I am really stressed out and need a class to help me!"
The one I ended up choosing to e-mail him was an explanation of how I am graduating soon and wanted to take the course before I left BYU.
I really hope he adds me, it would be a really interesting class!



I'm riding this today!
First day of Fall semester came rolling around too quickly...I decided, after all, to take classes this fall. I feel like I just took finals though... oh wait.. I did. So, here starts again, the beginning of the end! I don't know if I'm ready to graduate college...what do you do when you're done with school? It's all I've done my whole life! No, I'm just kidding, I'm excited for it, of course, it'll be busy, but I am so excited.
However, the wedding is WAY more iminent, so, naturally, I'll go to class after work & be thinkin about the wedding the whole time! bhaha Especially since Lisa's throwing me a bridal shower tonight! I'll do one giant post about the bridal showers & bachelorette party when I get internet!

Syd's wedding was my token point that my wedding was going to come fast. Originally, it felt like it took a lifetime to get to her wedding time. When that happened I realized..shoot...she's getting married, mine's comin soon! A month later, Kristin & Joel tie the knot...whoa, 13 days? Already. Now the countdown is to:



This many weeks till we're married

This many days

This many hours
This many minutes I'm pretty extremely, absolutely, SO excited for it!
Kristie did another fabulous highlight job to my huge head of hair last night, she did amazing. We have our video interview this weekend, bridals next week & then a fabulous temple sealing ceremony in the Salt Lake City LDS temple at 9am. A family dinner at 5 at The Oasis & then a reception at 7 at The Oasis.
I cannot wait to be sealed to this baby FOREVER! xoxogointothetemple


Opening their gifts the morning after the reception!
Cutting the cake! The beginnings of the hairpiece I made for my wedding! The finished product totally rocks! Spence made oatmeal for the fam for dinner. This was after everyone had eaten. I asked him where the small army is he was intending to feed. Chase & I on the fabulously tightly packed ride to Houston!
Me & Kris! I love her!
I am so excited we'll all be living in Provo together!
The bride & groom! I love them both so dearly & We're so excited to have Joel in the family...finally!
Mom & I at the reception!
This is my 3rd bridesmaid escapade! It is so much fun!
You can't really see the dress in this picture, but they were pink with pink matching flats! All very pretty!
The family dance. My parents in the back left, Joel's sister & brother & his parents behind them, Unkie Scrawny Ronny & Aunt Julie to the right & bottom right corner, Joel's grandparents.
I was missing my honey especially during this part!
If any of you know Kristin...you know she is the most bashful person & does not like attention on herself. She does not kiss in public. EVER. & she is very reserved...in public. This is what makes her so great...& so much fun to torture. I took the honors of writing on her window like I did on Syd's. But this time...I wrote it on the inside & outside so they couldn't just wash it from the outside (props to uncle Ron)! Joel said she tried to get him to stay in the right lane whenever they drove. She said he drove in the left lane.
I texted Joel that night "I'm bored, can I come over?" hahahah

Traphik quart.

Can you see what that is?
I had to go there to get a court date for a ticket I got. Speeding? No, I don't do that. Wreckless driving? Nope. DUI? Nope. No setbelt? naw. Driving with no hands? No. Failing to yield to a pedestrian? Yes. I was at a 3 way stop & a young man ran across the other side of the intersection from me. He was briskley walking but ran across the crosswalk when he saw the mounds of traffic. I had started to go before he stepped onto the street. The officer pulled me over & told me what I did wrong. I asked him how I didn't yield to the pedestrian. He told me the guy had to run to get out of my way...seriously? The geo couldn't accelerate that fast if it had a turbo in it...that thing crawls. I was at a dead stop & had started rolling when the kid THEN stepped onto the road. I explained to him the kid had already been jogging. He left the car with my license & insurance & returned with a citation...WHAT?! It didn't have an amount on it. I asked him how much it was. He said, "I'm not sure, but it's okay, it won't be for much." Oh, since it's a cheap ticket you might as well give it to me, right? Even if I didn't do it... lame. So I went to the court just to see how much the ticket was before deciding to do traffic court. $90....wow, I don't know about you, but that is a 5th of a months rent. Or a million loafes of bread. Does anybody consider $90 'not much?' Dang. So, I'm contesting it to a prosecutor on September 28. If I fail to show up...they will arrest me...hmm...I better not forget! :) xoxoda'gum

The finger count.

Spencer wrote to me on facebook on Sunday.
"i can almost count on my hands the number of days before you're married.... unfortunately my hands only have 10 fingers and not 12..."
The finger countdown has now begun.
10 days until our WEDDING!!!!!
Excited? That's an understatement!
I don't have internet at my apartment, so all blogging is from work, so until we have internet, or until I take my laptop to campus, my camera pictures won't be blogged about yet!
A blog about my amazing bridal shower thrown by Sonja, Paige, LaReesa, Cara & Emily is coming soon, so stay tuned for that!
Last night Wes didn't get off work until midnight! BOO, I left as soon as he got back to our apartment & went and crashed on Dani's couch! Yesterday I was on the go, CONSTANTLY! Work, errands, workout, more errands & then I got to our apartment at about 10 last night & scrubbed our fridge that we never had to time to clean when we moved in. I emptied all our food & scrubbed it! I scrubbed our stove & the counters! I organized our bedroom & put things away in the family room. It's looking good! It's not the cutest & not a single thing matches another, but I LOVE IT! Wes did an awesome job moving in & setting up all the furniture in perfect places! It's coming together, slowly, but surely! We're very excited to paint!
Today is full of a job interview & lots more errands!
Life is AMAZING! Everything is smooth sailing and fun!


Don't Cry!

Dear Legs,
Please don't tear up, I promise the pain will be over soon. I know the hairiness is gross, and uncomfortabe. and makes you hot. But don't worry, a week from tomorrow you'll be smoother than a criminal. The grass is always greener on the other side. The leg is always smoother after a wax. So, I'm saying this more for myself, stay strong, do NOT tempt me to shave you any longer. Because it is getting really hard to keep from hacking away at you with my Venus.


It's goin good!

Life at home is wonderful! I miss that fiance of mine, but I LOVE being back in Tennessee with my family! It's been really productive too. My mom is making my dress & it is going so well. The dress is beeeeaaauuutttiiifffuuulll!! I've been handsewing lots & making my hairpiece for the wedding day & found the wedding shoes! Tonight is my bridal shower that Sonja & Paige & some others are throwing, it's great. Wes started both his jobs & is LOVING it. That is a major blessing! My professor accepted my final that I forgot to turn in. Wes moved into the apartment & said the apartment is lookin good, bless his heart, he's been so busy & exhausted, but what a blessing he is to my life. He has excitedly taken on two jobs and is loving them both so far. He is loved by everyone he comes in contact with, so it's no wonder his boss & coworkers love him already. Tucanos & Milawabamimama's Pizza are lucky to have him! He got me all moved into the apartment, & while I showered & got cleaned up, he scrubbed down a lot of the surfaces in the apartment & we got to sit and talk as I got ready & then he took me to the airport. He got the Jeep stresses taken care of & then his family helped him pack up & him & Vicky drove all of his stuff up Monday morning, where he then moved into the apartment & went out to talk to his jobs. He's incredible & hardworking & I am so excited to be married to him in 16 days!


What's Been Happening

(not in chronological order) We had a baby. just kidding. Wes got me all moved into the apartment. This is me after it's all over. I was sweaty & nasty. Camped in Fishlake for the Brinkerhoff Family reunion (yes I forgot my camera at our apartment). I came back to Tennessee & despite this picture, I love being home! I just sent this one to Wes bc I wish he was here!I've been hangin out w/ this cool pup I got wedding shoes! THANKS MOM!! My mom fitted the bodice of my wedding dress that she made. Holy cow, it's going to be beautiful, I am so excited!! Mom & I made mints for the wedding! I got this awesome picture from Weston. haha But it has been an awesome summer. It has been busy & insane at times. but I have received some awesome blessings too. Remember that class I forgot to write my 7 page paper for & did it in 2 hours? Yeah, I also forgot to turn in my take home final for it too. I scanned it & e-mailed it to my professor with my sobstory about having to move out, clean up & check out all in a day & get down to central utah for my fiance's family reunion. I begged for an ounce of credit for the exam, but told her I understood if she didn't give me any. She is giving me full credit for whatever I got right....what an incredible woman. We also got a letter from Elder Neil Anderson, the apostle! Isn't that awesome? It was a really neato note to Weston & I, and it said really nice things about my parents too. I'm excited for the sealing! 18 days till the wedding! xoxotime'sflyin!



Wow, I cannot even begin to describe the business & wonderfulness of my life right now.
I am so blessed with the best fiance ever. We have so much fun together always even if it is cleaning up and looking at all the dirty stuff at our new ghetto apartment. Yesterday we were on the go from almost 20 hours moving, cleaning, moving, moving, packing, etc. & my sweet fiance is currently cleaning up my apartment & moving over a lot of the remainder stuff. Have you ever heard of such a sweet thing? It makes me want to cry, it's just so kind. He is always looking out for me. I love him so much!
Let me share some of the hilariousness from yesterday's adventures.
we got to our apartment & looked it over & Weston noticed 10 pounds of disgusting dust on the cieling fan in the bedroom. He thought it was so hilarious. I almost puked, 5 times. He said he'd clean that for me. Thank YOU!
The GEO did an amazing job as our moving van. It packed a hilarious amount from Provo to springville yesterday. The only load that was a huge problem was the bookshelf. We pushed the passenger seat all the way forward and folded it, still not long enough. So it stuck out of the trunk. Thank goodness the suspension doesn't work like it should & the door just flopped on top of the shelf. However, I drove & Wes watched behind in Melissa's car & the trunk kept popping. Trying to avoid another driving violation this week we kept pulling over & wes would jump out & reclosing it. But after about 20 minutes of what should've been 15 total, we decided to work somethin out. Being bunjeeless we used my crocheting yarn! :) It looked a little like this...
Wes & the awesome pack job....he's an incredible packer, seriously! Look out, Dad, you have some tough competition!


I want a set of these.

These little babies are way too cute!
I got this picture in an e-mail from my grandmother.
At church yesterday I got to hold a 2 month old baby. She was SO precious. I looked up at Weston who was peering over & his face was really stressed. Small babies scare him. ha, he's so cute!


Home Sweet Home

Bottom line. WE HAVE A HOME!!!!!
I am soooo ecstatic!!! It is an apartment in Springville that is not junky! It is old, sure, & I need to clean it, but holy cow.... I AM SO HAPPY!!!!

Don't Use Them!

I will preach against doing business with them until the day I die.
If you are moving out West and setting up a bank account, stay far away from Wells Fargo. Their accounts have so many hidden fees. They will try to sweet talk you & make sweet verbal promises & "explain the contracts" But I promise they will not give you the full story. So just steer clear :)
I closed my account this week.
They're snakes.


...sounds great! I have been busy in life. But never have I been so busy with so much on my mind!! It's craaaazy! I go home from one week from today!
The fiance won't tell me where we're goin on our honeymoon! RUDE!
I have to get cleaned up & moved out of my apartment & take 3 finals by Wednesday.
Then Wes' family reunion
& then fly home on Friday!
Yippee!! I am just looking forward to Wednesday night, because no matter what, I need to be moved out of my apartment. As of right now, I have NO idea where I'm storing my stuff for the last couple weeks, and I have no idea where we're living when I get back from Tennessee. But it will work out fine! :)


Like Mother, Like Daughter

I was reading an e-mail she sent to me & Sonja today.
I died laughing, because as far as Sonja knew, my mom had read the e-mail I sent her last night & copied everything I said.
She hadn't, we are just extremely similar.
React the same to situations (generally).
Say the same things.
Enjoy the same humor.
That kind of stuff!
In the e-mail I had written the previous night, and in the e-mail my mom sent, we both called her an angel in my life & we both apologized for giving her such a long guest list & that "if it is too many, I am more than happy to wittle it down." I'd love to take credit for it. But I'm pretty sure I got all my traits from my mom, rather than the other way around :)
& my killer memory that yall know about...my mom has the same one. She's pretty awesome!


Days till this is what we look like


Weston Replacement

I found my substitute Weston while he is gone for 7 months. Look how happy she is!

I wonder if they sell cute covers for them...

WOW...I JUST realized she is totally wearing a onesy...sorry, babe, but that is what I am going to look like the whole 7 months of missing you! hahahah


Lots of Coolness!

Today was incredible. I got to see my honey all day between school & work! It was amazing!
Wes & his mom came up for the day. He applied to a bunch of places in town. We went and checked out an apartment in Alpine which we will probably rent! I loved it! It's TEENCY, but nice & neat & utilities are covered in the rent...amazing. It was SO fun going around and looking at apartments with Weston, it suddenly made all of this so much more real!
He'll work in Provo & I'll be goin to school & workin down here, so we'll ride together & ride home together. I got a call from the intramural office for an interview...maybe they'll hire me this season! More Moolah & same or lesser hours as the health center... we'll see! I hope they hire me! Wes got his nice wedding suit tonight. His mom got it, thanks mama Joan! He looks sooo snazzy! It is making me so much more excited!
On the down side, I found out today that I cannot go with him to his military training. We will be apart for 7 months. I well up with tears everytime I think about it. Changing the subject now.
To an extremely much cooler one... Elder Neal Anderson is doing our sealing in the Salt Lake Temple!!!!! HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT?????!!!! He knew my parents in Florida! He was my Grandmother's hometeacher for many years & his wifey taught my mom seminary in high school. Him & his wife attended my parents wedding. My mom called his office a few months ago and spoke with his secretary, she told him that general authorities are discouraged from doing temple sealings. She said it wasn't likely, but she'd pass the word along. Then when my parents were out here in June, she tried gettin through again, no success... word came in today from the secretary, he is more than happy to do our sealing & he is excited to see my parents again...freakin sweet!
It's been a very packed and awesome day!
I love Weston & I CANNOT wait to marry him in 1 month from today....wow, soo soooon!
p.s. if anyone is looking to give away or sell an window A/C unit....we're lookin for one! I've found a couple promising ones on craigslist, but haven't bought anything yet! Our new apt doesn't have an a/c :) waaaaarm!



So, I am getting enough sleep...usually, but I'm wondering about my quality of sleep....
This wedding stuff seriously takes up not only time but a TON of space in my brain...actually, all of my brain space. This weekend I was sleepy & not feeling too well, but it was so fun! I was thinkin, how come I'm sleepy if I got to sleep in today? I figured it's a few things. Maybe the fact that my dreams are about real life things...as in, checking off a to-do list or other such dreamy things.
Maybe this fellow would lend me his bear.
It looks like it's doing the trick.Or maybe this little guy would come visit me!

Pretty Awesome!

This weekend=fabulous.
Headed to Orangeville & played with Weston's sisters & friends till he got off work. Hit up the rodeo dance, nice sheriff unlocked the geo...yes...it was my first time EVER locking keys in a car. whoops! Then we went Jeeping in the middle of the night.
At Grandpa Brinks, I saw a baby picture of Weston when he was a few weeks old. hahahah I laughed forever. I cannot get over how fat he was! He was SO cute though. Oh my gosh, I couldn't even handle it.
Throughout the weekend we started watching 3 movies. Surprisingly, I fell asleep before the end of all three...actaully before the movie started for all three. Ice Age, Paycheck, & Jurassic Park. The Jurassic Park trilogy is seriously one of my all-time faves.
The coolest most awesome part of the weekend is Weston got to ordain his 80 yr old grandpa as an Elder in the Melchezidek Priesthood. It was the neatest experience. August 21 they are all going through the temple & Grandpa Brink will receive his endowment & also get sealed to his wife, Zola. This is incredible, eternal stuff, folks.
My endowment date is set. I go home in less than 2 weeks. Weston reminded me of that this morning. holy cow, where has time gone. While home, mom & I will party, work on wedding stuff & head to Texas for Kristin's wedding! Hooray! Then back to Utah [anyone want another roomate for 2 weeks, I'm homeless :)] & 2 weeks till I am sealed to the greatest guy ever! I just can't stop smiling when I think about it....now to just concentrate on school projects, finals & movin out of the apt...hahah YEAH, RIGHT!
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