Like Mother, Like Daughter

I was reading an e-mail she sent to me & Sonja today.
I died laughing, because as far as Sonja knew, my mom had read the e-mail I sent her last night & copied everything I said.
She hadn't, we are just extremely similar.
React the same to situations (generally).
Say the same things.
Enjoy the same humor.
That kind of stuff!
In the e-mail I had written the previous night, and in the e-mail my mom sent, we both called her an angel in my life & we both apologized for giving her such a long guest list & that "if it is too many, I am more than happy to wittle it down." I'd love to take credit for it. But I'm pretty sure I got all my traits from my mom, rather than the other way around :)
& my killer memory that yall know about...my mom has the same one. She's pretty awesome!


  1. Such a sweet thing to say Rachel! I love you!

  2. I wasn't sure I understood what you were saying here, Rachel, but after talking to your Mother I get it. It was a nice thing to say and any mother would be thrilled that her daughter would even hint that she was like her Mother. I got a sweet message from my cousin who let me know that I was like my Mother and it was the greatest compliment I could get! I miss that lovely saintly lady so much!

  3. Also, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Guess you have heard that one before, but still a compliment to our sweet, sweet Kari!


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